Fifi and jules meet pink

Fifi Box: Back on the singles scene

fifi and jules meet pink

Fifi Chachnil Pink Boots, Shoe Sketches, Fashion Sketches, Fashion Illustrations, Fashion Show .. "Where to stay in Paris // Hotel Adele & Jules – Fashion Outfits" .. Meet Hassan Kinaci of Sebat Ltd, the suppliers of our rose absolute in. And Fifi Box and her little girl spend their very first Valentine's Day together on Friday. with Trixie during her radio show 'Fifi and Jules' back in November .. and ripped denim as she arrives to business meeting Spotted out in LA . Project Runway's new host Karlie Kloss rocks pink cocktail dress. Pink discharged from hospital. Splash News Logo . In , she briefly worked on the radio show “Fifi and Jules.” Later that year, she became.

After two years of plugging away at a radio station located in a paddock with cows, I finally got a job at a Melbourne radio station doing the over-night shift. The only catch was it was unpaid. For 12 months I volunteered at this radio station overnight whilst working at a call centre during the day, and after a year of sleep deprivation I was finally offered a proper paid job at Triple M in Sydney.

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For us we saw it as a fantastic opportunity to work together and have a lot of fun with our friends building a show we could be proud of. We have both been in the industry long enough to have experienced highs and lows, so if we had been a massive failure and they had taken us off the air, we would have just dusted ourselves off and looked for the next challenge.

You have be very thick skinned and circumspect in this industry because one thing is guaranteed, along with the successes there will always be failures. The secret to a great on-air partnership is a quite simply a great friendship.

Jules and I are the best of friends, and with that comes loyalty, love and most importantly a huge degree of trust. Fortunately Jules and I rarely fall out over anything, we genuinely want the best for each other and we support each other through any trying times.

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I really am incredibly lucky to be able to work with one of my best friends. How did you come to team up with Jules? Jules and I had been friends for years, in fact the two of us had been friends with Hamish and Andy for years too, we are all from the same social group. So when the boys shift came available I was not surprised when management mentioned the opportunity to work with Jules. It is much easier to build a show from scratch with two people who already have a friendship and natural chemistry then bringing two strangers together and hoping for the best.

What on-air moment made you realise you love your job? But recently when I got the opportunity to interview Pink, who I idolise and love to bits, I realised I truly am incredibly lucky to be in this position. The only thing I would change is the way I blubbered like a baby and wiped snotty tears on the shoulder of her beautiful dress. Who has been your all-time favourite guest since you started doing the pm spot? To date, Russell Brand has been my favourite interview subject.

A lot of big stars can be guarded and not prepared to share much of themselves, but Russell always goes above and beyond to give you entertaining content.

Fifi Box: I'm caught in the middle

Is anything off-limits, what do you draw the line at doing or discussing on air? The one massive difference between Jules and I is that he is a cross between Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls, where as I am terrified of my own shadow. One recent moment springs to mind when I was interviewing Emily Blunt and Jason Segal and when Jason suggested I take my jacket off because the room was a little hot, I started to remove my jacket only to discover that my boob had fallen out of my shirt and I pretty much exposed myself to them.

How would you describe your personal style?

50 Cent - In Da Club (Int'l Version)

We've frequented many cafes and sat on couches, laughing and confiding in each other a la Sex and the City minus the fabulous hair, great lighting and designer shoes. But due to a petty issue that seemingly can't be resolved, my buddies have decided to terminate their friendship.

fifi and jules meet pink

Unable to sway either party from the stubborn stand-off, I'm left with a far more complicated life. Their decision to blow up our communal kinship has totally inconvenienced me. I used to be able to catch up with both friends at the same time, now I have to find an extra window in my schedule for separate lunch dates. I admit, this sounds a bit selfish, but it's far more effective for me to regale two people with all my dramas in one sitting. Not only is it time efficient, but when I hear myself tell the same story again, I get bored, which is a good indication the listener probably finds my storytelling dull, too.

fifi and jules meet pink

So, on top of that, I've developed an inferiority complex because I've realised how tediously boring I really am! Then there's the pressure of making sure I'm devoting the same amount of time to both of them. If I see one friend more often, the other assumes I'm taking sides and gives me a serve of passive-aggressive defiance next time we meet.

fifi and jules meet pink

The sense of betrayal that permeates our conversation as she holds my gaze with suspicion gives me the same level of discomfort I imagine Julia Gillard feels when having a coffee with Kevin Rudd. I was hoping to host a house party soon but, because of this rift, I'm aborting all plans, despite the fact I have an address book full of other mates who all get along perfectly well.