Arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

Their Six Month Marriage | Arnav and Khushi's IPKKND journey

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

Jab We Met Again!! Wink Heart. Pink= Khushi. Blue= Arnav. I was sitting on the park which is nearby my colony with the only one in my life, my. Jab We Met (By Angel23) (Thanked: 99 times) . Arnav raised his one eye brow looking at Khushi, who was coming near him. Arshi's room. ArHi FF: Book1 ~Jab Arnav Met Khushi(A teeny love story!) Arnav could hear some sort of giggling on the other side of the phone and by that.

Nani died unhappy with us, now do you want the same to happen with me? Payal nodded sideways crying, "Don't talk like this papa. Please Payal help us. What we have to do?

Khushi jumped in happiness forgetting about her wound. Payal and Mama helped her stand straight. Don't you want to go to the court? But Arnav beta how will she go now?

She is the one who wants this mama, not me. Khushi walked limping near him: Payal looked at Mama like how will she handle herself. Arnav walked forward not even helping her to walk, Khushi knew he wasn't going to help her at all. Payal went running to Khushi, "I will help you till the car. Ohh ji finally officially married to a Beast!! Just don't know if like in that princess story, I will be able to change him into a prince. You will not, because I'm more than a beast. We will see Beast ji.

I'm getting late to office, so just take some taxi or rickshaw and go back home. Khushi widened her eyes: Ohh you don't have money? Owner of AR and RM, doesn't have money with her.

I don't need to shout to the world that I'm rich like you!! And yeah today I want you and your sister at home early!! You won't find me.

Khushi folded her arms: If I don't find you at home, next day you won't take a step in that mansion. Remember that the guards only listen to their employer. Arnav glared at her, he went to his car. Khushi smirked, "I think this is the only way to set you in the right track!!

Arnav khushi ff making love in front of lavanya

Who are you to question me that? Just disappear from my sight now Aman. No one commanded me till today and she dared to do that!! I wish I could kill you with my own hands Khushi" he shoved everything that was in his table. Karan reached at the right time, and raised his eyes, "Itna gussa so much anger " "I will kill her one day Karan. Wife on action, Girlfriend out now. You chose a wrong time to joke. You just gave an idea now.

You know now I'm married" Khushi pouted and sat on the table snatching the carrot from Madhu. Without any ritual or anything. This is not marriage bitiya. I hate that you're doing all this. But I have to do this for Nani, I know you wanted to make me marry with Arjun.

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

But life had another plans for me. My son was so perfect for you Khushi. And you chose to marry that ASR. Is he treating you well? Sona why are you so selfless? Why do you think of others first than you? I'm fine, and see I have to fulfill Nani's last wish otherwise her soul will not rest in peace. After that I promise I will stop being selfless. Now I have to go to see what Raizadas are doing.

Now you came only. Bitiya let me serve you some snacks. This is my house you know na.

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

I don't need you to serve me anything!! But ma I have to go. I'll come other day to talk with you well. Madhu just shook her head in disbelief looking at the stubborn girl. Khushi reached home and found Mami with her friends in the living room and Payal serving them soft drinks.

Payal looked at Khushi shocked, "You came here alone? Woh Devil left me on the court itself and I had to return alone. Payal caressed her cheeks: Are you okay na? You feet must be really hurting now, go and take rest. Khushi turned to the guests and sat with Mami. I will be important when I throw you out of here. Khushi smiled at the guest, "But mami ji you missed one important point. I'm the owner of this property now.

What is this Manorama? Didn't you told us when your sasuma dies, she would hand over her property to you and her son Mama?

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

We don't want to stay with a loser. You spoiled my reputation!! Wow you're incredible Khushi. And why didn't you tell me earlier?

If I told you earlier, would anything change? Arnav face palmed, and Karan sighed: Lav just act, it's so simple. It's not that simple Karan, that's why not all movies are hit!! Lavanya you're not going to act in any movie.

It's real life man. Lavanya pouted and looked at Arnav, "Baby. One on hand is Khushi, other is Lavanya, both give him headache. Khushi looked at the watch, then at her: The fact Miss Anjali is that this isn't a hotel that you come at the time you want.

Now you can't expect others to take care of it. And a lazy like you come, eat and sleep without helping. Look I don't want to hear your lecture okay!!

No need to that also, just pack your bags and get out from here. Anjali looked at Khushi with big eyes: You cannot threaten us like this everyday. Now let her rest at least. You don't need an invitation to speak shit right? Seems that your tongue is always ready to speak bullshit things! Now go and get a life! And dare you speak this kind of things again!

You'll face no worse than me! Have a good day! I've got my scholarship to Oxford! Thank you loads Devi Maiya! I had told you right! You love me a lot Devi Maiya! You're always generous to me!!! I love you a lot Devi Maiya!!! You are the best!! If it wouldn't be you I doubt if I'd get the scholarship!

Here are your jalebis!!! Here, have this ladoo and god bless you Khushi! I knew you would make it! You are giving me a ladoo? What's wrong with you? I want jalebis amma! Since when have I become a fan of ladoos?? I have got a new name for her!

Can you even imagine?

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  • Arnav khushi ff making love in front of lavanya
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We have so many things to do!!!! Let's start going now!!!! We have to go for shopping, prepare luggage and have a large list of never ending things to do! Garima and Shashi were glaring at the kids with questioning eyes when Payal explained the situation, "Amma, actually Khushi has to leave for England tonight itself as Oxford will be resuming day after tomorrow and if they don't go today, they'll not get the time to settle down; Mr Nanda has already given them their tickets and their flight is at about 10 pm.

They will have to leave at nine if they don't want to miss the flight and''. You are not in the office right now! You are not the Personal secretary of Akash Sir at home! And on top of that Akash Sir is not even here! Stop being a bore! I wonder how Akash must be working with you in the office!

You were actually talking like a parrot! Do have an idea of what Akash must be thinking about you especially with such talking habits! In this way you'll not even be able to' uhmmm you know!!


You have started speaking a lot nowadays! Amma' You know how she is! She always speaks nonsense! Atleast on listening to this Payal may calm down! I am really scared with the current expression on your face Payal!

Especially before the 'World War 3 Of Sisters' starts now! We will be back by two in the afternoon! Exactly the gol gappes that I love! I wonder if we do get gol gappes in England?

If we don't get gol gappes, so what? We can make our own gol gappes! As if we know how to make gol gappes! If I would know I would never be eating them here! I would have made gol gappes and right now I would have been at home busy munching my gol gappes!

I'll find out and promise, I'll make gol gappes for you in England! I am Lavanya for your info not "Lavy"! Till yesterday you were calling me Lavs' And you remember, when we had geography test you started calling me Lava! And during our cookery class, you put my name 'Molten Chocolate Lava cake' Remember? And now the worst! Sorry Lavy, Lava, lavs! You know you are the only one to whom I am so close! So if I call you by nicknames what's the problem in it? You have become so mean Lavy!

Okay call me whatever you want! It's fine with me until I am the only better half of my Jalebi Bai! And they went in different shopping malls trying dresses, miniskirts, slim jeans, girly tops, making fun of each other's choice, trying dresses of old times: Romeo type dresses, walking on the streets without any objective; just enjoying the cool breeze, dancing in the middle of the road, singing loudly traumatizing each passer-by!

This was their friendship; a bit spicy, a bit sweet, full of ups and downs, but always filled with zeal as they were always together forever in good or bad times to lend a supporting shoulder to each other! Finally I've finished with the packing!

That was tough work! But still it was fun!! Hmmm' So I've taken my Devi Maiya; check, my laptop; check, what's left?

How can I forget! You'll be coming with me!! It's fifteen past eight! How can I forget this too! If you can't remember Ipkknd then you are doomed Khushi Kumari Gupta!