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descendants ben and mal meet

Evie overhears Audrey complaining about Mal and Ben again and decides table were following Audrey and another girl she hadn't met yet. "Our usual meeting about Isle assimilation isn't until three. She wanted Mal happy, first-priority, but she definitely wanted Ben to be happy, too. Mh and Ln are the love best friend relationship between Mh and Ln they first met each other at HeroDon Prep and learned that they had a crush on each other.

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While not really interested in repeating such a spell, there IS something interesting in the ingredients to break it.

descendants ben and mal meet

A tear of human sadness was needed, but whose tear was it? It couldn't have been Mal's. What does Mal have to say? As he does he realises that perhaps they are not the only ones who will be changed by his proclamation.

Ben and Mal

It will be tough, but someone has to do it! Dodging edgy pirates, voodoo love spells and angry goddesses is hard. Mel thinks they can, but the villains might just kill her first. New villains and heroes! Mal seems to enjoy that he doesn't.

With much more risks and questions to follow. Will Mal be able to forgive Ben for what happened or will she change her future? Will Ben be able to get Mal to forgive him or will he be forced to take drastic measures? When Maleficent finds out that Ben likes Mal, she comes up with a plan to make sure that Mal stays evil.

Mal and Ben

But will Mal agree to the plan? T - English - Romance - Chapters: MalxBen Descendants, - Rated: She needed him for her evil plan to take over the world. What about the snake charmer musical sting that plays every time he's onscreen? Also, wait, Jay's a thief? How does that make sense? Maleficent and the Evil Queen should be dead too, right?

descendants ben and mal meet

And shouldn't Cruella not be here at all, since her story takes place in s-era London instead of a made-up kingdom? Is it stupid to split hairs about a movie made for children? Should I be ashamed of myself right now? If the whole movie hinges on Beauty, then where the hell is Gaston? Did they create the Isle of the Lost set out of salvage from Newsies on Broadway and the Rent movie?

The kids go nuts when they find that the limo taking them to Auradon is stocked with candy, which they've never tasted before. There's no sugar on the Isle of the Lost?

That's, like, the worst way Beast and Belle could think of to punish the villains who tried to murder them and all their friends? Does she have a real name?

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She points out early on that she's a princess. How many kingdoms are there in this universe, anyway? Do they operate as sovereign nations, or more of a loose confederacy?

How did Dopey the Dwarf have a normal-sized son Zachary Gibson? Seriously though, we're just supposed to accept all the modern technology flashlights, alarm systems, landlines without question? We see Auradon's guys playing a sport involving castle-shaped goals, sticks shaped like giant wooden spoons, shields, and cannons that shoot out extra balls. Is it in the movie because Disney doesn't have the rights to Quidditch? When Mal meets another student Dianne Doanthis is the first thing she says: Did the writers not trust us to understand that a movie called Disney's Descendants is about the descendants of Disney characters?

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They couldn't do better than taking the last syllable of Mulan's name and adding an "ie"? They couldn't even try to think of something that's actually Chinese? Wait, China's a fantasy kingdom now?

descendants ben and mal meet

Mal's special power is turning lobs into long, curly princess hair? Why doesn't Jay pull back his hair when he plays sports? Mal decides to use a certain love spell from her magic book because it "got the best reviews. Evie discovers that she's actually good at chemistry: Mal tells Ben that her middle name is Bertha.

Does this mean she has a last name, too?

descendants ben and mal meet

How can you have a middle name without a last name? Is her last name hiding out with Gaston and whoever Mal's dad might be?

descendants ben and mal meet

Mal has never eaten a strawberry before — but we saw the Core Four stealing apples during their big opening number. So the Island has some kinds of fruit, but not others?

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Who made that call?