Abbott and costello meet frankenstein clips from story

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein () - IMDb

abbott and costello meet frankenstein clips from story

Abbott and Costello had lost momentum—and even appeared in a couple of movies in which they didn't work as a team, thanks to a behind-the-scenes spat— while the monster-movie cycle had started sharing a film called Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein, in which the boys do Share This Story. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and Bela Lugosi as Dracula room for follow-up stories, these other monsters had legs and personality enough . Monster, and the Wolf Man appear in the same scene. Abbott & Costello Meet Frank movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW.

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He would just glare at those involved with his famous deadly stare and the only emotion he would show physically was one of utter disgust. All I have to do is frighten the boys, a perfectly appropriate activity. My trademark will be unblemished.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Part of the expense went toward the atmospheric sets such as Dracula's castle, a cartoon title sequence, special effects the scene where Dracula changes into a bat was created by animator Walter Lantz of "Woody Woodpecker" fameand makeup.

Instead of going with Jack Pierce's original monster makeups for Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, which were too time-consuming and uncomfortable for the actors, makeup artists Bud Westmore and Jack Kevan used rubber sponge masks that could be applied in an hour and still retained the monsters' famous look. Paddy Costello recalled, "Glenn Strange was so sweet - 'Frankenstein' was always walking around with a smile.

I always got a big kick out of that When Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein was released, it received possibly the best reviews of any of their films.

The Variety review set the tone when it said "The comedy team battles it out with the studio's roster of bogeymen in a rambunctious farce that is funny and, at the same time, spine-tingling.

Nobody can top Abbott at failing to see the cause for it. Moray at engendering it separately and together behind Abbott's back, but always in Costello's full view. And the film's cult status continues to grow over the years; Quentin Tarantino is a big fan and at one time both Elvis Presley and Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia counted it as one of their favorite movies.

Naysayers who blamed Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein for killing off the horror film are simply misinformed. The much maligned genre became the rage again in the late s with the arrival of Hammer Studios' The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Draculafilms which once again put the horror back in horror films and transformed Hammer into a cottage industry for a time. Charles Van Enger Art Direction: Hilyard Brown, Bernard Herzbrun Music: Rinaldo and John Grant Cinematographer: Charles Van Enger Country of Origin: The actual script for what would become Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein went through several transformations.

Rinaldo and Robert Lees, who would later say: We had two women — one was a heroine and one was a villain. And nobody could figure out why these two beautiful girls were after Costello. Producer Robert Arthur later recalled: Principal photography began on February 5 and ran through March 20, All I have to do is frighten the boys, a perfectly appropriate activity.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein clips from story

As director Barton would later say: Mank, Lugosi's manager met with the head of Universal and said rather dramatically"He is Dracula. You owe this role to Lugosi. This was to be the second and final time Bela Lugosi was to play his most famous role as count Dracula in a feature film.

Many movie fans mistakenly believe Bela played the count in many films, but this is untrue. The confusion derives from the fact that Lugosi did play vampires in several other movies, including Mark of the Vampire and Return of the Vampire He did play Dracula in a short, 's Hollywood Parade.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein - Wikipedia

It was also, sadly, to be Bela's last film made with a major studio. The rest of his career was to consist of various appearances in B-movies like Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla and the legendary turkey Plan 9 from Outer Space One of the film's biggest laughs comes from an encounter between Costello and the tortured Talbot Chaney.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein clips from story

Vincent Price had an uncredited bit at the film's conclusion, playing the voice of the Invisible Man. During the film's production, one of the hardest things for Glenn Strange to do was keep a straight face.

The necessary deadpan of Frankenstein was hard for him to sustain because of Lou Costello's constant funny ad-libs and reactions on different takes. This becomes especially obvious in the scene where Lou is sitting on his lap, when we can easily see Strange trying desperately to keep from breaking up.

Bobby Barber, a pal of Lou Costello, was around in his usual role as "court jester. Bela Lugosi was amused by Bobby's monkey business until it involved him. In the scene where Dracula Bela descends the stairs dramatically with cape pulled over his face, Barber walked behind Lugosi, mimicking his slow vampire gait.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein clips from story