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the recent archeological discovery of Wari-Bateshwar in Narsingdi. .. In the first decade of the thirteenth century the Sena reign yielded to Muslim Among them Greek, 'Saka' 'Pahlav', 'Kushana' are mentionable. without animal protein (fish and meat) and give up luxury. Chowdhury Rahmat Ali, a student of the. A High Court Bench of Justice Kamrul Islam Siddique and Justice and district election officer Shahinur Islam Pramanik presided over the meeting. fined Karimganj Municipality mayor candidates- Kamrul Islam Chowdhury deal of development has been done in Madaripur Municipality in recent years. the meeting on Wednesday night, explaining why countries like Bangladesh need .. 37kg gold seized n Kamrul Hasan Customs officials at Hazrat Shahjalal .. I recently had the chance to see a young mother come forward and say that, . “We cannot allow a notorious war criminal like Saka Chowdhury to be buried in the.

We hope this is a sign that the government will make it a high priority to press ahead with overcoming the outstanding obstacles which have prevented full implementation. Further delays are unacceptable, not least because incomplete implementation has clearly been a factor in contributing to the communal tensions and outbreaks of violence which CHT has seen in the past year.

Implementation is absolutely imperative to tackle the root causes of communal tensions and to enforce the rule of law that is needed to eliminate discrimination and ensure compensation and justice for victims of violence.

The government must heed calls from local people and the Chittagong Hill Tracts Commission to support dialogue and action, including providing proper resources and budgetary support to fully put the Accord into force.

As an original signatory, the prime minister has a special responsibility for ensuring the CHT Peace Accord is properly implemented. Manipulating facts to create a climate of fear is business as usual for Republicans The San Bernadino shooting shows the urgent need for gun control What makes the current Republican pro-life lobby so unpalatable is that they are only pro-life up to the point of birth.

If the pro-life lobby cared as much for life outside the womb as they did for it inside, they might have a moral leg to stand on n Ibtisam Ahmed W ith drawing to a close, it is increasingly becoming a case of when, not if, the next mass shooting in the US will take place.

A lack of integrity is exactly what the current pro-gun rhetoric is dripping with and that is exactly why the nation cannot afford more of the same inaction with gun control going forward. At the time of writing this, the shooting in San Bernardino, California has renewed discussions on mental health from some of the presidential candidates on the right.

What is particularly galling about this is that these same candidates are usually quite thrilled to ignore the very real issue of mental healthcare -- or, more specifically, its abysmal situation in the US -- until and unless it provides them with a ready excuse to not discuss gun control.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson all spoke out against the shooting, noting that violence and murder should never be tolerated, but all five of them managed to slip in criticisms of the reproductive health group that was at the centre of the incident into their speeches.

Set aside, for the moment, the role that the PPFA the full acronym for the organisation plays in the fraught reproductive and maternity health care industry in the country. If the pro-life lobby cared as much for life outside the womb as they did for it inside, they might have a moral leg to stand on. As it is, the same group that speaks so eloquently and, often, aggressively in favour of life at the point of conception, is the very same group that makes life for the average American citizen that much more challenging.

They are the same group that is gleefully ripping apart medicare and health insurance, thus creating more problems for groups like the PPFA and the California clinic to tackle. They are the same political and financial elite that claim to be the everyday, hard working, blue collar embodiment of the American Dream that refuses to even consider progressive taxation, corporate tax schemes, equal pay, and social welfare. They shout down attempts at gun control as being against the fabric of American constitutionalism, even as they undermine judicial checks and balances by ignoring Roe v Wade and criticising Obergefell v Hodges.

This is the political game at its finest and its worst. To have a difference of opinion is one thing, but to manipulate facts and create a climate of fear while tapping into the basest form of populism is despicable. In other words, business as usual.

Somewhere along the lines of perpetuating this long-standing custom, we forgot to notice that these were people whose only difference from us is that they were disabled, or differently abled. It definitely makes life difficult for them, but their disability is no reason to exclude them from any society.

Disability has many definitions, and just as many forms. Disabilities can manifest in physical and mental ways -- they can be a birth defect, or the result of trauma or disease. Studies have shown that people with disabilities make up a higher portion of the population in developing countries, especially among those living under the poverty line. It can be inferred that lack of access to safe and sanitary housing, clean water and food, and quality health care are causes for children living under these conditions to be born with disabilities.

Bangladesh alone has 3. That gives us the responsibility to remember that those of us with disabilities can also be contributing members of society. BRAC has been working to achieve inclusion of people with disabilities into mainstream society for more than a decade. The approach adopted by BRAC in was to include children with disabilities into the mainstream education system. Adapting the curriculum material to suit the needs of each child, BRAC began its children with special needs program CSN within their existing education programs.

But the smallest victories are sometimes worth it. That is the epitome of hope and a true symbol of progress. From tothe program has also begun working with blind children and children with neuro-developmental disabilities. This initiative is a huge step in building the potential of children with severe disabilities and giving hope to their families. The benefits of this inclusive education program is seen through the eyes of the parents of these children.

Taking on the responsibility of providing inclusive ahead in the movement towards inclusive education for children with disabilities and initiating adults with disabilities into mainstream society. There are laws enacted to ensure the protection and safe treatment of all disabled people.

But the problem here comes with the fact that most of the people who can benefit from these laws are unaware that these provisions exist for them. This is not to say that we have not seen progress. Initiatives by BRAC, SWID, and other organisations on the rural spectrum, global integration, and discourse in urban areas over time have given us progress.

Parents, and people in general, have begun to accept children and adults with disabilities and acknowledge their abilities to work in society. On November 25, BRAC hosted a roundtable discussion of the current situation in the treatment of disabled people in Bangladesh from the policy and grassroots level.

Mr Stewart Harris, an educator specialising in teaching children with disabilities, spoke at the event and shared his ideas about bringing new innovative ideas of inclusive education to Bangladesh. Only through sharing knowledge, spreading awareness, and removing the stigma attached to being disabled can we stand beside those with disabilities. We can empower them to become active members of society, give them the opportunity to reach their full potential, and change the perception towards disability.

Besides, women councillor candidates are also in campaign filed. In campaigning, all the candidates are braving cold weather for continuing the campaigns. Finally a total of 34 mayoral, general and reserved women councillor candidates in seven municipalities of the district are contesting in the upcoming election.

Besides, 61 councillor and 16 reserved women councillor candidates are also contesting.

Besides, 33 councillor and 10 reserved women councillor candidates are also contesting. Besides, 32 general and 11 reserved women councillor candidates are also contesting. Azad Khan independentand Mahabub Alam independent are contesting for mayor post. Besides, 30 general and 15 for reserve women councillor candidates are also contesting.

Pourashabha Polls

Besides, 20 general councillor and nine reserved councillor candidates are also contesting. Besides, 42 general councillor and 11 reserved women councillor candidates are also contesting. Besides, 42 general and 10 reserved women councillor candidates are also contesting.

Local sources said, miscreants vandalised six microbuses and five motorcycles around 10am, leaving 10 injured including three journalists.

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All the candidates are passing busy times seeking votes to voters against their respective posts. Meanwhile, one woman councillor candidate Mahamuda Begum Hasi has been elected unopposed from ward nos. In nine general councillor posts, 30 candidates are contesting. Md Ruhul Amin and Ratan Dutta; from ward no. Zahidur Rahman; from ward no. As a result, drug peddlers have become very active than any time before. Meanwhile, police arrested at least 20 drug addicts and filed cases against them recently, police confirmed.

Local sources said against increased demands, spurious drugs are entering here from India since the area is near the India-Bangladesh border. Due to these unsocial activities, students at the area are facing setback in concentrating to their studies. The administration should take necessary legal steps to stop these, some guardians opined.

Sources said, at least liquor factories at the Arani Municipal area in the upazila produce Bangla Mod a kind of locally-made liquor every day. Police conducted drives and vandalised the factories in different times but soon after the drives were over, all were like before. As a result, youths of the area are going astray, sources added. While talking with The Daily Observer, Prof Nasir Uddin, chairman of Arani union parishad, said activists of different candidates provide liquor, phensidyl, yaba and other contraband items to the youths with an aim to misdirect them.

Ali Mahamud, officer-in-charge OC of Bagha Police Station, said only police cannot control the drug business and smuggling, but a concerted effort is needed to curb the trend. On the other hand, in Ullahpara Municipality, another mobile court fined ward no. If any allegation is found against any candidate, he or she will be brought to book, the DC added.