Butterfree and ash meet again crossword

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butterfree and ash meet again crossword

Nov 24, As they continue into the forest, the trees begin to glow again with that and they share that year-old bread given to Sammy before he met Celebi. not by having the cocoon rupture and a Butterfree crawl out, as when Ash's .. Favorite Pokémon · The Marquee of Doom · Irregular Crossword · Quizzes. The Dub-Induced Plot Hole trope as used in popular culture. So you're translating and/or adapting an ongoing story from another country, and for whatever . We don't see Butterfree and Ash ever meeting again after their Ash's Butterfree has since appeared in the tenth opening for the anime, Spurt!.

A Monster of the Week character was, in the original, a cosplayer obsessed with kabuki theater. For whatever reason, the dub changed this to him being an actor on Broadway. Not dubbing the fourth season seemed like an acceptable idea at the time They also didn't dub the episode where Judai returns - in their version, he doesn't come back from the Dark World. They never address why Jaden is back, why his character design has changed, why he's Walking the Earth with Yubel, Pharaoh, and Banner, why he has darkness powers, or why he seems to know Yugi.

The 5D's dub also had Rex Goodwin claim to be the fifth Signer, even before his identity had been revealed in the original. It turned out that Rudger Goodwin was originally the 5th Signer, and after intentionally losing his duel with Rudger, Goodwin took Rudger's arm and replaced his artificial arm with it, in effect making him both a Signer and a Dark Signer.

Of course, as soon as the Dark Signer arc started, the dub had Goodwin backpedal and say "I don't know who the fifth Signer is, but The second episode dub has Yusei's True Companions constantly remarking about how some crippling fear of bugs must be making him too scared to fight against his opponent's Insect Deck The beginning of the episode is replaced by their "Now let's get up to speed with Yu-Gi-Oh!

The English episode starts from after the title card in the Japanese version, making confused viewers wonder where Yusei's monster went to, why he's down a few hundred LP and where Jack's face downs came from.

Not too big of problem, except that means Jack's Red Nova Dragon has NO explanation behind it and seemingly comes out of nowhere. Not to mention Jack sounds weird with his summoning speech about having a Burning Soul. These episodes are available subbed on Hulu, however. Z-One's plot will also be left hanging.

Though this probably stems more from a combination of Schedule Slip and Konami's marketing wing telling 4Kids to hurry up so the ZEXAL premiere can be used to promote the brand new at the time Xyz monsters. He finally stops her by calling her by her first name instead of her last. In the dub, however, he'd always called her by her first name, so she just stops for no apparent reason. In the episode Zakuro joins the team, Quiche demanded that she and Ichigo fought, and the winner would be allowed to join him and maybe save the other Mew Mews.

In the dub, Dren only says that if they fought the other girls would be saved, omitting the "joining him" thing. Which wouldn't be a problem, except later in the episode he references that proposal anyway. The English translation of The End of Evangelion has Misato explain her findings on the Second Impact to Shinji when she transports him to Unit, saying how humans were spawned from the progenitor entity Lilith.

However, the translation has her incorrectly state that Adam was also born from Lilith, where Adam and Lilith were actually unrelated, having been two separate progenitor entities that happened to land on the same planet. It's still no easier to grasp the concept, though, and this mistranslation is present in both the subbed and dubbed versions of the film. In the original Japanese, he just says "Chaos Control The original is referring to Chaos Control as the power of the emeralds, but the dub seems to use it as the name of Eggman's base.

This mistake pops up again. When Eggman tries to convince Knuckles that Sonic is evil, during a flashback, he talks about how Sonic attacked, invaded, and destroyed Chaos Control, as his base goes by on screen. This also pops up during the Sonic Adventure 2 adaption arc. In the original version and the game the story arc is based onthe ARK incident involved lots of scientists being killed and imprisoned to be executed later when G.

The dub ended up switching the story to "the project was shut down and everyone went home". This immediately starts screwing with the plot, as they had a difficult time hunting down ONE scientist from the project, and he was scared to death of discussing it. This also screws with Shadow and Maria's story, as she's "taken away" rather than killed, making Shadow's motivations and actions in response a lot more nonsensical, and prompting the viewer to wonder why the G.

It's especially strange since the game itself was rated E for Everyone, and thus it's likely that kids watching the show would have played the original game and learned the actual story anyway.

butterfree and ash meet again crossword

This is lost in the dub where not only is the line changed to the less intimidating "I'm the real thing! The Movie is rife with these, as it compressed three Japanese Digimon films haphazardly into one for American audiences.

In Digimon Adventurewith their handling of the living situation of Matt and TK divorced parents, Matt lives with their father, TK with their mother. The first dub mention of this claimed that Matt and TK were "half-brothers". It later changed to them being full brothers whose parents were divorced correctbut went on to add that Matt lived with their mother and thus TK would live with their father.

Come their return to the real world, the inverse was proven to be true. In an early episode of Digimon Adventure 's English dub, Mimi says that she's starting to miss her little brother.

Later on when they get home, she is shown to be an only child. In the original version, Wizardmon and Tailmon sneak into Vamdemon's hideout to recover the Crest of Light from his coffin, with Wizardmon stashing it in his clothes when Vamdemon returns, realizes what they're doing, and crushes the fake Crest that he was holding in anger. In the dub, Myotismon claims that the Crest in the coffin is another fake, and that he kept the real one on him. This might make Myotismon seem more cunning, but he still crushes the Crest he's holding, and it's never seen how Wizardmon got a hold of the real one.

Another one involving Myotismon is that the dub removed the reason he was attacking women at night and leaving them with a case of anemia was because he was gathering enough energy to fight the Digidestined, making it look like he was attacking girls for no reason except for the fun of it. The dub also paved the way to break some future Theme Namingthough they couldn't necessarily have seen it coming at the time. A couple of years later, Alphamon was introduced as in " the alpha and the omega "and both he and Omegamon were added to the Royal Knights group.

Obviously it makes sense with "Alphamon" and "Omegamon", but with "Alphamon" and "Omnimon" Later, in Digimon Xros WarsOmegamon is partially responsible for enabling Shoutmon to be able to evolve to OmegaShoutmon, who has a clear omega theme going on. The American dub, Digimon Fusion, changes Omegamon to Omnimon as usual, and ends up calling Shoutmon's new form OmniShoutmon, which unfortunately renders the omega symbols meaningless.

One instance of this trope also happened due to Bowdlerisation. Towards the end of the Myotismon arc, Sora uses a recording of the mantra "Bakemon, lose your power" to weaken a bunch of Bakemon enough that a planned escape attempt by her and a few other people succeeds. This scene is a Call-Back to an earlier scene where Joe used the same mantra to weaken a King Mook version of Bakemon enough to be able to be defeated. The Dub-Induced Plot Hole comes into play since Joe chanted Buddhist sutras in the original, which might be able to also work via recording if the words themselves hold power even without the speaker's faith behind them.

After the writing staff were replaced, both brothers appeared in the same scene and no reference was made. The Digimon Adventure 02 dub's Previously On segments referred to Arukenimon originally Archnemon by name several episodes before her name was used in the actual episodes, also revealing that she was in fact a Digimon and not a human.

The heroes also use her name for a bit before they even met her in person when she told them her name. The original dub makes it very clear that the main Digidestined are Japanese, and so are unable to pay because Digitmamon wants US dollars and won't accept Japanese yen in payment. However, Michael, a recurring American character, does have dollars and is able to pay. The English dub leaves nationality much more vague and ambiguous, and so has Digitamamon demand 'digidollars' to explain why the kids can't pay - but Michael is still able to pay, without any explanation of how he acquired these digidollars.

butterfree and ash meet again crossword

In Digimon Tamerswhen Leomon dies, he tells Juri that maybe his death was his "destiny". This leads Juri to become traumatized and somewhat obsessed, after the D-Reaper thing by the word "destiny".

In the dub, Leomon's last line is telling Jeri that she has a lion's heart. Since most of the later episodes were written by different people, Jeri still mentions multiple times "when Leomon told me about how that was his destiny", even though it also repeatedly flashes back to the scene and replays the "lion's heart" quote unmodified. Unless you assume that took place offscreen which is a pretty cheap way to introduce a plot pointthe whole thing was kinda messy.

The German dub gave Renamon a male voice. Initially, it's not much of a problem, since Digimon have technically no gender. Ruki's comment about Renamon being beautiful can be interpreted as innocent, but it makes it a bit flamboyant. And later in a dinner scene, when Ruki's mother asks Renamon about the genders of Digimon, Renamon answers that only a few exceptions have something like a gender, and Ruki's mother comments that Renamon appears to be female, despite its obvious male voice.

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But Patamon, the weaker and reborn version of Seraphimon, had the same male voice as the Patamon from Adventures. The German dub of Digimon Savers gave some of the Digimon their Japanese names, despite some of them had the Western names from previous series. Most notably are the members of the Royal Knights. Since the episode she appears in happens much later in the show and because 4Kids thought the concept of death was worse than being away for a whileit was pretty much ignored. Let's not forget Ash's 30 Tauros that apparently came out of nowhere!

This is due to the episode where Ash got the Tauros being skipped for having a large presence of realistic firearms being pointed at the protagonists. The problem is, some Latin American viewers might not know enough English to know that Ash Ketchum's first name means "ceniza", prompting the Latin American voices to explain this to the audience. The Finnish dub also dubbed from the 4Kids version does the same thing.

In Finnish, the world will either become ash, or look to Ash for help and there's no way to construct a sentence that can be read both ways. The dubbers went with "become ash", and acted as though the second meaning was still there. The result is that Ash's Snivy becomes a female when using Attract, and is referred as a male every other time.

Same for Iris's Emolga. Ever wondered why Jessie's Wobbuffet kept popping up and saying its name? Well, Wobbuffet is originally based on a Japanese comedian, whose catchphrase was "so nansu," meaning roughly "that's how it is.

Learning their lesson, they did translate its pre-evolution's name correctly Sonano, whose name means "Is that so? This led to an odd scene where the two talk to each other "Is that so? The episode where Ash catches Squirtle contains an obvious one. It's stated that the Squirtle Gang named themselves Except they can only say "Squirtle". In the Japanese version the humans named their gang. The first episode has Ash and Gary acting like they're strangers.

It's later shown they've known each other for years. Gary's entire character created something of a plot hole. In the original Japanese, he was a bonafide Friendly Rival to Ash, which in the dub was changed to him being a cocky Jerkass that everyone hated. While it seemed reasonable the character was already quite egotistical, and it was much closer to his game counterpart it created problems when, in Johto, the two finally squared off When the team dubbed the episode, they didn't even bother to write around it, they just pretended it was always how he acted.

When Ash returned to Viridian City for his eighth Kanto Badge, it's stated in the English dub that it had been a year since he was there last. On a lesser note, a number of overtly Japanese culture-focused episodes were removed from the South Korean dub, several of which included Ash obtaining League Badges and the earliest of which featured his Metapod evolving into Butterfree, leaving these unexplained to viewers. It's worth noting that this occurred before the government eased its restrictions on Japanese imports, though.

The First Movie removed the childhood sequence to Mewtwo. The lack of explanation of how Pokemon tears work makes the scene where Ash is brought back to life by them seem cheesier and more of a Deus ex Machina. The 4kids dub toned down her haughtiness.

TPCi's more Truer to the Text dub, however, decided to stay true to the Japanese script instead of the 4kids script. Thus the Call-Back is lost by most English speaking fans. This continues into the following episode, "When Regions Collide! The English dub does not include the omake portions where Professor Oak recites poetry. This thus makes Oak's poetic nature in the anime itself come out of nowhere.

It's thanks to a mistranslation. However, the last word can also be translated as "conference", depending on the context. Given that the event is question is a tournament in which league participants battle each other, it's clear that that's not the intended meaning here.

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Ever wondered why Jessie and James have an oddly heroic sounding motto despite being such cartoony villains? The original Japanese version of the motto stated that they play up to society's sympathy and pretend to be good but are actually lying villains. The dub's translation of said motto mangled it to the point it gaining the opposite meaning from the intended one. As early as Hoenn, Japanese interviews have made it clear that Ash is eternally 10 years old.

The English dub ignored this for years.

butterfree and ash meet again crossword

Characters refer to years going by but no time passes. Ash's second voice actress also has a noticeably deeper voice than his first, giving off the image that Ash hit puberty. Eventually, however, the dub had to mention Ash's age in the first episode of Black and White.

Since then, the dub has stopped referring to the timespan of Ash's journey. In the Filipino dub, Bishounen Kurama was changed into a girl and called Denise. He was given a female voice actor and everything. This actually worked, up until an episode where Kurama has to take off his shirt. The dubbers handwaved this, saying that Kurama was really a male demon who was only pretending to be female on earth.

butterfree and ash meet again crossword

Also, Genkai was a man in the dub. The English dub has a few smaller ones: The name "Spirit Wave" is given to two different techniques—the chant used by the Masked Fighter to purify Dr. Ichigaki's brainwashed fighters, and the Reikodan, used by Yusuke against Jin. During Kurama's fight against Ura Urashima, the character's false story is changed from him wanting to repent from a team formed by negative feelings involving the fairy tales they're based off of, to the team forcing him to fight by holding his grandmother hostage.

When Yusuke starts his fight against Sensui, he admits that he doesn't really care about the portal to Demon Realm opening or not—all he wants is to fight Yusuke. This is Foreshadowing of his true desire. The dub changes this conversation to emphasize his comments about how Yusuke could become just like him. Later, however, Yusuke references the original line, echoing that all he cares about is fighting Sensui. When Naruto defeats Neji in the English dub, he tells Neji that he could never get the shadow clone jutsu right in order to graduate from the academy.

This is a mistake; academy students had to perform the clone jutsu to pass, not the shadow clone jutsu. Besides, the shadow clone jutsu is a jonin-level technique, and when he learned it, Naruto complained about it being a harder version of the jutsu he couldn't master.

A minor one occurs early in the series. The main village Konohagakure or "Konoha" for short had its name changed to "The Village Hidden in the Leaves" or "Hidden Leaf Village", or just "Hidden Leaf" for shortwhich is a more-or-less direct translation of the name. It works for the most part, except for one thing: The character Konohamaru, grandson of Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, was explicitly named after the village in honor of it. When explaining this to Naruto in the second episode, it remains unchanged in the dub.

This makes it a little confusing for viewers unfamiliar with the original. There's a more noticeable one in a filler episode special. Sakura says it's celebrating the show's fourth anniversary, which she also says in the dub Another minor one occurs during the final battle of the Wave Country Arc: Haku has Naruto and Sasuke trapped in the Demonic Ice Mirrors and turns both of them into living pin cushions. Some of the needles sticking out of their bodies were edited out for the TV version, including all the ones in their necks.

However, when Sasuke wakes up from his Disney Deaththere's still a scene of his pulling a needle out of his neck. In the German version, nobody is allowed to say "tot". Because of this the viewers never learn that Sasuke's clan was killed, which makes his whole character development and motivation non-understandable. In the Spanish dub of Rurouni Kenshinthe translators made some really random changes to the names of characters and places. This includes changing the location of the whole Tokyo Arc to Kyoto, making for some really confusing moments in the expository voiceover that opens the Steam Locomotive episode, Kaoru's voice actress explains the train run from Tokyo to Yokohama.

They proceed to take the train When later in the series the action moves to Kyoto, they decided to call it "Edo", despite that just being an older name for Tokyo. It's made even more confusing by the fact that they seemed to forget to change the names of the places once in a while, and as a result, when Kaoru and Yahiko leave in the steam boat, they mention they're leaving for Kyoto. Despite supposedly being there already.

Also, they changed the names of the little girls from Suzume and Ayame to "Suzi" pronounced in a weird, distinctively non-Spanish way and "Yumi". Naturally, later on, they had to rename Yumi Komagata "Ayumi". The Brazilian dub has a similar problem, but a little worse: Tokyo, Edo, Kyoto and "Ayoya" originally Aoi-ya are used randomly, often being treated as if they were same thing even the last one, which isn't even a city.

In the English dub of the 5th episode of Trigunwhile running from an entire town's population trying to capture him for his bounty, Vash says "Until I find this man you're looking for, I have no choice but to keep moving! Vash's line can also be translated as, "Until I find the man I'm looking for They're looking for the man who destroyed the city of July.

Vash was the one who destroyed it, yes But who caused him to destroy July? So "the man you're looking for" actually IS Knives. Due to episode shufflingthe Cardcaptors dub of Cardcaptor Sakura had Kero advising Sakura to use Windy, Fly, and Shadow to capture the Watery card because they were her oldest cards. In the actual anime, those were the only cards she had at the time. Even worse, an episode aired earlier showed Sakura as already possessing Watery.

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Continuity is for losers, yo. The episode with Sakura's doppelganger had Sakura use her captured Clow Cards to identify its nature. The card symbolizing what it was seeking was The Flower. This was intended to refer to her brother Toya, whose name meant "peach blossom"but his Dub Name Change to Tori meant Sakura somehow deduced this from a mere screenshot of Tori standing among cherry blossoms.

The Spanish translation for the Hayate the Combat Butler manga removes all mentions of White Day Or of there being a holiday like that on the White Day Arcmaking it go from a standard High School plot to a random "let's return the St. Valentine chocolate for no reason" story. It becomes frustrating when you consider the same translator added a long explanation on Teru Teru Bouzu on another manga Those are some strange priorities.

When They Crythe game club members often play Old Geezer. The English dub changes this to Old Maid, presumably because Western audiences are more likely to be familiar with the rules. It is unfortunate, then, that an important part of the climax of the second season is a speech about why it's so metaphorically significant that they play Old Geezer rather than Old Maid. One wonders how the dubbers will deal with that if Higurashi Kai is ever brought over.

Metapod was moved by this and, seeing a Beedrill about to attack Ash, leaped up and took the blow, breaking the Beedrill's stinger and getting a large gash in its shell. Metapod then evolved into Butterfree and stopped all the Beedrill with its Sleep Powder attack. Butterfree managed to hit Staryu with Tackle and then dodged Staryu's. As Staryu landed, it lost its balance, giving Butterfree the chance to hit it with two more Tackles. Staryu then scored a hit with Water Gun and kept firing off the attack.

Butterfree, however, dodged them all and crippled Staryu with Stun Spore. Misty had Staryu jump into the water to wash the spores off. When Butterfree went for Sleep Powder, Staryu dodged it by jumping into the water and kept using Tackle from underwater. Butterfree was then hit by another Tackle, knocking it into the water. Butterfree being traded for Raticate Butterfree battled A.

AnneAsh used it in a battle against a Gentleman with a Raticate. He countered Raticate's Jump Kick with Tackle. As Ash was about to finish the battle, the Gentleman called the battle off and declared it a draw, despite Butterfree's almost certain victory.

Ash accepted but soon found that Butterfree meant too much to him to keep the Raticate, and was so set on trading them back that he did it while the St. Anne was sinking, causing him and his friends to be trapped inside. At the start of this episode, Ash saw a large number of Butterfree flying around in the sky, and Brock told him that it was the Butterfree mating season. Ash realized that his Butterfree would probably want to have babies like the other Butterfree, so he and his friends rented a hot air balloon and watched Butterfree mingle with the others.

Despite Brock's encouragement for Butterfree to choose one belonging to a cute female Trainer, Butterfree found its heart set on a pink Butterfree.

It tried to impress the pink Butterfree with some fancy flying, only to be rejected with a slap in the face. Heartbroken, it flew into the woods below, followed by Ash and his friends who tried to encourage Butterfree, telling it to be assertive and tying a yellow ribbon around his neck to help him catch the pink Butterfree's eye. Butterfree tried a second time to impress the pink Butterfree with its Whirlwind and Tackle attacks, but this failed as well.

Then, Team Rocket showed up in a helicopter and captured all the Butterfree but Ash's in a giant net.