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Read all of the posts by nelalcc on Creative Entrepreneurship - CTS 2 option at LCC. Offering artists a platform to show their work and meet their peers as well . Artisan People are recruiting for a National Library – the most. Mother's Day weekend will mark the 49th annual Meet the Artists and Artisans Spring Fine Art and Handcraft Show on the beautiful Milford. + detailed listings for Connecticut artists, Connecticut crafters, food vendors, concessionaires and Location: Hartford, CT, Pump House of Bushnell Park for Winterfest Enjoy ice skating and shop artisans and crafters offering a variety. Meet home improvement professionals and get advice and new ideas for.

This book forms a portrait of the church technical artist. It is not for those looking for a light work of praise or excuse. It is an exegetical work exploring the biblical text with practical application. Chapter one is contextual; chapter two historical; three, four, and five are textual, and chapter six is practical.

Each chapter builds one pillar of the theological tower that is formed in chapter six. As a reader, be prepared to explore the texts as would biblical scholars. The remainder of chapter 1 establishes the purpose and aim and its relevance to the modern church. Working definitions of relevant terms are presented, along with explanation of the various research methodologies utilized.

Due to this being an artistic medium not yet formally explored in academic circles, the natural avenue to open the conversation on technical arts is from related foundational theological work already underway, by contextualizing how the technical arts relate to other art forms within the church arena, first historically and then specifically in the area already associated with music and aesthetics: In the twentieth century, North American fundamentalism used the new mediums of radio and television to shape the views of both the boomer and millennial generations.

During this time of introducing the technical arts into the current arts, music, and theology conversations, a wide gap was created between the purists and the technological progressives.

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Many in the church have been left wondering what to do with this new and exploding medium their congregations are interacting with daily outside the church walls.

Do we embrace it or ban it? This question is not new; every new technology from musical instrumentation, artistic sculpture, stained glass, religious paintings, and architectural styles all faced this challenge before becoming the new norm.

They claim traditional hymnody and psalm-based worship are to take priority in liturgical practices. Moving lights, loud thumping bass, and spoon-fed lyrics run dangerously close to transforming worship services into experiences of entertainment rather than reverence. He has filled them with skill to do every kind of work. The narrative of Exodus 35 cf. Exod 31where the tabernacle is commissioned for construction, specifically paints a picture of the relationship between the craftsman and the church as well as between the craftsman and God.

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Through the description of the biblical characters Bezalel and Oholiab, the text presents a portrait of a biblical artist and the six distinct attributes he or she is to possess: Spirit, skill, intelligence, knowledge, craftsmanship, and teaching ability. In Exodus 31 God informs Moses at Mt. Sinai that he has personally selected Bezalel to construct the tabernacle. In chapter 35 Bezalel responds to the call.

And what he is in charge of is making provisions for worship. At chapter 35, Moses steps aside and hands things over. Bezalel provides the people with the material means for worshiping through the wilderness and living in the promised land. Moses fully recuses himself, so that Bezalel can perform his inspired tasks.

The purpose of the tabernacle is for God and humanity to commune with one another.

Meet The Artists And Artisans

Not since the garden does God create for himself a physical place to dwell with his people. So much to see and do travelling to some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world! Enjoy this experience of a lifetime with the people that are the best at providing it! CTS guide will meet you in the airport and transfer to your hotel in Shanghai if room is ready. You may see the local people performing Tai Chi during your stroll along the Bund.

Continue to visit the Shanghai Museum. Shanghai Museum is a large museum of ancient Chinese art. The museum style and presentation, surround visitors with artifacts demonstrating ancient wisdom and philosophy. Transfer to Suzhou— a famous tourist city with picturesque scenery. The great architectural achievement is the mood of tranquility and harmony that this humble garden embodies. Then continue to visit Silk Factory.

Producing Worship: A Theology of Church Technical Arts by Josiah Way, PhD, CTS – Joe Way, PhD, CTS

Transfert to Wuxi in the afternoon. Later appreciate the Tea Pot Factory. Taihu Lake-the third largest fresh water lake in China, is commonly believed to be the soul of the natural scenery and cultural relics in Wuxi.

Continue to visit Pearl factory before a coach to Hangzhou. After dinner, own expense to enjoy the Night of West Lake show. These poetic sentiments leave one in no doubt of the glory of the scenery that inspired them. After that, have a walk in Flower Harbour Viewing Fish Garden, then visit the tea plantation and enjoy the most famous green tea in China-Dragon Well Tea of course you may have the chance to purchase this good tea.

In the afternoon, take fast train to Beijing. It is around 6hours and dinner at your own arrangement.