Clark kent and bruce wayne meet

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clark kent and bruce wayne meet

May 19, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meet for the first time (The chin line is a reference to earlier, when Batman said something about having looked. Read Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent from the story batman vs superman by alligatork with 42 is going to take a plane to metropolis and is going . Jul 19, Bruce Wayne Meets Clark Kent Scene | Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ( ) Ultimate Edition Movie info.

The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team 3 of 12 Told in flashback during 's World's Finest 94, it turned out that Batman and Superman had actually met before their cruise ship collision when the Dynamic Duo offered kryptonite assistance to Superman.

Quite why there was a retconned version of the characters' first meeting just six years after the first story isn't entirely clear - Of course, with the turnover of readers back then, it's possible no one really remembered that first story at the time - but nonetheless, this is another meeting between the two that shows them as friendly peers, working towards a common goal. If only that could've lasted… World's Finest 4 of 12 Of course DC's animated continuity had an entirely different take on the first meeting of the two heroes, which managed to synthesize the complex dynamic the two characters had enjoyed up until that time.

The multi-episode "World's Finest" arc of Superman gave us a Superman and Batman who understood that they have to work together even if they don't necessarily like each other, which - thanks to Bruce Wayne's interest in Lois Lane - it turns out that they don't. The team up also extended to there enemies as well, with Lex Luthor and the Joker joining forces to fight the World's Finest duo in the animated film.

This introduced a new chilliness into the relationship between the two characters that would remain for years, until Superman had literally died for his city and Batman been crippled while trying to keep his safe. Apparently, that kind of thing goes a long way to rebuilding relationships, although it's not really recommended for anyone who isn't a superhero.

The Vigilantes 6 of 12 Retconned into the Elseworlds series Generations was this brand new version of a meeting of the original Batman and Superman, again envisioned by John Byrne. This time around, it was the Ultra-Humanite - a classic Golden Age villain who didn't actually come face-to-face with Batman during the real Golden Age but debuted as a Superman Villain in the real - that brought the two together, with the two heroes finding themselves investigating different aspects of the same case before coming together to defeat the bad guy.

In part due to its overwhelmingly retro nature, the two heroes manage to work together in near-perfect harmony, setting in motion literally centuries of co-operation between the heroes and their eventual off-spring. Maybe it was Byrne trying to make up for what he set in motion thirteen years earlier. They are yin and yang. The Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel.

clark kent and bruce wayne meet

With personalities as big and as commercially successful as these, it was always going to be just a matter of time before some bright spark had the idea of putting them in the same room together.

But how did the characters first meet before all this Batman Vs Superman film nonsense? Did they get along? As it turns out, theres no simple answer to that.

clark kent and bruce wayne meet

In fact, the two have met for the very first time on numerous occasions. It all started way back in If you want to read more about comics, try picking up a copy of Comic Heroes magazine. Hibbard This is slightly different from the other entries in this feature, but it was a necessary inclusion. Because even though the characters clearly know each other in the story at this point so not a first meetingthis is the very first time that we see Batman and Superman share the pages of a comic.

The Green Lantern has a pang of guilt about some war orphans, so the Justice Society pledge to raise money to help them, and Bats and Supes take part. Hardly abig adventure, but just look at how glum those orphans look!

clark kent and bruce wayne meet

Curt Swan The first proper meeting You never know who you might meet on holiday. In Clark Kents case he ends up sharing a room on a luxury cruise ship with Bruce Wayne though why the millionaire doesnt kick off about being roomed with a reporter is a bit of a mystery. When a fire endangers Loiss life, the two set aside their differences and get to work.

A final twist comes at the end of the issue when Lois implausibly agrees to a date with Robin. Curt Swan Small-time crook Thad Linnis blackmails Superman by threatening to reveal his secret identity unless he vanishes. With Supes gone, its down to his bestie, Batman, to figure out whats going on. The tale then flashes back to the Smallville era, where we see Clark dealing with a troublesome snoop who is trying to figure out his secret identity. It turns out to be a very young Bruce Wayne honing his detective skills, meaning that the two first met years ago.

Dick Sprang Third times the charm? No way would a fellow billionaire risk his own neck just to stop a few petty crimes for such an ungrateful city.

When BATMAN Met SUPERMAN: Their 10 BEST First Meetings

However, given Bruce's background of having his own parents shot and killed right in front of him, this was entirely possible he hired someone to take the risks Batman does. None of the other spies he sent had much success.

clark kent and bruce wayne meet

Those who infiltrated his company never got close enough to learn anything. It was well known that Bruce liked the attractive ladies, so Lex sent plenty of them too to woo him. None of them really learned anything other than Bruce Wayne was fantastic in bed. This too made Lex feel jealous. Lex watched Bruce and Clark talk at his party. He heard every word. The look on Bruce's face was just priceless when Clark began to grill him about the Batman.

He had bought the Gotham Free Press through a dummy corporation and made them print very negative reports of the Batman. His spies over at the Daily Planet made sure Clark Kent read it. He loved it that Bruce had such a negative opinion about Superman too. He realized Bruce obviously paid very little attention to the actual facts about Superman. According to Bruce Superman was 'above the law.

When BATMAN Met SUPERMAN: Their 10 BEST First Meetings

His fears that Superman would 'burn the whole place down,' please, he put out three fires this week alone saving dozens of people. Damm him, two of which Lex himself had paid to have set. He was planning to collect insurance money and get rid of a few people he was having problems with at the same time. Should have been an easy win —win for him, but no, thanks to Superman.

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He forced himself not to laugh when Bruce basically described Superman as a freak that dresses like a clown.