George mason university track and field meet sheets

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george mason university track and field meet sheets

A clean sheet speaks to the manner in which we showed toughness and needed focus against a good George Mason team. This was a good. regularly to ensure that they are correct and that they are on track to meet all their requirements. . Forms are available from the Office of the Registrar at registrar. . A student may change this schedule of classes; the advisor. Duquesne Dukes Basketball at George Mason Patriots Mens Basketball on Saturday, February 23, at PM Tickets | Buy and sell.

Glacial deposits such as moraines and terraces were quite scarce at Witalis Peak, but drift sheets, numerous erratics, and abundant striations and polish allowed us to map the glacial history in a different way than at Robinson Bluff.


Glacial polish and striations Blooming quartz crystals Periglacial activity was very prominent at this location as well, we saw many examples of polygon sorting, solifluction lobes, nivation hollows, past ice-cored moraines, and even what appeared to be the beginning stages of stone stripes forming. Weather did take a turn on us at Witalis and we get hit with a few bouts of precipitation, including a rain event that began in the evening and lasted partway through the night, when it transitioned to a heavy snow.

Final camp pack-up We returned to Shackleton Camp on January 10 and spent one night there with the great staff, before returning via Twin Otter a great ride! Views on the way to Shackleton Camp Mt. The central Nunatak is Witalis Peak, just behind this and across a smaller side glacier is Robinson Bluff.

We departed for Shackleton Camp on December 14th and Dr. Brenda Hall and mountaineer Karen Hilton were able to proceed via Twin Otter flight to our first field site that same evening. Twin Otter leaves us at Robinson Bluff on Dec. Back at camp between 5: We located 5 or 6? We searched for algae up through the valley, focusing on the tops of terrace steps and in basins, where ice-dammed lakes may have been present as ice retreated. Ancient algae was quite sparse, although this does not mean it was not present in the past.

2016-05-08 GMU at A10 Conference M400m Final

Abundant evidence of slope creep via periglacial activity solifluction lobes, nivation hollows as well as large amount of moss and lichen, suggest this is a relatively warm, wet region where algae may break down. Additionally, we saw a lot of evidence of modern moss colonizing older algae beneath the surface. We were able to collect 10 algae samples at this location. The indication of a relatively moist climate and the quantity of stained and pitted rock implied fast weathering.

george mason university track and field meet sheets

The Team was able to collect 24 erratics primarily cobble sized rocks at this site, over an elevation range of about m. The field season was a success as we were able to work at our two principal locations, collect 23 algae samples, 58 rock samples, 3 water samples, and 2 carbonate samples.

See if you can find our camp! Check out these sketches highlighting our sampling methods: Carbonate catches the eye when searching for algae.

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Andy graduated from ACU inas Jake did in In the 25 years of his service as a sponsor, he said his philosophy and focus has evolved to some degree. Even the sponsors, however, have found they grow and learn from the experience of working closely with students. The girls want to be heard. We try to resolve what they need, rather than push our own ideas.

george mason university track and field meet sheets

Some need a mother, some need a friend, and some are very independent. We meet with them in our homes; we talk to them about spiritual lives, about church. Both their daughters had been presidents of Ko Jo Kai, and after their youngest daughter graduated, Pope seized the opportunity to again be involved with her club.

And of course, I wanted to be with Karen [Sharp] and Marsha.

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But, as others have along the way, she continues to find ways to demonstrate love, concern and a call to the highest of aims.

The choices they make now become their memories later. Another side is that sponsors are in a position to help students navigate life situations.

george mason university track and field meet sheets

New sponsors often come into the role upon recommendation by other sponsors, but the university maintains basic criteria they must meet, as well as training with club members and sponsor teams. Craig said he also looks for diversity and depth in the sponsor group. Sponsors are the reason any club has longevity on campus. It required more than a year of documentation, application, planning and organizing to complete the re-charter.

The girls have done an excellent job of blending old and new traditions. We have stayed true to our original constitution, creed and purpose.

The members have embraced the opportunity to restore old traditions, expand and create new traditions. The couple had a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old at the time but decided to take on the challenge.

I love watching the girls at the beginning of their tenure and how they grow and mature as a leader as the year progresses. Sponsors for ACU social clubs as of April That creates a dynamic of club life ACU students come to love. Our sponsors love our students by supporting them, fighting for them, and, when they need redirecting, they will do that in a way similar to a parent. Sponsors love students and care about them as if they are their own kids.

So they paddled past half-underwater houses and SUVs, and looked for signs of life. The foot-long Evergreen Prospector canoe had been a Christmas gift. Now, it was a lifeboat.

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One by one, residents trapped in their homes opened windows to call back: We want to leave! Young, old, families, people living alone. They rescued her as well. We were just doing what needed to be done.

Some helped rescue people.

george mason university track and field meet sheets

Others prayed, or donated money, or helped connect those in need with churches who were providing aid. Some lost most of their belongings. In the midst of disaster, the people of God rose up and loved the stranger.

george mason university track and field meet sheets