Do hamlet and fortinbras meet in

Do Hamlet and Fortinbras meet in IV iv

do hamlet and fortinbras meet in

Consider the conversation between Hamlet and Claudius in Scene 3. What is directly said? Do Hamlet and Fortinbras meet in ? Why is this significant?. Do Hamlet and Fortinbras meet in Why is this significant? 3. Why is Ophelia mad? Does anything she say make sense? What happens to. Everything you ever wanted to know about Fortinbras in Hamlet, written by masters of this stuff just for you.

What happens in III. Why is this death so important for the play, or what does the death of this figure represent? Based on what you've seen in III.

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Act IV Is Hamlet really mad in this play, or is merely pretending to be mad? Find lines that support your answer. A foil is a character who is like the protagonist in some respects but who has contrasting qualities that "reflect" or illuminate the traits of the main character. Who are Hamlet's foils, and in what ways do their characters shed light on his?

Do Hamlet and Fortinbras meet in IV.

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Why is this significant? Why is Ophelia mad? Does anything she say make sense? What happens to her at the end of Act IV? What does her madness and death symbolize about the kingdom? Look at the scene with Laertes and Claudius IV. What plans do they have for Hamlet? You get the sense that Gertrude and Hamlet were much closer before King Hamlet died, because after the death the swift marriage between Gertrude and Claudius drove a wedge between mother and son.

At the beginning of the play Hamlet does not know that his father was murdered, but he disapproves of the marriage between his mother and uncle, so soon after the death of his father, so already he does not particularly like or respect his uncle, Claudius. When Hamlet hears a ghost of his father has been spotted he wants to see it for himself. The ghost tells him that it was murdered, poisoned by Claudius.


This plan is fairly unsuccessful so when a group of actors arrives at Elsinore Hamlet formulates a new plan. The ghost was proved to be trustworthy. Now that Hamlet knows for sure that his uncle murdered his father he can act upon his knowledge and seek revenge. Both Hamlet and Fortinbras are at some point seeking revenge, and interestingly both for the deaths of their fathers.

Hamlet pursues his revenge sensibly, at first, by testing the words of the ghost with a play. Fortinbras, however, pursues his revenge by raising an army in secrecy to attack Denmark; this is quite an extreme reaction to the situation. Whilst at first Hamlet attempts to resolve his issues peacefully, showing himself as a thoughtful character, who prefers not to resort to violent methods. Fortinbras tries to avenge the death of his father using violent methods, portraying himself as a character that prefers to take action immediately rather than think things through logically.

The main difference between Hamlet and Fortinbras is that Hamlet likes to think and plan his actions, and when he does take action it is to gather information rather than to take revenge, he could be described as a little too hesitant. However, Fortinbras likes to take immediate action, perhaps rushing into situations without thinking through the consequences, he could be described as a little too rash.

This is how Horatio describes him: An interesting similarity between Hamlet and Fortinbras is that both finally achieved the revenge they craved, Hamlet avenged his father; by killing his uncle and Fortinbras becomes king of Denmark, the country that his father died trying to win.

Another important difference is that of their occupations. Other characters often speak of him in low tones. Oddly enough, though, Fortinbras is a stabilizing force in the action of the play and he also functions as a framing device for the play itself.

He makes his presence known only at the beginning, middle and end. First and foremost, Fortinbras is a soldier from Norway.

do hamlet and fortinbras meet in

Early in the play, the reader learns there is a history of violence between Denmark and Norway. Horatio, when he sees the ghost of the old king, says: Claudius says to the courtiers of Denmark: First, there is the suggestion that Fortinbras knows the state of affairs in Denmark.

Secondly, in a moment of hypocrisy, Claudius calls the Prince of Norway a shameless opportunist. These estimations of Fortinbras build a connection between him and Hamlet, making him a foil for the protagonist. Both men have lost their fathers and now seek retribution.

do hamlet and fortinbras meet in

A point of difference is their family relations. Unlike Hamlet, Fortinbras has a strong relationship with the rest of his family. This is a quality Claudius uses to avoid war.