Bill clinton and donald trumps meet

Donald Trump's Predecessors Did Not Meet With North Korea | Time

bill clinton and donald trumps meet

May 28, Could the Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump scandal have a similar White House intern Monica Lewinsky meeting President Bill Clinton at a. Jun 8, Bill Clinton: Monica Lewinsky 'paid quite a price' for relationship Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are meeting June 12 in. Jun 3, Bill Clinton said the notion that "democracy cannot survive its current downward drift into tribalism, extremism, and seething resentment" is.

Read More The White House is convinced that the pain inflicted by its "maximum pressure" sanctions campaign has so weakened North Korea that it is desperate to negotiate.

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But Trump's inexperience and willingness to risk one of his best cards -- the prestige of a presidential visit -- is one reason some analysts caution he may be walking into a trap. The stunning developments on North Korea underline one thing: Trump is not like any of his predecessors and cares little for foreign policy orthodoxy.

Bill Clinton Before Trump, the closest a sitting US President got to meeting a North Korean leader was Bill Clinton, who was considering the possibility of traveling to Pyongyang to conclude a missile deal late in his presidency in But Clinton, unwilling, unlike Trump, to immediately accept before understanding more about what the meeting could achieve, sent Albright on a reconnaissance mission.

That didn't thrill them,' " Albright said in Brussels on Friday. Ultimately, after Albright went to Pyongyang and as US diplomats worked to set up the presidential visit, it became clear that North Korea and the US were too far apart on the details of the missile pact to justify handing Kim the huge concession of a Clinton visit. North Korea was willing to stop selling missiles and North Korea was even willing to stop making missiles.

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But North Korea was not willing to give up the missiles it had," said Jeffrey Lewis, a non-proliferation expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Then the discovery of a North Korean highly enriched uranium program, that flouted the spirit of an earlier Clinton administration deal to halt North Korea's plutonium program sent relations back into the deep freeze.

bill clinton and donald trumps meet

And so we started working. And then, every draft, we traded back and forth, sometimes several times. Yes, when Bob came to me — we both grew up in small towns, but, in my small town, nobody ever came. I never forgot that. And I also tried to never forget where I came from. I never get a big head because of whatever. I don't think anybody should get big heads about anything, but I really tried not to do that.

So, when I got the opportunity to write a book with President Clinton, I jumped at it, and to spend a year with him, which has been fabulous. This is a book about a president. It starts out, he's facing an impeachment hearing, something you know about, President Clinton. He's also confronting an international terrorist threat that, implausibly, he decides to deal with himself. He has to… James Patterson: Not implausible in terms of the book, though, in terms of the story, in terms of why he decides to do that.

But, yes, implausible in terms of like — I mean, even when we talked about it, the president said, this would be irresponsible, except under this kind of circumstance. Well, that's what I want to ask you about, because he has to ditch the Secret Service, President Clinton, in order to do — to go and do this thing on his own. That would never happen, would it? Well, it never has happened. In the book, we explain what the law appears to be, which is that anybody except the president who is covered by the Secret Service, including members of the president's family, can sign off the coverage and assume the risk, normally, for a very specific purpose and limited time.

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If you read this book, you will see there's a very specific reason he thinks he has to do it. And he acknowledges that it won't be very long, but this is a cyber-security novel, so the things happen fast, clock is ticking.

He has to make a decision. And he thinks he's doing the right thing. But, in general, you wouldn't — you wouldn't do it. And you see why shouldn't do it, with the consequences that flow. There is an incredibly devastating attack launched toward the United States. If something like that happened, this is how it would happen. There's an attack on a presidential motorcade. If it happened, it would happen like this. The president goes missing. If that — inconceivable as that might normally be, if it happened, this is how it could happen.

The theme of the book is around, as you said, a cyber-attack, a cyber-threat. Is it fair to say, President Clinton, that you think that that is now the most serious kind of potential threat this country faces? Well, of course, a nuclear, chemical or biological attack could kill more people more quickly. But I think it is more likely that a serious cyber-attack could do a massive amount of damage and be successful. Currently, you know, we have a very large defense budget, which is getting larger, but only a very small part of it is designated towards cyber-defense.

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And I think we both think that we need to reexamine that in terms of how big that piece should be. And this is one way of educating the public, because… Bill Clinton: Yes, we're trying to do something that you don't normally do.

Can you write a legitimate thriller that's really fun to read and faithful to the way it would unfold, and also makes a point that makes people more interested in the cyber-security thing, because anything electronic can be hacked. And that's the point we're trying to make here. And it's not just that it goes off temporarily.

It can be erased. Or your bank records, Wall Street, all of it, it could be erased. That's what really makes it scary. And we tried to create a president that we would remind people how important this job is, how stressful this job is, so that when people — and I'm not being political here, but when people go out to vote, they would really think about that a lot, even in the midterm elections, that, when they go out, they are going to elect people to Congress.

This is really — governorships — this is really important stuff.

bill clinton and donald trumps meet

This is not — and these people are not silly.