Catch and trail meet again someday

Swiss Hiking & Trail Running Recommendations – on my way: make it someday.

catch and trail meet again someday

"You'll meet him again someday. But someday I'm going to catch him and tear him apart! "There she is," said Simms, standing back to survey their work. But it's worth it. Are we going to set the Solar Guard back on its ear! "You'll meet him again someday. But someday I'm going to catch him and tear him apart!. Check out We'll Meet Again Someday by Hank Williams Kitty Wells on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

catch and trail meet again someday

I always looked forward to the technical parts of the course so the downhill into Buzet was something I was very happy about. By the time I reached Buzet km60 the sun was allready out and a bright blue day was awakening. I missed my prefered split time for Buzet by about 20mins, but I knew that this time goal was illusional. But I noticed that I had problems talking to her. I felt like drunk, which could be a result of dehydration.

So I took care of that. Which was of course the next big mistake. However I noticed it now and downed some liquids, grabbed some gels, changed into a lighter shirt, dropped the headlamp for a lighter one and went out again. I felt the effort, but was still able to run and not overly concerned in not making it. The next stretch was the longest without an aid station.

At this point of the race I was in a mental state where time and distance as such did not matter anymore. I was just focused on getting one foot in front of the other, trying not to stumble and fall over roots and rocks on the trail. I was looking forward to meet my parents at the next aid station which where willing to crew me from there.

My parents allready where awaiting me, we chatted a little bit, which was kind of uplifting. I drank and took care of my nutrition and made my way towards the course. When I entered the CP the runner in 5th position just left.

catch and trail meet again someday

I kind of knew that I might not catch him, so I took some more time. When I left, a young Norwegian runner just entered. We talked a few words. I think he followed me also in the descent into Buzet but he held back, saving energy.

At that point I had no idea nor initial thoughts of quitting at the next CP 11 km later. I left before him but soon noticed that he caught up, I did not care too much I did not speed up or anything. I just tried to keep moving steady.

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Just before Groznjan he made the move and overtook me and from that moment I noticed that my stride is not there anymore. I was just able to shuffle my legs back and forth. My hamstrings got completly tight down over my knees into the calfs. I just had wooden sticks instead of legs from one minute to the other. I know the feeling of running on stiff or hurting legs, but this was different. I immediatly started walking, I grabbed a gel and a salt capsule and downed that with my left water supplies.

I walked about meters and tried to start running again. Entering the aid station I told my parents that this is it.

I am going to quit.

catch and trail meet again someday

So I did that, I tried all kinds of thins to get me going again, but with the resting my temperature also dropped and I fell into a kind of shivering.

I got really cold even the sun was out. I stood up, which was very hard with stiff legs and tried to get into a running stride again.

After a couple of meters I returned and realised that it was over. Which was hard, because I really wanted that top ten finish. I felt not overly tired nor weak, my legs where just unable to move. All of these hopes I place in box 28 along with my dehydrated food and protein bars. And as if blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, I muttered these wishes to myself, placed 28 inline with the others, drove out to the Canadian border, said goodbye to my family and started to walk south.

Continental Divide Trail — Outro

I'll use these final 80 miles wisely to eat the rest of the dehydrated dinners, protein bars and congratulatory goodies from my parents and sister who have dealt with my highs and lows litteraly calling them from valleys and mountian tops. And to hope the trail has bestowed some wisdom on me. Give yourself to the trail and it will give you a hundredfold in return. Photos from the past 10 days: The water sources have all been interesting to say the least down here in New Mexico.

The comments for this one said to look for the Goldfish Boy how I wish I was right on that one. Among the dozens of goldfish in the trough was also this bigger guy swimming around.

Anyone who identifies the species gets a million bonus points.

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For a moment there, it stated to look like I was back on Kansas. The weather has been absolutely wonderful in southern New Mexico. The nights not too cold but cool enough to feel cozy in my sleeping bag and days that are hot but not 'everything should be melting' hot.

catch and trail meet again someday

And to top it off there has been almost no rain to speak of. Incredibly the only rain in the last few weeks came when we were under a porch roof at Burro Mountain Homestead! One of the first crossings of the Gila River. Wet feet for dayzzzzzz. The sun has been pretty intense down here so I'm still keeping covered up as best as I can. I recently started doubling up my shirts because of all the holes that have developed in the merino wool. Fortunately the holes in both shirts are in different places so paired together I get one complete shirt!

The topo of the Gila Wilderness is incredible!

catch and trail meet again someday

And with the river running through it's a green paradise in the New Mexican desert. More epic cliff-scapes Approaching the Gila Cliff Dwellings. An incredible view from the dwellings.