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*Draculaura, Cleo, and Clawd run up to the three panicking.* Draculaura: " Yeah, we're here for you no matter what." *Ghoulia nods and calls up Dan Savage and Terry Miller, who are monsterfied as vampires in this story. Not even our parents were allowed inside the gym! Whenever Draculaura was being lifted into the air, it was Clawd who made sure she. A disapproving Romulus begins to discreetly drive Draculaura and Clawd apart . Development The original Monster High dolls were created by Garrett Sander, .. sometimes credited under the screen name Worm Miller,[1] is an American.

It's time for Frankie and her ghouls to take another stand with the help from the It Gets Better Project! I just wanna say this was actually an old story I made back in the month of May. So with that said, enjoy! Or if you don't like homosexuality, this story is not for you.

Debra is me, the author Maddie is an ex girlfriend of mine, and Caitlin is an OC of mine. Scene is now inside of the school and more gay couples are being picked. More scenes show other gay couples and monsters being bullied by others and even getting death threats from the bullies verbally and physically. The next scene shows the gay monsters crying and Frankie, Clawdeen, and Lagonna are by their lockers feeling sympathy. I mean, who cares if two male ghosts or werewolves or two female Cyclopes or vampires or any same gender are in love?

I'm with Gil, yet this is all wrong. This is another type of bullying. More like, another type of gross! I hate seeing two monsters of the same gender kiss!

It makes our school a misery and I'm not even involved in it whatsoever! Seeing two monsters, especially if they are the same gender in love doesn't make the school a misery Caitlin! And Toralei doesn't even care about people! We all know you're all losers, but gays couples are bigger ones. You're worst than Toralei, yet you're her friend? The students side with Frankie and Draculaura and a fight breaks out between the zombies and students.

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Draculaura tries to protect Tash but Moanica jumps at her and then through her, since it turns out Tash is actually Ari Hauntingtona ghost. Moanica runs away from the school in embarrassment. Dracualuara then continues her spreading peace and love as a message from the monsters. Personality Draculaura is sweet, energetic, friendly, and easy to get along with, though she can be a bit childish. She was one of Frankie's first friends and in New Ghoul School helped Frankie realize that she just might fit in.

Even though she doesn't seem to care much of what other monsters think of her, Draculaura is much of a trend follower, as well as a "gossip ghoul", following Spectra's blog, the Ghostly Gossip, by heart. She's the most emotional of the girls, and cries the easiest.

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She's also shown to be a bit of a flirt, having the most crushes out of the cast. Being a vegan, she arranges her own food mostly from her vegetable garden. She was once human, and got sick in the past which her father transformed her into a vampire to become immortal. As well, she will faint when seeing meat in front of her.

Fear-A-Mid Power Fear Pressure Gloomsday This is seen as a recurring gag throughout the volume 2 series, but certainly not a running gag. Furthermore, Draculaura's meaning of veganism is that she does not consume meat or blood, not that the fact of not consuming meat or anything from an animal, as mentioned in The Ghoul Next Doorshe eats ice cream. But Draculaura is certainly not a ovo-lacto vegetarian at all.

In some adaptations of the franchise, her phrasing of not drinking blood or consuming meat is referred to as vegetarianismspecifically, she is called a vegetarian.

Other vampires who are like this are called "vegetarian vampires" rather than "vegan vampires". Draculaura's diet only consists of vegetables, ice cream, fruits, and a lot of iron supplements. The latter's non-consumption of blood may stem up from her father's extremely blood thirsty nature, as it has scared her, since she was once human. Draculaura may be a lacto vegetarian as she appears to eat milk products in the Monster High franchisebut does not at all appear to eat eggs or anything made of eggs.

Draculaura's catchphrase in the original Monster High computer-generated, computer-animated TV specials seems to be: Appearance Draculaura has pale pink skin, pale purple eyes, and black hair with pink streaks.

Many of her physical features nod to her vampire heritage, such as pointed ears, fangs, and pale skin that's especially sensitive to the sun. She also has a small pink heart right under her left eye, which is a birthmark, as pointed out by Operetta in Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

Her fashion motifs are vampire fangs, hearts, ribbons, bows, the color pink, and bat wings. In the cartoon series, Draculaura is notably shorter than all her friends, even in heels. In fact, she's the shortest of the main cast, being taller than only a few backgroundersand only looks taller than Ghoulia due to Ghoulia never standing up straight because she is a zombie. She is around the same height as Howleen Wolf.

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Abilities Draculaura holds the standard abilities and characteristics of a vampire, such as the inability to stand garlic or to have a reflection in the mirror and the need to be invited into places before entering. However Draculaura does not drink blood, due to her vegan nature. After finding the vampire ruler Elissabat, Draculaura acquired her Vampire Powers, and consequently the ability to turn into a bat at will.

Despite this, she still has a lot to learn about such powers as she tends to have little control over them yet. Like all vampires with their vampire powers, she is able to levitate at a small height. Draculaura is able to change into a bat at will. But this, revealed in " The Good, the Bat, and the Fabulous " was revealed to gain the power when a vampire is old enough.

Revealed in " Frights, Camera, Action! But in Welcome to Monster Highshe can turn into a bat at will but has difficulty controlling it to stay in bat form.

She also says that she is still learning how to master to fly with a little of her father's help. Draculaura can hang from any ceiling no matter what material. In a webisode, she could hang from a felt ceiling. In Welcome to Monster HighDraculaura as a bat can emit a shockwave screech as shown when she did this to one of Moanica's Zomboyz at the cemetery and Moanica at the party to make Moanica fall from the stage.

Draculaura also can hear echoes from far away, due to her superior hearing. Draculaura has a special liking for writing and storytelling, and is talented in doing so. With this, she has decided to join various clubs, such as the school magazines and newspaper, and is a faithful reader of Spectra's Ghostly Gossip, due to her love for gossip talk.

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It is however unknown how she feels about the revamp of the blog, now called the Gory Gazette. Draculaura also has a rather hidden talent for drama, as shown by her ease to perform plays. Clawditions Although she does not act or have any lines in the movie that she had helped be performed by Elissabatwho goes by the alter ego Veronica Von VampDraculaura is, however, is the one who gave Elissabat the line for her newest movie.

Relationships Family Draculaura's School's Out diary reveals that Draculaura is in fact Dracula's adoptive daughter, not biological, and that he took in her and her mother "when no one else would". She also reveals that her father is not the Dracula who Bram Stoker wrote about.

After some time, the two made their way to the province of Dacia, which in modern days partially overlaps with Transylvania[2] where Draculaura's mother became a housekeeper of Dracula. Dracula turned Draculaura into a vampire before she could die too, beginning her life as an immortal. One way or another, Draculaura ended up being adopted by Dracula and eventually moved with him to the USA after being chased away by angry villagers.

I guess you'd have to go with mansion, but only because there isn't a moat and a drawbridge. In the Monster High book seriesshe lives with her father he is leader of the RADsher grandparents, and other relatives. The Ghoul Next Door mentions that she has an uncle named Vlad.

In Back and Deader Than Everin an argument, Draculaura has a flashback to when her mother dies and she was turned into a vampire. Her biological parents are her mother Camilla and her father Gaius. Her father met Ramoanah while on business in Antarctica. Friends Draculaura is best friends with Clawdeen Wolfand the two have accepted Frankie Stein within their group. Draculaura's outgoing nature has earned her many other friends too, including Lagoona BlueGhoulia Yelps and Cleo de Nile.

While living in Transylvania, Draculaura was good friends with Elissabat. Which Elissabat comes back in " Frights, Camera, Action! Pet Draculaura's pet bat is named Count Fabulous.

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She likes to dress him up in pink, coordinated outfits. The only form of insects that Draculaura will let him eat are small insects and sometimes fruits, like bananas. In the Monster High book series, her full list of pets include Teeny Turner, a dog, Snake Gyllenhaal, Kitson, an orange kitten, The Worminator, a lactose-intolerant parakeet, Rat-a-tat, a rat, two turtles, a white bunny and Fuego and Caliente, whose species is or are unknown.

Though Memphis Longlegs and Webby look alike, they are clearly not the same character.