Jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

Believing Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

Just some Percy Jackson one shots:) DISCLAIMER I DON'T OWN ANYONE BUT MY Jason, Piper, and Leo sat in the middle row behind us, and behind them. Feb 21, "Leo!" She yelled. Piper and Jason looked over to Leo, who was filming the whole "Percy Jackson," Leo said holding the camera to her face. May 26, She continued as if they were strangers yet to meet and get to know each other. Jason heard sighs around him and turned to see Piper smiling like Annabeth pressed her knee to what Jason assumed was Percy Jackson's chest and pushed her Reyna's eyes flitted to Leo before meeting Piper's again.

Uh-oh, if she likes Jason, what about Piper? I wonder what kind of relationship this girl and Jason had before all of his memories were taken. Speaking of Piper, she and Leo were still awkwardly standing on the ship, looking down at everything.

I caught Piper's eye, and gestured for her and Leo to come down here. Once Piper and Leo had made their way through the crowd, Jason saw them and me. I swear it was almost like these two guys glowed. They were both such powerful children of the Big Three, and they emanated power and strength. Plus, they both had very toned muscles, and looked kind of intimidating without trying to. Everyone's pretty down there.

They talk about you like you're an actual god," Jason replied. At this, Percy smiled. Annabeth always just makes me feel stupid. He designed and was in charge of construction of the Argo II. She can also charm speak. Percy raised an eyebrow at me. I just rolled my eyes. She was my fellow praetor.

Well now she's Percy's fellow praetor. There were 'hi's and 'nice to meet you's. You can be praetor. You deserve it more than me," Percy told Jason.

"Pranking Jason" – Percy Jackson Comic Dub Drama

Percy was modest, as usual. Jason had never seen Percy in battle. He probably didn't want to seem conceited by wanting to be praetor. Most of the crowd had cleared by this time. I bet he does. Nope, much more Aphrodite's style. He leaned back a little on the sand; maybe this was just a standard, normal dream, no Godly parents or wacked monsters or evil earth mothers who were trying to destroy everything on the planet. Yeah, he could deal with that. Moments went by and Leo, in his logical, if slightly scatterbrained mind, had come to the conclusion that this wasn't a regular dream like he had hoped.

It was much too clear, everything felt much too real, leaving him with the feeling that someone had simply picked up his body and plopped it onto the beach for some reason. Well, if someone wanted him here, then he wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of getting up and hunting them down. God or not, if they wanted him, then they'd have to come to him for once. Leo made himself comfy on the sand and, noticing the sunglasses perched on his nose, stretched his legs out as if to sunbathe.

The sun was setting, but whatever, he'd take what he could get.

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

He was relaxed, if slightly bored, until a shadow fell across him. Sensing another presence he sat up and raised his sunglasses as a figure walked towards him from the shore. The sun setting behind the figure didn't let Leo see details, but he could tell the person was tall and male, with broad shoulders and carrying a Coming to a stop in front of him, the figure, still shadowed, looked down.

Leo couldn't imagine which God would have a New York accent; Ares maybe? Leo took the time to study the guy beside him — he looked like he was about sixteen or seventeen, wearing board shorts and a leather beaded necklace.

His skin was tanned and his hands looked weathered. His eyes were covered with a pair of sweet looking Ray Ban sunglasses.

Leo waited for him to speak; it was different with his father, but another god? Should he not speak unless spoken to or something? Okay Leo, he thought, be logical about this. Possibly a God beside him, they were on a beach and said God was wearing board shorts and carrying a surf board.

Is this what you think he'd look like? He'd been laughed at and tormented by his fair share of bullies, but this was the laugh of someone who sounded like they had never laughed at anyone else's expense. The guy smiled and pulled off his sunglasses, tucking a dark lock of hair behind an ear as he did. Leo was met with sharp green eyes; both calm and turbulent. He could see the oceans in those eyes and man, did that sound girlycalm tides and horrendous typhoons.

His eyes crinkled slightly at the corners; this was a guy who smiled a lot. Leo could appreciate that. Something in his mind clicked, memories of a photo pinned up on Chiron's wall; a dark haired, green eyed teen with his arms wrapped around a grinning Annabeth.

You're pretty close though. Sorry though, I've got no idea who you are. In the middle of this huge identity crisis? Leo had a feeling that this dream was a rare reprieve from the confusion brought on from Hera's deeds.

jason piper and leo meet percy jackson

The dark haired teen rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, "Yeah, when I'm awake I am. My dreams are pretty repetitive though — on this beach. Every night, knowing exactly what's going on and then I forget when I wake up.

Still, you're the first actual person I've seen, so that's an improvement. I mean, I keep waiting for Was he just forgetting when he woke up too? I think it helps that we have a plan now, that she knows where to start looking.

She's a Daughter of Athena, being plan-less drives her crazy. Annabeth, to Piper, Jason, himself, hell pretty much the whole camp, was this total unflappable leader, wise and stoic and strong. Hearing Percy poke fun at her like that was kind of refreshing.

Not that he doubted that Annabeth was anything but what he'd thought, but he could totally imagine her getting frustrated at her happy-go-lucky boyfriend. In this moment he knew that Percy Jackson was the reason Annabeth smiled. It kind of made her seem more approachable, heck, it made the totally awe inspiring figure of Percy Jackson seem more real too. Nice to meet you.

I don't wanna be wet, I won't get wet. Wow, this was Percy Jackson The guy they were turning over the earth to find. The teen who had been with the famous Beckendorf the most skilled Hephaestus child in centuries when he'd died. He sat back, slightly awed and slightly deflated. Leo looked out into the sea, confused as to how he could mourn someone he had never met. The other Hephaestus kids say he was awesome, that he rebuilt Festus and — " "Festus?

Jason, Piper and Leo meet Percy Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

He went bust a while back, but I fixed him up and took him on a quest. He's like our lucky mascot this time; his head is at the front of the ship —" "Wait. You called him Happy the dragon? But he was spared the hard look as Percy sighed in resignation and leaned back into the sand. I won't remember any of this anyway. I've got a feeling you and him would have gotten along great.

Leo didn't really feel all that much of a connection with his new siblings, not for lack of trying, but hearing stories about how awesome Beckendorf was kind of made him feel like he had something to live up to. Much like the inadequacies he felt around Jason, Beckendorf was this invisible, unreachable goal he had to strive to be like. Hearing Percy talk about his passed half-brother like he was Leo coughed away the lump in his throat.

Time to lighten the mood. Isn't there something else you want to know? Was there something else?