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Monster High Swim Line - Clawdeen Wolf. The ghouls are ready to make a monster splash in these to-die-for swimsuits. Each student of Monster High is. I was walking down the sidewalk with my new books in my hand from the library, and when I was half way home I heard a roll of thunder and. clawd and draculaura: My boyfriends back. Nakkitta Bassett. Loading Unsubscribe from Nakkitta Bassett? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working.

Draculaura is still upset at Clawd not writing back to her in " Frightday the 13th ", until Clawdeen reveals that she hid the letters from her, which then causes Draculaura to get mad at Clawdeen. In " HooDoo You Like?

In " Fear Pressure ", Draculaura is eating lunch with Clawd. Clawdeen comes in with and gives Clawd a huge steak which causes Draculaura to faint. Clawd becomes upset with his sister because she planned to do that. Then after hearing Deuce's speech about being cool to every Clawdeen apologizes to Draculaura for doing that to her and that she's the only girl she knows that is good enough for her brother.

Later, Clawdeen, Clawd and Draculaura are at a swim race. When she gets up to get snacks she asks Clawd what he wants and orders meat which Clawdeen nudges him and he cancels it.

In the episode " Hyde and Shriek ", after Clawd wins a pizza-eating contest, Draculaura says she cannot be around him. He then believes that she will dump him and tells her that he knows that he eats like a pig, but he can change.

Draculaura tells him it was because he was eating garlic and that she could not be around garlic. She tells him to brush his teeth and that they will dance later. In " Back-to-Ghoul ", Draculaura was a hard time closing her locker and Clawd assists her by closing it for her. She proceeds to tell him that he is strong. In " Fright On! Lala was trying her best to hold back her tears, but then she heard this car coming. Her heart was racing a little, she thought" oh maybe it's someone I know".

But the car just drove by, and when it drove by it created a huge wave that splashed down on Lala. She was soaked everywhere and her makeup was running down her face. She felt hot tears run down her face and wash her ruined makeup that was in the way. She just kept walking when suddenly she heard a bark.

She stopped and looked around, but she could see nothing. She shrugged her shoulders and kept walking. But before she could take a step the rain just seemed to stop around her. Something nudged her foot and she looked down to see Rockseena sitting down by her foot.

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Lala looked up and yelped, her crush Clawd wolf was standing right by her with a umbrella in one of his hands. There eyes meet, lilac to amber.

It was like twilight with all the staring at each other. He said" wow Lala you have bad luck with rain storms. Lala tried to laugh but she couldn't, she said" no duh Jacob Black". He laughed and looked at Rockseena, he said" I was just out with Rockseena in the park when it started pouring, so I walked home with Rockseena and we walked into you".

Lala just shook her head, there was a awkward silence for a few minutes before Clawd broke it. He said " ssoo um do you want me to walk you home then". Clawd tells Billy that Scarah has a date in the cemetery, while the ghouls tell Draculaura that Billy has a date in the cemetery, and Scarah "overhears" when she bumps into Draculaura in the hall.

Scarah and Billy both end up in the cemetery and become a couple, thoroughly confusing Draculaura when they're seen together the next day. As this is a kids' show, these lines aren't really fanservice-oriented like other examples of the trope but stick more to fashion exploration; this is most noticeable in Ghouls' Getaway, where Jinafire, Spectra, and Purrsephone forgo swimwear entirely for casual sundresses and elaborate island looks.

Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Frankie brains Clawdeen brawn and Draculaura beauty Group 2: Cleo beauty Lagoona brawn and Ghoulia brains Group 3: Abbey brawn Spectra beauty and Operetta brains Be Yourself: The overwhelming theme of the franchise, with the multitude of ways the message has been conveyed feeling like its own art form. Big bugs appear in other places in this world, as pets and decorations. Bigger on the Inside: Gigi's lantern, which has a pocket dimension containing a small desert and a palace in it.

Stein in their native German: I returned to hear Mrs. The series' omnipresent smartphone the iCoffin is the most far-reaching example, but many brands are given this treatment through horror-themed puns. In Ghouls Rule, Frankie displays her knack for diplomacy and helps bridge the gap between monsters and normies.

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Lagoona, Clawdeen, and Operetta. Also, Meowlody, Purrsephone, and Toralei. Or Frankie white hairClawdeen auburn hairand Draculaura black hair. Manny, Clawd, and Heath.

In the Wolf family: The vase variant was used on Operetta, in the episode where Cleo teaches her royal manners. Operetta improved over the course of one night, after several broken vases.

In "Frightday the 13th", Nightmare the horse poops hot coals in fear. Gilda Goldstag daughter of the Ceryneian Hind 's pink mohawk. Volume 2's "Daydream of the Dead". Prior to this we got relationship troubles, Spectra making a nuisance of herself, and a cliffhanger with Cleo's sister. Manny wants to be a bug, Billy wants to be a snake, and Hoodude wants to be a "lovebug with a tiny top hat".

Even though Casta's performance goes smoothly, she answers the mansters' request and transforms them The Scarnival characters Skelita, Draculaura, and Clawd appear briefly in the Freak du Chic webisodes, suggesting that both lines are for the same fundraiser, and perhaps that the Scarnival itself is set up as a teaser for the Freak du Chic performance.

Lagoona has moral qualms about dissecting one of her amphibian bros but her favorite food is listed as sushi. Word of God states that she is more closely related to amphibians than fish, which actually makes sense, considering that her crush, Gil, has to wear a water tank on his head, while she doesn't. Also, sushi refers to the rice with sugar-vinegar dressing on which the toppings, or with with the filling, is served. There are many sorts of non-seafood sushi. Zigzagged; while the characters all have the same body type save for Manny and Finneganthey still have different facial features and hairstyles, and several of them have body detailing to set them apart.

Even when characters share the same monster type, they have very different concepts. With the zombies, Ghoulia is a retro classic zombie, and Moanica is more modern and apocalyptic. With the vampires, Elissabat is much more gothic and has more references to blood than the fun and modern Draculaura, and despite the large number of werecats, they're all patterned differently. Even in terms of skin color. While several characters fall under the same blanket color pink, green, purple, blue, etc.

Draculaura to the slight Frankie vs. As mentioned above, Lady Gaga appears in the franchise, barely any different from the real person. Every single ghost character includes chains or at least chain patterns in their outfits. Fans worried that this had happened to the majority of the cast, due to the lack of older characters in the reboot, especially Ghoulia, one of the original ghouls.

Word of God has repeatedly confirmed that nobody has disappeared, making it more of a case of Out of Focussince not all of the characters can be in the debut line. Electrified helps this assertion, with Venus and Twyla returning as physical dolls. However, in a site update, all Fright-Mares save for Skyra Bouncegait were removed from the character section.

The source for several characters: Deuce and Viperine Gorgon, son of Medusa and daughter of Stheno. Iris Clops, daughter of the Cyclops. Manny Taur, son of the Minotaur. Wydowna Spider, daughter of Arachne. Casta Fierce, daughter of Circe.

Draculaura und Clawd Wolf

Gilda Goldstag, daughter of the Ceryneian Hind. Cupid, daughter of Eros. Avea Trotter, daughter of a harpy and a centaur.

Neighthan Rot, one of whose parents is a unicorn. Posea Reef, daughter of Poseidon. Peri and Pearl Serpentine, daughters of the Hydra. All of the Fright-Mares, who are part centaur, and part dream, infused with the traits of their dreamers. Although she hasn't been released as a doll, Quill Talyntino, daughter of a harpy, also counts.

Features frequently in the designs of the monster world, and as a recurring pattern in Operetta and Twyla's outfits.

The fearleading squad wore 5-inch bolt-shaped platform heels as a part of their uniform. Wave 2 Clawdeen and Sweet Clawdeen wear shoes which could easily be used as weapons thanks to their heels being nothing but sharp spikes.

Lampshaded in Clawdeen's second diary where an incident in the restroom- involving a broken heel, Clawdeen cutting herself while shaving which had gotten on her hands and the broken heeland Draculaura passing out from the blood- leaving the entire school thinking that Clawdeen had stabbed and killed Draculaura. It was cleared up, but Clawdeen still had to languish in detention. Frankie's parents, as far as characterization and backstory go.

Her father is a combination of the doctor and the monster, and her mother is a combination of Elizabeth and the Bride. The Generation 1 diaries mention that the book Frankenstein exists in the MH universe as an inaccurate biography enough that Dr. Stein begins speaking Angrish when it is mentioned.

The catacombs playset released with the Freaky Fusion line includes Smokey, Deuce's petrified pet dragon. For a while they came standard with signature dolls of characters, but later on they either stopped being included with dolls even if the character had them, or the characters had excuses not to have them.

Breaking the pattern, the Ghoul's Beast Pet line directly invoked the trope again, and Shriekwrecked included the characters' original pets. Multiple lines also have these for characters. Standout examples include Boo York, Boo York 's crystallized ones for the Frightseers, Viperine's pink shades from Frights, Camera, Actionand Gloom Beach 's multiple character-specific shades the molds of which kept being used for future lines and dolls.

Done frequently for themed lines. The 13 Wishes line gives the main characters genie-themed outfits which are given to them when they're banished to the lamp. Because of the alien comet's arrival in the movie, the Boo York, Boo York dolls have crystalline accessories.

The Freak du Chic line is tied together by the same style of striped fabric appearing on each outfit, and most of the dolls have similar circus patterns on their dresses. In one episode, Cleo does this to Draculaura as a practical joke.

It backfires as the horrible makeup job impressed Draculaura's crush. Holt and Jackson are both played by Cindy Robinson, and Ghoulia's voice is provided by Audu Paden, a male producer of the Generation 1 webisodes and specials. Skelita, Jinafire, and Kiyomi follow this trend, and the Monster Exchange dolls of Draculaura and Lagoona give them culture-costumes for the places they're traveling to.

Draculaura is adorable, but her voice can be pretty shrill. Quite a few characters, ranging from two downward fangs for vampires, werewolves, and Wydowna, upward tusks for Abbey and Lorna, and teeth pointing both ways, as seen on Venus and Honey. Dark Is Not Evil: Most of the student body are pretty much of the same mindset as your average teenager, not really having an interest in the bloodthirsty ways of their respective lineages.

That doesn't make this series a Sugar Bowl Both count for serious Dance Party Ending: In many webisodes and specials. Cleo breaks down in tears in "Kind Campaign: