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meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction websites

Disclaimer: Disney owns Meet the Robinsons. .. Nowadays, only unpopulated full-on automated industrial sites were allowed to use it. . Franny and Cornelius shared a look—both not quite sure what to make of that rant. Leftie opened the door to the Robinson mansion and in wa. by KicsterAsh, Dec 3, , PM; Literature / Fan Fiction Cornelius marched in while carrying Franny in his arms, almost dying of laughter. . lying but fiercely loyal and loving thirteen-year-old he had met when he was twelve suddenly. Short, fluffy one-shot of Franny and Cornelius in the lab. Meet the Robinsons - Rated: K - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 6.

He was caught between wanting time to stop and wishing it would speed up—so he could get it all over with. He kept racing through excuses…er…reasons for his past actions…but all he got was static from his brain. None of his usual defaults like: How was he supposed to schmooze this one over? And he was more than a little curious why Dr. Haynez didn't reenter the lab. Wilbur had stolen a few glimpses of the pair of scientists.

His Dad had been standing at an angle, and while he couldn't see his face, he'd had a pretty good view of Dr. The man's expression went from smug, to frustrated, to dread. What could they have possibly been talking about? Was Dad informing him of the stuff he'd blown up in the past? That Haynez was lucky to survive Hurricane Wil with all his limbs intact which is more than Carl can say.

Probably telling him to run for the hills, and who could blame him? If anyone knew his nuclear fall-out range it was Dad. He and Mom often lamented over casualties of his reckless misadventures—favorite vases, glass awards, new carpets, ruined music sheets numerous inventions It made him squirm.

He was the disappointment after their long list of accomplishments. No one need voice it—it was so glaringly obvious. He sighed watching the solar system display. The planets rotated gracefully along their orbit tracks. It usually calmed him down; the thought of space and its vast, cool, infinity—full of countless possibilities. When he was younger he'd loved the phrase: And once he'd learned that beyond the sky was an atmosphere and beyond that was space—the phrase gained higher meaning: To the edge of the universe!

But he couldn't focus on those uplifting thoughts. All he could think about was what great engineering went into that display. All the motors clicked about with perfect efficiency. The special fields of magnetism letting them float gracefully. He tore his gaze away, trying to focus on something else. But everything in his room was influenced by his father or his mother. Any electronic that made it into his room was thoroughly inspected or invented by his father—had to have his stamp of approval.

Meanwhile, every shoe, shirt, and belt buckle was bought by his mother. All his games and media items were from Dad. Whenever he went on business trips, he brought back souvenirs; oftentimes state-of-the-art tech from other corporations trying to make a good impression Once they'd learned about Wil's love of gadgets, they took great pains to insure little devices that'd awe adolescents were included as parting gifts. Cornelius was a great deal more apt to do business with those who kept his family in mind.

He glanced at his trophy case: Special training sessions with his Mother—an amazing martial artist—a Momzilla Ninja! She wasn't real fond of that title though helped him win those.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction websites

Helped him paint these walls, helped him special-order his bed-spread, even helped him tac up his posters. Captain Time Travel and his adventures are waaay more awesome them some chicks in short, shorts. Though their synthesizer is pretty cutting edge. When you got down and thought about it, all he really had was Chargeball. In the end, that was his only real talent. It was the only thing that was completely his—no one else possessed his mad skills though Aunt Billie had some potential.

No wonder he clung so tightly to the sport. In those courts, he was a star. Everybody knew his name…not everybody loved him…but everyone respected his ability.

A smiling face sometimes noticed at the edge of paparazzi photos. Cornelius cleared his throat loudly as he entered, best not to catch the boy unaware. He'd made the mistake of sneaking up on Wil last month, karate reflexes resulted in a solid elbow to the gut. The bruise had long since faded, but the exchange lingered in his mind. For one horrible moment he was an adult foe, and the fear that had swept over Wilbur's face was real.

They'd both agreed not to tell Franny—when his wife demanded an explanation while they changed for bed, the cover-story was a "malfunction at R. Cornelius found his son lying on his bed eyes staring resolutely upward.

The tight set of his jaw, and rigidly interlaced fingers bespoke his anxiety. If it took this long for them to discuss it, it meant a hefty punishment was being planned. So don't stay up too late tonight. They'll arrive in two weeks, tops-" "That soon?

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction websites

He'd be a laughing stock! How am I supposed to enjoy anything after being fully assimilated into Lamedom? In fact, I got my glasses in kindergarten.

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That was your style. I can't pull that one off. We will find your match. He didn't look angry…not like earlier. Though…that didn't necessarily mean anything. Dad had one heck of a poker face. Unlike him… Rubbing the back of his neck, eyes glancing everywhere Wil asked the dreaded question, "Is Mom furious? If I make a mess of things, I'll clean it up alright? Wilbur closed his eyes, silently counting to five, before gritting out "I don't want to talk about this right now.

But you, your mother, and I are going to have a looong talk about ALL of today. More often than not those family sessions were interrupted by R. If he played his cards right, prolonging it as long as possible, they'd forget about the heart-to-heart, assign him a punishment and all would be done and over with.

I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier-" "I broke your invention. As though that made everything alright—a child's logic twisting the situation until it seemed fairer. That was an accident. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings. Wilbur looked over lazily before his head snapped back for a double-glance.

Sheesh Dad, whaddya think I'm up to, huh?

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction websites

Your Mother searched your trash. But I know you, and that whatever it is—as long as it's not illegal and doesn't endanger anyone…or explode anything" he added hastily "—is your business. Yeah, it is" Wilbur agreed, trying to work some conviction into his tone, but failing.

I am NOT crazy" the inventor countered. Cornelius floundered for a moment; the Universe sure had a lousy sense of humor. He took a seat on the bed, staring at a crooked poster emblazoned with TCTF.

I mean what I've learned from Dr. I mean…I know this much" he pinched his fingers together. I'd like to help, if you'll let me. The mercurial temper raged.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction websites

Taken aback by the venom, Cornelius sought to soothe the tension with a sincere truth, "Wil I love helping you.

The disciplinary lecture could wait until tomorrow. Hopefully though doubtfully Wilbur would use this pause to unload more details to the story. If he could explain WHY he chose this course of action, all this secrecy, they'd all be better off and they could lessen his punishment. The anger had already dispersed, but she was still reigning in her indignation. If it was one thing Franny abhorred it was lying: She entered Wil's room, nerves tightening as she heard their tones escalating. And if it's repeating a mathematic principle a hundred times or a hundred million times, I WILL be happy to do it.

Franny Robinson

He would, could, and did move mountains for the sake of their child. Six years ago, space exploration led to the discovery of the off-world element Quaturium. When melted down and combined with several earth compounds that escaped her memory—Earth Science was never her fancy it formed Beltrellyne—a versatile compound with seemingly limitless potential as a new and improved power source.

Revolutionary compounds made him giddy. He went to town experimenting with it—eagerly testing its liquid, solid, and gas forms. Its gaseous form was of particular interest. It burned cleaner than gasoline, was safer than hydrogen, and more reliable than electricity. In short, strange smells and powders floated around the lab—nothing unusual with that.

Nor was her or Wil's presence, they loved watching Daddy work. So when he called them both in for a demonstration, they'd eagerly agreed. What the first batch of scientists failed to discover was that one in three hundred people was affected by a severe allergy. Like the worst form of asthma attack. His little lungs just closed up and he collapsed wheezing. In seconds, he was gasping desperately for air. Fortunately her brilliant spouse realized the cause of Wilbur's distress.

He immediately shut the burners off, removed the child from the room, and set him on the emergency oxygen tank they kept for just such occasions. Meanwhile Carl dialed paramedics, and her brothers tried to keep her quivering form from hyperventilating with horror and fear. She stamped over to Frankie, who was breathing hard and getting the color back to his face. Not very much at all. The next day, Franny hid behind a car and watched as Lewis left his home and walked down the street.

She followed him with wide eyes, drinking in every part of him. Every once and a while he'd turn around with a confused expression on his face, but she'd always be quick enough and found a hiding spot before he could spot her.

She followed him to school, and attended her own classes, then followed him back home and waited. When he didn't come out anymore, she trotted home happy. She continued this for a few more days, her brothers taunted and teased her at home, and her parents disagreeed with what she was doing and told her to stop, but Franny ignored them all.

All she cared about was Lewis. Then one day, Franny waited outside the orphanage for hours, but Lewis never came out. Suddenly, a car drove up and a man with backwards clothing stepped out along with a woman in a yellow dress.

The went into the building and didn't come out for awhile. Franny sat and waited and waited. Finally, just as she decided to go home, the door opened and the two people plus Lewis came out and walked to the car. Lewis had the most happy expression on his face. He got into the car and waved to the lady who had greeted him before, and drove away with the people. She quickly grabbed the bike she had taken along with her and peddled fast, following the car.

Soon, the car stopped at a very weird looking building. It towered very high, and made Franny tremble. The man laughed gaily. This house was further from her home then the orphanage was, but it was worth the bike ride to see Lewis, er, Cornelius. Your review has been posted.