Boa hancock and luffy meet again someday

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boa hancock and luffy meet again someday

Boa Hancock leads the Heart Pirates and the rest of Luffy's allies to take him to .. But one day Sabo's father found them and with the assistance of the Bluejam Pirates, Straw Hats Begin to Train: We'll Meet Again in Two Years Edit. Luffy returns and meets katakuri, "I am hereto be your father!" Luffy knows that boa hancock is in love with him, he says that he will see her and the island again some day, Luffy is grateful to hancock for all she did for him. Hancock turned around and right then Luffy fell on her. They both collided . then he turned back to Hancock and asked: "Well, mademoiselle, what would you like to eat?" "Well make . She had gotten enough of Luffy´s friends for one day, especially Robin. Hancock said without meeting Luffy´s eyes.

Luffy thanks the two before Ace asks Luffy why he did not talk when he was being tortured. Luffy responses he would not have Ace as a friend anymore and that he does not have anyone on the island to rely on since he cannot go back to Foosha Village and he does not trust bandits. Plus he does not wish to be alone.

Ace, thinking back to when he was mocked by those that hated Gold Rogerrealizes he in the same boat. As Luffy and he begin to bicker over pointless things, Sabo realizes that the pirates will come looking for them. Thus, he invites himself to live with Dadan much to her annoyance. Since then, Ace, Sabo and Luffy hang out together in the forest fighting any beast, bandit or pirate that got in their way. One day while they were out, Dadan picked up a newspaper and found out some shocking news, Celestial Dragons were coming to the island for some unknown reason.

The boys however are unaware of this and continue training and running around the mountain, getting stronger day by day. Beyond the Gray Terminal is an area known as the Great Gate which is part of a wall to another area called the Goa Kingdom. Foosha Village is also part of this kingdom though is largely forgotten due to the mountains around the area. The kingdom is divided into sections: The Edge Town, which is still near the Gray Terminal through has buildings and is home to delinquents and vagrants.

The Town Center where the middle class live and in the center guarded by another high wall, is the High Town where the royals and nobles live and is said to be the most beautiful country in the East Blue though is segregated due to the class system. Luffy, Ace, and Sabo become brothers. The three boys sneak past the Great Wall one day during the trash dumping of the Gray Terminal, into the Town Center and pull a dine and dash. Escaping out the window of a dinner and running from the guards.

However one of the citizens recognizes Sabo and calls out to him but Sabo just ignores the man. Once back in the forest, Ace and Luffy demand to know if he keeping anything from them.

After some goading, Sabo comes clean and reveals he is actually a noble who ran away from home. The reason for such was that his parents always pressured him and were more concerned about their financial and social security them him, making Sabo feel like a burden and alone in the world; hence his desire to become a pirate as he wishes to feel free from their overbearing rule and write a book about their adventures.

Ace and Luffy agree wholeheartedly; the former wanting to do it for acknowledgement, and the latter of course wanting to be Pirate King though Ace and Sabo are disbelieving of it. Regardless Ace pulls out some alcohol and pours them into sake cups, claiming from that day forward they were brothers. The Sabo Incident Edit From day to day they kept getting stronger, fighting pirates, taking baths together, eating together, saving one another during their trips across the mountains, fighting against the wild animals of the forest, getting visited by Garp and beaten senselessly and building their own tree house and living in it and generally just acting like boys their age should.

Makino and Woop Slap regularly pass by and drop off new clothes for the bunch. But one day Sabo's father found them and with the assistance of the Bluejam Pirates, captured the three with Sabo's father claiming Ace and Luffy lured him away from home. Just as the pirates were about to beat Ace and Luffy, Sabo willingly decided to go back with his father to save them, though with great reluctance. Ace and Luffy can do nothing more but beg him to stay as he lead away.

While Luffy and Ace are once again in the custody of the Bluejam Pirates, Bluejam reveals that he wished he was born a noble, and that if they are truly brothers, they will not return after Sabo.

Luffy and Ace join the Bluejam Pirates at the request of the captain, and then carry cargo to marked locations in Gray Terminal with other pirates.

Meanwhile Sabo, accompanied by his father, is being questioned for the crimes he has committed. His father urges him to place all the blame on Luffy and Ace to save his family's name, however Sabo refuses and is hit to the ground, and his father is forced to bribe the officer with currency.

Sabo returns home with his father, and is greeted by his mother and newly adopted brother Sterry. Sterry tells Sabo that Gray Terminal will be burned to an ash along with its inhabitants, and that this had been planned for months in accordance with the arrival of the Inspection Unit, and Tenryubito. Sabo escapes from the family manor at night, and overhears a group of Royal Guards discussing the plan. It is revealed to Sabo in their discussion that the burning of Gray Terminal will proceed tomorrow, and that the Bluejam Pirates will be behind the act.

The next day Sabo escapes the manor and travels the streets of High Town, to find that all the nobles are aware of the massacre. His father sends out a search party, and soon Sabo is given chase by two Royal Guards. Meanwhile, Bluejam reveals to Luffy and Ace that the cargo they had carried was oil and gunpowder, and that Gray Terminal will be set alight that day. Luffy and Ace react in outrage and are quickly apprehended by Bluejam's underlings, Bluejam informs them that they can no longer be left alive, then asks where their "likely" hoard of treasure is located.

Colubo all bear witness as the monstrous inferno rages. Royal Guards usher the citizens of Edge Town into the Town Center, while the inhabitants of Gray Terminal flee in terror, only to find that every exit is blocked by the blaze.

The Bluejam Pirates stand at the Great Gate of Goa surrounded by the fire, as it is revealed that they will receive titles from the King, become nobles, and live in High Town as payment for their services. However the gate will not open for the pirates, as Bluejam realizes that their bargain has been betrayed, and they have been left to die. Meanwhile Luffy and Ace manage to cut themselves loose after being bound to a tree, whilst surrounded by the encroaching flames.

In the Town Center, rumor had circulated amongst citizens that the Bluejam Pirates were responsible for the atrocity, in attempt to halt the Inspection Unit and Tenryubito from visiting the island.

Sabo is chased by the Royal Guards and noted as being the last citizen remaining in Edge Town. While running he crashes and falls to the ground, to be aided by an unknown cloaked person. In a frenzy Sabo tells the person of the atrocity that the nobles had concocted, and that he is ashamed of being born a noble. It is revealed that the cloaked individual is none other than Dragonas he informs Sabo that he feels he understands as he too was born in Goa Kingdom.

Dragon then follows by saying that he still lacked the power to change it, and will listen and remember Sabo's story at the boys behest. Luffy and Ace are seen fleeing from engulfing flames, as an individual wearing high-heels informs Dragon that preparations have been made. Meanwhile, Bluejam and his crew are still at the gate. The pirate captain remembering the king of Goa promising him he will make Bluejam and his crew nobles for carrying out the trash burning job.

The shock of being betrayed hits Bluejam hard as he watch his ship, caught on fire, burn down. He and his crew now trapped in the same fire they started. At the palace, a noble girl ask her father why they are burning trash mountain and the people inside. Which the father responds that because the people there were not born nobles which the daughter agrees with.

Back at the Gray Terminal, the residents are still trying to find a way out of the fire, among such being Luffy and Ace who are not having any luck. If that was not bad enough, Bluejam finds them and has them restrained despite protests from the boys that they should worry about escaping.

Bluejam once more inquires about the money Ace and Sabo hid, commenting that their efforts will go to waste if the fire gets it. Ace, though hesitant, agrees with Bluejam and tells them where the treasure is. Nonetheless Bluejam continues to keep them in captivity in case they were lying since Sabo was with the boys and Bluejam's newfound hatred of nobles has him thinking Sabo was just using Ace and Luffy to make himself look superior.

These comments anger Luffy and Ace, the former who bites the pirate holding him and ends up attacked and wounded as a result. Just as the pirate about to kill Luffy, Ace shouts at them to stop unwittingly unleashing Haki and causing the pirates save for Bluejam to faint.

Bluejam attacks Ace but is stopped by the arrival of Dadan and her band of bandits. They grab the boys then prepare to run, but Ace once again refuses to and faces down Bluejam.

Dadan decides to stay with Ace while the rest of the bandits get Luffy to safety on her orders. Meanwhile the rest of the residents of trash mountain are still trapped with no where left to run.

As all seems lost, a pathway suddenly clears from out of nowhere to the ocean and a boat. The residents quickly take it while those on the boat, revealed to be Dragon and his revolutionaries among which are Iva and Kumawait for them. Iva is astonished that Dragon found out what was going to happen in the kingdom and questions if Dragon has an attachment to the place.

Dragon answers that the island is nothing more than a blueprint for the world's future and that there is no happiness in a world that views people as "useless".

He then vows to change the world and offers any of the trash mountain residents who are willing to fight to come with him. Meanwhile, the bandits manage to escape but a caption comes up revealing that Ace and Dadan did not return as The Gray Terminal continues to burn.

The next day, Luffy tries to go out and search for Ace and Dadan but the bandits tell him that his wounds are still recovering. Plus the soldiers of Goa are "cleaning up" after the fire, including any survivors in the area. At the Gray Terminal the guards are doing just that though remark there are not as my corpses as they thought there would be, shrugging it off that they burned in the fire.

News of Bluejam's boat burning reaches Sabo's ears, whose father comments that it is futile for Sabo to run and that he should just listen to his parents' orders and make them proud.

Sabo just ignores him and thinks of Luffy and Ace, wondering if they are okay before querying what the true meaning of freedom is. Sabo's boat is destroyed.

Soon the day the ship carrying the Tenryubito arrives, the Goa Kingdom prepares for their coming. However the kingdom spots a fishing ship out in the ocean with a child manning it and the residents panic, that it will ruin the ceremony. It revealed to be Sabo at the helm who prepares to sail off from the kingdom.

boa hancock and luffy meet again someday

The kingdom's residents try to get Sabo to turn back but he ignores them, unaware that one of Dadan's crew, Dograis in the crowd who instantly recognizes him. Sabo meanwhile comments that his greatest fear is getting caught up in the country and becoming a different person and he refuses to turn around. At that instance the Government ship carrying the Tenryubito arrives. Seeing it Sabo makes to move out of its path while those on board spot him. The crowd at the kingdom cheer for their coming and even Sabo is marveled at how big the ship is.

However, the Tenryubito onboard pulls out a hand-held cannon and fires on Sabo's ship, setting it ablaze. Looking Towards the Future: We Are Pirates Edit Back at the bandits' hideout, Luffy tries once more to go search for Ace and Dadan but the bandits refuse to let Luffy do so due to him still healing. They tell Luffy they know how he feels and that they sent Dogra to go check out the grounds. Back at the ceremony, the crowd look on in shock as Sabo's boat continues to burn.

A servant tells the Celestial Dragon, Saint Jalmackthere was a child on the ship. But Jalmack comments that if he raised a pirate flag then it did not matter but is more angry at the fact that a commoner crossed his path.

Sabo meanwhile tries to put out the flames of his ship, but Jalmack fires again and this time sinks the boat presumably killing Sabo as well. The crowd continues to look on in horror at this turn of events while the officials order the ship's remains be cleaned up so as not to upset the Celestial Dragon any further.

Back at the hideout, Ace suddenly arrives carrying Dadan, both bruised and burned but still alive much to the joy of everyone. Luffy especially who hugs Ace who in turn bops him on the head for crying about him.

Ace then explains that they managed to beat Bluejam but their escape route got cut off.

boa hancock and luffy meet again someday

Dadan got burns on her body but the duo managed to escape into the middle forest. They hid in the riverbank till everything died down then Ace stole some medicine from the town to keep Dadan alive. Dadan is then patched up and set down to rest as the day goes on.

Dadan asks why Ace did not run which he explains that he was afraid if he did, he lose something important to him, in this case; Luffy. Dadan soon realizes the similarities to him and Roger as she remembered Garp explained that Roger was the same way, not running because he was fearless but rather to keep the enemy from following after his crewmates. It was this trust that Garp decided to take care of Ace in secret. Dogra soon returns and Luffy tells him of the good news of Dadan and Ace coming back.

However this joy is short lived as Dogra tells the others of what happened to Sabo. Ace attacks him instantly thinking its a lie but Dogra, being a rogue, knows what its like to not to want to return to someplace they do not want to. Luffy begins to cry again and Ace starts to blame himself for not going back to get Sabo. He yells at Dogra to tell him who killed Sabo and starts to run off. Hancock smiled at this. Usually she was the only one Salome followed, but looks like he had now found someone else forth of following.

He had told her about the adventures he and his crew had been on. When they finally went out, Luffy ran to look for Usopp. Hancock was left all alone on the deck. Well, not completely alone. Then, out of nowhere, she heard a soft melody reach her ears.

boa hancock and luffy meet again someday

A little later she saw a man with afro playing the violin and watching the waves. She went closer again and sat down on the chair she saw. For a moment she just sat there and enjoyed the music. After he had finished, he turned around. Soon a sudden scream filled the air. Hancock had jumped up and screamed from the top of her lungs when she had seen the skeleton.

It took only a couple of seconds before Franky, Sanji and Robin had all appeared to where Hancock and Brook were. She just pointed at Brook. Brook bowed to Hancock and introduced himself. Franky slapped his for head and Sanji was about to kick Brook, but before he could do that Brook had already turned in to stone.

Everyone were quiet for a moment and then Robin said: Hancock, can you turn him back to normal or not? Hancock sighed and nodded. So she turned Brook back and left, getting an angry look from Robin on her way. She climbed up and smiled, but the she noticed that someone was sleeping in the corner. She sat down and started to watch the ocean from the window. She had a lot of things to think about.

He blinked a couple of times when came face to face with unknown woman. Then he remembered that Luffy had said something about new member to the crew.


He stood up and started to train again. The man opened his eyes and blinked a couple of times. She raised an eyebrow as the man stood up and started to train. After a moment Zoro got tired of Hancock watching him. It had been so long since somebody had been this rude to her.

He turned around to face Hancock and said: Both Hancock and Zoro turned their heads towards Luffy. Luffy had been looking for her? Hancock just gave him a glare. Luffy stayed up, talking something with Zoro while Hancock climbed back down and went to kitchen where she guessed she could find Sanji from. May I help you? I needed to ask what would you like to eat today at dinner? Hancock thought about it for a moment, then she came up with an idea.

Hancock sweat dropped and went back to the deck. She frowned when she saw Robin talking with Luffy. But soon she saw Luffy leave Robin and went to talk to Brook instead. She decided to go to aquariumroom to look for Salome. When she entered the aquariumroom, she saw something on the floor. It was brown and it had a pink hat. He had promised to Brook that he would draw pictures about their earlier adventures and show them to him when Usopp told his stories.

But when he caught an unfamiliar scent of a person, he slowly turned his head. What had made the little creature run around like that?

She sweat dropped when Chopper went hiding behind the table with his own, personal way.

boa hancock and luffy meet again someday

To her surprise, Chopper went immediately hiding the right way. Hancock pointed at Chopper and said: Hancock raised her eyebrows in disbelief. She kicked Chopper and said: Hancock just rolled her eyes and turned to leave, but was stopped by Franky grabbing her arm. He had been afraid that something like this might happen. When everyone were at the table, Usopp asked: Franky looked Hancock from the corner of his eye angrily and Robin shot her a glare. She had earlier seen crying Chopper running out of the aquariumroom where Hancock had went a little earlier.

It was her own business. Hancock took the hand and shook it. The rest of the dinner went normally, or as normally as dinner of the Straw hats can go. After the dinner everyone went on to the deck. What about you, Hancock-san? Do you know where Chopper is? Everyone turned to Hancock.

Hancock watched after Luffy for a moment and then she started to talk with Nami about random things.

Post-War Arc

Her throat was a little dry, so she decided to go and drink a little water. When she got to the deck, she heard noises of fighting. Slowly, she went to watch what was going on. She saw Luffy, punching and kicking the air. Hancock was about to go to him, but before she could do that she felt a strong arm on her shoulder and another arm covering her mouth.

Then Zoro let go. Hancock and Zoro stared at each other at least a minute, until Zoro finally said: He wants to get stronger so that he could protect us all", Zoro told. He told me to forget about this and more importantly not to tell anyone. Hancock raised an eyebrow and Zoro sighed. She had thought that this swordsman was selfish, bad mannered idiot, but looks like he was a really good guy after all. Hancock laughed quietly as she walked to kitchen.

She got up and dressed and then she went on to the deck. Hancock nodded to Usopp when they got down, took Salome to her shoulder and gave a simple but warm smile to Zoro.

Zoro blushed a little and turned his head away from her immediately, which made Hancock laugh. Usopp looked at her for a little while, but then he shrugged it off. Franky and Robin exchanged glances with each other. They were pretty sure they knew what this was all about. She decided to go look for him after the breakfast. She blinked at what she saw; the same, brown little talking creature again.

Chopper turned his head towards Hancock. They stared at each other for a moment and then Chopper jumped up.

boa hancock and luffy meet again someday

Fast as lightning he ran past Hancock and out of the room. She wanted to know what that creature was, so she ran after it. Others watched as Chopper ran across the deck with Hancock right behind him. What do I do! And of course he did it the wrong way. They stared at each other for a moment again and then Hancock went towards Chopper again.

She fell to the floor, holding her ankle in pain. Chopper watched her for a moment and then he ran out of the door. After about three minutes, Chopper came back with his blue backpack.

He walked to Hancock carefully and said: Hancock stared at him for a moment. Then it finally clicked in her head. Chopper nodded, still wrapping the bandage.

The Return of Boa Hancock I Chapter 5, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction

He started to say something and Chopper nodded his head. Hancock watched in amusement. XXXXX It had been two days since Hancock had joined, and she already felt like she was a part of the crew, which she was. Complete opposite of Robin. When soft melody reached her ears, she thought about Brook who she still tried to avoid.