Meet commitments and keep promises

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meet commitments and keep promises

Making a commitment is serious business and not something to be taken lightly. They end up breaking their promise; one that they never felt comfortable about When you make a commitment, you're not only keeping your. If you operate out of the mindset that keeping one's promises manage their commitments with integrity, show punctuality and meet or exceed. It is troubling, then, that in practice many companies struggle to keep their commitments. Under the pressure of a quota, target, or deadline.

Ambiguity creeps into promises that do not come with a date — as soon as possible is not a due date, but rather it reeks of doubt and a lack of commitment.

Part of keeping promises to customers is ensuring that during the processes of promoting your company, and branding, the one thing that companies must keep in mind is ensuring that they form a connection with their customers.

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Creating emotional experiences for customers would change their perception about a company, and lead them to believe that the company would not only keep promises but would ensure that its customers receive the best of service and products. Keeping promises to customers is all about ensuring that a company begins with promising only what it knows it can sustainably deliver on, and get customers to think only about its brand. By delivering on promises made to customers, a company is able to create a sense of belonging and oneness with its brand, in the mind of the customers.

However, companies that would be consistently capable of keeping promises to customers would be able to differentiate themselves, stand out from the crowd, attract a larger number of customers, and ensure that customers they are able to attract and retain, become long-standing loyal customers.

Companies that succeed in keeping promises to customers often, gain a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy. This in turn enhances the reputation and reach of a company since existing customers tend to share their great experiences with others. However, the same is also true for companies who fail at keeping promises to customers — the customers dissatisfied with the company would let others know of their less than satisfactory experiences, creating an unhealthy ripple effect that would go against a company.

It is essential for a company to remain open and transparent in its dealings with the customers.

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The customers of today are smart, intelligent, and know how to use the information at their disposal, and hence would easily be able to see through lies or a false image that a company may try to portray. By trying to imitate, or be something that it is not, a company would in essence not be keeping promises to customers of sincerity, integrity, and trust, and customers are unlikely to stick with such companies.

Breaking promises is disrespectful to customers and goes against business ethics, and such companies cannot sustain themselves for too long. It is important to treat customers as individuals — people with feelings, emotions, and the right to be treated courteously.

meet commitments and keep promises

Creating a brand and building its image is all about showing value to customers. Value comes from keeping promises to customers — both the ones in the service level agreements, and those the brand may subtly imply. As mentioned keeping promises to customers is not only the responsibility of the leadership or the customer service teams, but rather it must be part of the culture and values of the company, ensuring that everyone in the company works towards building an impactful and lasting positive image of the brand.

How does your company fare in keeping promises to customers? Learn about a new approach to better customer service! But do we take our commitments seriously? Some folks make commitments at the drop of a hat, thinking they can walk away from the obligation if they change their mind.

meet commitments and keep promises

Commitments often fail because people: Some people make commitments too easily. Then, as soon as the wind changes direction, they head for the exit. Make a minimal commitment.

meet commitments and keep promises

Some folks are afraid of getting hurt so they dip their toe in the water rather than jumping in. Some folks are opportunists.

Look out for number one. Some people are strictly out for themselves.

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These selfish folks have a hard time making a commitment that requires even minimal sacrifice. Some folks treat a relationship as a competition. Make too many commitments. They end up breaking their promise; one that they never felt comfortable about making from the start.

Do You Take Your Commitments Seriously?

Some people have no character. Do You Understand the Meaning of Commitment? Here are nine ingredients of a successful commitment.

meet commitments and keep promises

Use them as guideposts through your life. Think twice before making a commitment. Once you do, take the plunge rather than making a half-hearted effort.