Doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

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doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

X]; 3 Partners in Crime []; 4 The Fires of Pompeii []; 5 Planet of the Ood [] ; 6 The Sontaran Stratagem [] . Donna: Am I ever going to see you again?. Partners in Crime was the first episode of series 4 of Doctor Who. Donna Noble is determined to find the Tenth Doctor again — even if it means braving the Miss Foster gives them a lecture on the science of the pill, and the meeting ends. Donna Noble is a fictional character in the long-running British science fiction television series In the series four opener "Partners in Crime" (), Donna has become The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie (Fenella Woolgar) in "The not to send her back the way she was and hope that they never meet again.

Donna, who is now upstairs due to Stacy's screams, breaks into her bathroom just in time to see an Adipose waving to her as it jumps out the window. The Adipose Industries retrieval team scoops up the new Adipose and zooms off in their van, just missed by both the Doctor and Donna — who both give up and head off in different directions, unaware they are only a few feet away from each other.

Miss Foster goes through her CCTV records with her henchmen to find out just who "borrowed" a pendant and spots her.

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Donna cancels Stacy's caband goes home, only to find her mother nagging at her about her unemployment. Donna sits at the table, ignoring her, as she tries to get over what she saw. She then goes to see her grandfather Wilfred Mottwho is up at the allotments stargazing. He says she looks like he's drifting, but she replies she's waiting for the right man — the Doctor. She says, "I met him just once She asks him to keep an eye out for a certain blue box in the sky, and give her a shout if he finds it.

He stands there in silence. Miss Foster shows off the pill.

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The next day, despite protests from her mother, Donna takes the car to Adipose Industries, parking in an alleyway nearby. The Doctor and Donna hide in the building until after hours: Donna even goes so far to conceal herself as to pretend she is in church when her mother calls. Miss Foster suddenly stalks into the toilets searching for the thief — and, much to Donna's surprise and relief instead pulls out Penny Carter. Penny accuses Miss Foster of faking her results. As Penny is dragged to Miss Foster's office by her guards, Donna follows, peeking through the office door.

The Doctor zips to the roof, fiddles with a window-cleaning crane and drops down to the office window. He watches the same event from the other side of the room. Unable to quite see what's going on, both pop their heads up — only to spot each other.

They mouth frantic questions to each other while Donna does her best to mime her answers, all the while unaware that they are being watched by Miss Foster and everybody in her office. The pair finally meet, but have to keep running and head back to the window-cleaning cradle to lower themselves down for a quick getaway.

Before that, though, Donna explains how she went about searching for the Doctor. UFO sightings, crop circlessea monsters — I looked, I found them all. Like that stuff about the bees disappearing, I thought, "I bet he's connected. You opened my eyes to all those amazing things out there. I believe them all She uses her sonic pen to cut one side of the supporting ropes, making Donna fall out and hanging to the broke rope.

Before Miss Foster can cut the other one, the Doctor uses his sonic to knock the pen out of her hand and into his; he uses it to open a window in below Donna and swings Donna inside before following after her. Intrigued someone with advanced technology has appeared, Miss Foster heads back in with her guards to confront the Doctor. Inside, the Doctor and Donna have arrived back in Miss Foster's office via the window.

Out of breath from her screaming, Donna asks if she's right in thinking it's always like this with him around. We've got the whole of southern England flooded with radiation.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

Seven million people in need of relocation, and now France has closed its borders. So it's Leeds, or nothing! Do you remember her? Worked in the newsagents stand on a Sunday.

Never really spoke to her Every day, I think of someone else - all dead. I'll go out tomorrow, I'll walk into town. There's got to be work. Soon as I'm earning, we'll get a proper place.

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Just you wait, Mum. What if it never gets better? Even the bees have disappeared. You never see bumblebees, any more They'll sort of out, the Emergency Government, they'll do something. What if they don't?

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

Who's gonna listen to us? We haven't even got a vote. We're just no one, Donna. He thought you were brilliant. How do I do that? That's up to you. Well, I just have to run up to myself and have a good argument. There aren't any jobs.

Now stop it before I kiss you too much - Wilfred! Then Mr Colasanto heads for the truck. Donna goes to stand next to Wilf. Still, we've got more room. That's what they called them last time.

Mr Colasanto is hugging his wife. And the pretence has fallen away.

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Piper's return was planned during filming of the second series ; in JanuaryPiper made a pact promising to return to film several more episodes. He was several weeks behind schedule and had to decline an appearance at the National Television Awards four days later in order to hand the script in on time.

He described writing the script as "a lot harder to rip through because it needs so much construction"; he admitted that the opening scene could have been three times longer than his written version, itself longer than any opening scene he ever wrote.

He finished the script on 2 November so the rest of the production team could prepare the episode for filming. The words caused no inherent harm; "Bad Wolf" acts as a warning sign for the Doctor, and Rose's invocation of the phrase signals that the parallel universes Rose and the Doctor inhabit are collapsing into each other.

The events of this episode amount to his fulfilment of that promise. Scenes set on "Monday 25 [June ]" [3] — specifically, Donna preparing to turn at the junction, and her future self racing to ensure she turns left — were filmed between 27 November and 29 November, in the order they were aired. A double had to portray Tate in the car; Tate did not have a driving licence. Donna's race to prevent herself from turning right was filmed on St Isan Road in Cardiff, which was locked off for safety concerns.

The shoot was marred by difficulties: Thompson Park was originally scheduled for the shoot; the location was changed at short notice to Sophia Gardens because Tate was suffering from a mild case of influenza.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

Filming for the episode was completed with pick-up shots in January Walker attributed the episode's origin as an allusion to other prominent alternate history works, such as It's a Wonderful Life and Sliding Doors, and applauded the mention of the Trickster as an "unexpected but welcome cross-franchise reference".

He was surprised that the format of a "companion-lite" episode followed by a "Doctor-lite" episode had not been attempted before because he thought it was an "ideal compromise". Most of his analysis of Donna was in conjunction with analysis of Davies' writing; he lauded the parallels between the maturation of Donna in the fourth series and of the alternate Donna in "Turn Left" as "brilliant writing". He thought that Billie Piper was "distinctly below par", citing her gaunt and malnourished appearance, new hairstyle, and slight lisp as reasons why her acting was not her finest.

He criticised her role in the episode as been "far less well worked out" than Donna's, being inquisitive about several concepts: He noted the allusion to the concept of the power of names previously referred to in " The Shakespeare Code ", " Last of the Time Lords ", and " Silence in the Library ", but ultimately theorised that the reason was so Davies could set up the episode's cliffhanger.

doctor who partners in crime and donna meet again

He commended Davies for "highlighting the contrasting aspects of human nature" in the aftermath of the disaster: He continued by comparing Colasanto's internment to Donna calling him Mussolini several scenes before; he felt that the internment cast the jibe in an "even worse light".