Girl meets world eric and tommy meet

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girl meets world eric and tommy meet

Thomas "Tommy" Jonathan Murphy was an orphan boy to whom Eric acted as a big brother. They spent some time together, and got along excellently. He was a character on Boy Meets World. He was known by the nicknames " Tommy" and "T.J" (more so, the former) Tommy was an orphan that Eric met while he. GirlMeetsWorld 2x09 "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington" The FEELS. Seeing Tommy all grown up thanking Eric for giving him up. The FEELS. Boy.

He remembers her from when her law firm stood up to him after he tried to charge admission money for public parks. Eric begins to realize they only chose him to run against Senator Graham to make the Senator look good by comparison. Back in the classroom, the kids are now worked up and more committed to the election.

Cory tells them to find their issue and find their passion. When Lucas asks how since they can't vote, Cory suggests they find someone who can. Get your message out and people will listen.

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

Armed with a giant bowl of Cocoa Puffs, Riley and Maya go to Eric and attempt to coerce him to get up, saying they need a voice. When Eric refuses, they tempt him with the bowl of cereal chanting "Get back in the race, you can put this in yo' face". Eric sits up, takes the bowl of cereal, and literally stuffs his face in the bowl.

girl meets world eric and tommy meet

When he asks the girls if they think he can win, Riley says they do. Senator Graham says he believes all voters are equal in stature. But Eric disagrees, saying that every election should be about children, who are the future.

J stands up in the audience and says that he can.

girl meets world eric and tommy meet

J says that the difficult decision Eric made was the best thing anyone ever did for him, and that he learned from Eric at an early age. Information Tommy was an orphan whom Eric became an older brother figure to. Tommy and Eric hit it off really well. However, Tommy was getting too old to remain at his orphanage and so he asked Eric to adopt him.

girl meets world eric and tommy meet

Although Eric agreed at first, Eric realized he couldn't be a parent and told Tommy that he wouldn't adopt him. A family from California however wished to adopt him, and Tommy left for California; however, before he left he went to Eric's house and hugged him goodbye.

Personality As a young child, he was excitable, friendly, sweet and innocent. Because he had no parents, he did not believe in Santa but when he saw Eric who was working as a Santa Claus he believed Santa Claus was real and wanted to exchange the gift Eric gave him for family.

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Even after finding out Eric was Santa, he chose to stay friends with Eric and play over the weekend. He was very kind and enjoyed Eric's company and even imitated him sometimes, though he was somewhat smarter than Eric such as telling Eric which way was left and right.

His bond with Eric was so strong he wanted Eric to adopt him and even gave up a better chance at a family with parents and a sister.

However, when Eric decided it was best for Tommy to go with the other family, Tommy decided he didn't like Eric anymore as he felt betrayed, possibly as a result of having been the oldest child in the orphanage to be adopted and having lost his old family while saying goodbye to the friends he made at the orphanage. However, he still loved Eric and wanted to say goodbye.

By the time he grew up, he had become more mature. He is still very kind but less excitable and recognizes Eric's actions as the best. This helped rekindle the brotherly bond they had. He is very friendly and quick to befriend the Matthews and their friends. He is also very helpful and intelligent, suggesting having a campaign run by the children would show that Eric cared for the children and their education and telling the people of his past with Eric and his tough decision to give up Tommy to another family during the debate to prove Eric could be responsible and care about others.

As a result of Eric's influence and the positive environment and family he was raised in, he became an activist who sought to expose politicians and other people for their wrongdoings while fighting for fairness and promoting for kindness and policies that would help the people. He wanted the government and politicians to be fair and to help people like they should, and helped Eric in his campaign as he remembered the kindness, honesty, and respect for human beings Eric displayed during their time together.

Relationships Eric Matthews Eric was his 'big brother'.

T.J. (Tommy) Murphy

They spent some time together, and got along excellently. Eric made Tommy laugh all the time, and Tommy seemed to be a bit more intelligent than Eric from time to time he corrected Eric when Eric mixes up right and left.

Tommy helped Eric pack his stuff and move out from his apartment. He also wanted to visit Eric's baby brother, Joshuawho got very sick in the hospital. He urged Eric to adopt him, but when Eric refused after he realized he couldn't take care for Tommy or support him, Because he is a sophomore in college and doesn't have a job.