Klm meet and seat review

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klm meet and seat review

Apr 18, Business travelers have found a new way to make valuable connections thanks to KLM Royal Dutch Airline's social seating service Meet & Seat. Feb 27, THE DUTCH airline KLM is testing a new programme that allows passengers to pick their in-air neighbours by evaluating Facebook and. Jan 24, KLM Meet & Seat, a new service to meet interesting passengers on your flight. Find out more about KLM Meet & Seat: avb4you.info

When we got to Amsterdam, we were told my husband was on the flight but not me. The gate agent called a KLM supervisor who took my boarding pass and said, "This is Delta, their reservations are rubbish, they never do things right.

KLM Meet & Seat

Quite a while went by with the flight boarding. I asked if I would get on the flight and she said she didn't know, that they couldn't guarantee anything with a Delta booking. She really talked badly about a business partner. The plane boarded and I was allowed on just as the door closed. When we got to Moscow, my luggage was still in Amsterdam. We had to fill out Russian baggage claim and received luggage 24 hours later damaged so badly we trashed the suitcase. Attempts to check in showed flight online but denied check in which Viking said was usual.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM ticket agent rude and said, "Wait for lady in charge. As she approached us, she said, "This is Delta booking, they are all bad, it happens all the time, I don't know what I can do for you, you are not on the flight.

We were now at boarding time. She kept looking at our booking and saying it wasn't in her system.

KLM Meet & Seat booking: Do you really want to choose who you sit next to?

We asked her to look at the Delta booking number and she was rude saying she didn't care what Delta said and that she had no access to Delta partnered airlines? In the middle of this, a Russian man walked up with a problem and she took his boarding pass and worked things out for him while we waited.

klm meet and seat review

In the beginning, we asked if we could buy a ticket for just the St. But the program, which reveals the social media profiles only of people who opt into it, has fans. Last year, it was used by 30, passengers. Advertisement For me, the notion induces a twinge of social anxiety. Do I really want to open myself up to an online vote on whether I am interesting enough to be a worthwhile seatmate?

Frankly, when I'm flying, I don't want to be interesting. I want to be plugged into my headphones and doing my knitting. This social matching feels like it could turn flying into some kind of dating game, a cross between LinkedIn and OKCupid.

klm meet and seat review

Maybe we'll end up writing seatmate-enticing personal ads: Petite, headphone-using knitter with mild fear of flying. I enjoy listening to music, looking out the window and drinking throughout the flight. Off-duty airline pilot, 40 years-plus experience and military veteran preferred, willing to hold my hand in turbulence and explain why plane will not fall down.

Knitting knowledge a plus. And what about hurt feelings? What if some fascinating personage reserves the seat next to me but then changes it for someone better? Or if I choose a seat next to a prime candidate and the object of my seat affection promptly moves?

klm meet and seat review

It's enough to make me want to stay home from high school. Most of us have simple seatmate wishes. We would like to avoid the discomforts caused by small seats and large passengers. Some of us would like to travel in silence and hope for a seatmate who feels the same. Some of us wish planes had family sections, which I would have loved when I traveled with young children and I would love now that I travel with grown ones. More basically, we don't want to sit next to people who are smelly, barefoot, clipping their nails or eating gross food.