Doctor who donna and the meet again ggx1 Sitemap

doctor who donna and the meet again ggx1

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Each and every one of these beautiful geeks has major geek cred of their very own. They are all avid gamers, comic book collectors, cos-players, and all around nerds.

doctor who donna and the meet again ggx1

They pretty much epitomize the phrase Unicorn an attractive geeky girl that, like a unicorn, should not actually exist. Milynn has a youtube channel where she talks about video games and geek culture.

Popcorn in my Teeth

Rileah is an actress and producer. It all started with a little show called Alias. There have been a few shows like Alias since Alias went off the air Nikita, Covert Affairs but Alias will always be my first true love.

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow was amazing. She could go from vulnerable coed to highly skilled super spy capable of kicking your ass six ways from Sunday in a heartbeat. I heard recently there were talks of doing either a reboot or a continuation of Alias as a new network show.

Donna is kidnapped by The Doctor - Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride - BBC

If Jen is involved you can bet your ass I will be right there tuning in the night it airs. Melissa George and Rachel Nichols 6. Yvonne is another actress that is capable of going from sweet, coy wiener girl to ass kicking secret agent before you can ask for fries with that.

Not only is she a super hot super spy, she is also a native Australian and has a mega sexy accent. Add being the voice and likeness of Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 2 and you have me completely sold! Anne Hathaway Are you serious right now!?

  • Television, and Movies, and Video Games, and things of a geeky nature.

Could she be any hotter? I have loved just about everything I have seen Anne in. She was awesome in Get Smart, okay in Alice in Wonderland mostly just because the whole movie was just okayand amazing in Rachel Getting married.

doctor who donna and the meet again ggx1

And now she is going to be a sexy, leather clad Catwoman! I have never been disappointed by any performance she has put on film. Even in some of the terrible movies she has been in Star wars et. She can go from humorous to absolutely serious to soul crushingly tragic.

Eating Habits vs. Sleep: a vicious cycle

All I can say is Black Swan. Wow was she amazing!

doctor who donna and the meet again ggx1

She is just fearless. Now… my biggest wet dream when it comes to Natalie Portman would be a sequel to Leon or The Professional if you prefer the Americanized version where she returns as a grown up Matilda and just fucks shit up! Make it happen Luc Besson! Our noses direct our mouths rather than heads and we are transplanted into the Olive Garden to consume bottomless portions of bread sticks and countless glasses of wine.

Eating Habits vs. Sleep: a vicious cycle - Cooldown Juice

Before we realize, it is 5 hours before we have to wake up again, and we drift towards our beds, weighted down by alcohol and a massive amount of calories. In our inebriated state, one would assume that sleep would come easy but instead we spend the night tossing and turning until our alarm strikes again and lets us know it is back to the grind.

Firstly, despite common belief, excessive alcohol consumption disturbs sleep. As your body metabolizes alcohol and leaves your body somewhere in the middle of the night, there are significant neurological changes occurring in your brain which cannot help but disrupt your recharging process.

Secondly, consuming fatty and starchy meals puts our digestive track in overdrive. It only stands to reason that while our body is working so hard to process those processed foods, that the tossing and turning of linguine in our stomachs would cause our bodies and minds to do the same.

So what can we do? Firstly, let us consider that eating natural foods and drinking cold pressed juices throughout the day will satiate our hunger as well as provide a steady flow of nutrients. Secondly, we understand that going to bed on an empty stomach could be challenging in itself but instead of reaching for fatty foods, we suggest drinking green juices which contain minimal sugar and are low on the glycemic index.