Planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a American comedy film written, produced, and directed by John Hughes. The film stars Steve Martin as Neal Page, a high-strung marketing executive, who meets Del Griffith, played by John After walking all the way back to the airport terminal, Neal vents his anger at the rental. CLIP SUMMARY: Neil meets Del for the first time. ENTIRE PLAYLIST: 1IsjkyR ABOUT THE FILM: Neal Page is trying to return to his. Planes, Trains & Automobiles () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. He meets in the airport the clumsy and talkative shower curtain ring salesman The best parts are the "pillow" scene, the car rental scene, and the freeway scene .

Usually his stuff can be sickly sweet but here he mixes it well with the comedy. The relationship between Neal and Del is good and they both have things to learn more so Nealthe hurt they inflict on one another is well done and not to the point that the comedy is stopped.

Thankfully the two actors are good enough to carry it off. Martin is close to his manic best and Candy plays a loveable goof. The support cast do good work whether it be now-famous cameos or just support cast but each character has their own little thing! Overall I worry that modern audiences may have become so used to everything being so OTT and gross that this film may seem subtle even though it isn't.

However aside from that this is a very funny film that does have a good heart. Not a perfect film in any way but it does exactly what it says on the tin - it made me laugh hard but also had a believable emotional core. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. For some reason, Thanksgiving is a neglected holiday in terms of movie-making.

That being said, there is one Thanksgiving movie that not only is far and above the best of its kind, it also stands as one of the greatest holiday pictures of all-time. Mixing classic slapstick with outstanding dialogue, masterpiece moments, and a heavy dosage of heart that slowly builds then delivers towards the end, this film never preaches and never slows down a second. Every five minute a conflict arises, usually leading to a hilarious conclusion but lessons learned from the two main characters.

This is a must see every fourth Thursday in November. They'll be here tomorrow, honey. You think Grandpa Walt will give me a noogie? Of course he'll give you noogies. It means he loves you.

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Why don't I get noogies? Because you get Indian burns. But I prefer noogies. Keep an eye on your brother. When will you be in? I'll wait up for you. I know you, don't l? I'm usually good with names, but I've forgotten yours. You stole my cab.

I've never stolen anything in my life. I hailed a cab on Park Avenue today. You're the guy who tried to get my cab. I knew I knew you. You scared the bejesus out of me. It was awful easy getting a cab during rush hour. I can't forget it. I had no idea that was your cab. Let me make it up to you somehow. How about a hot dog and a beer? Just a hot dog, then. I'm picky about what I eat. Just let me know. You should have discussed this with the ticket agent.

I didn't know he put me in coach. First class is full. I have a first class ticket. You have a coach seat assignment. You'll get a refund on the difference. I want a seat in first class where I was booked over a month ago. I've had enough of you. Now take your seat. You've had enough of me? First you delay me, then you bump me. Is this a coincidence or what?

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

I never did introduce myself. American Light and Fixture-- Director of sales, shower curtain ring division. I sell shower curtain rings. Best in the world. Pleased to meet you, Neal Page.

So what do you do for a living, Neal Page? I don't want to be rude, but I'm not much of a conversationalist. I'd like to finish this article. A friend wrote it, so Don't let me stop you.

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Last thing I want to be is an annoying blabbermouth. Nothing grinds my gears worse than some chowder head who can't keep his trap shut. Catch me running Of fat the mouth, give me a poke. Ohh, that feels good. Oh, God, I'm telling you. My dogs are barking today. Six bucks and my right nut says we're not landing in Chicago.

Are you all right? We couldn't land in Chicago. I don't understand what Wichita has to do with a snowstorm in Chicago? What's going on, Neal?

We took off from New York, they closed Chicago, we landed here. Trouble on the home front? I really don't think that's any of your concern. The finest line a man will walk is between success at work and success at home.

I got a motto-- Like your work, love your wife. Well, I'll remember that. What's the flight situation? No way we'll get out of here tonight. We'd have more luck playing pickup sticks with our butt cheeks. We'll find out soon enough. By the time the airline cancels this flight, which they will eventually, you'd have a better chance finding a three-legged ballerina than a hotel room. I could be stuck here? I'm saying you are stuck here. Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please.

I'm sorry to announce that we're canceling flight due to severe weather in Chicago. Hi, I was wondering if you had any rooms available for tonight? Is there another motel-- Neal. Did you book a room yet? I, uh, couldn't get in anywhere. When we arrived, you called home. I called the Braidwood Inn. I missed that one. I got an idea. I know the manager. If you pick up the cab fare, I'll make sure you get a room. Grab an end of this thing, will you?

Is this your trunk? You should try lugging this thing around New York City. Doobie, is it much farther? Why didn't you take the interstate? Your friend has never been here, so I figured he'd like to look around.

There's nothing on the interstate. It's the middle of the night. I know, but he's proud of his town. That's a rare thing these days. Take care of the luggage, will you, Doobie?

Get off of me. Del Griffith, how the hell are you? Still a million bucks shy of being a millionaire. Gus, meet an old friend. Neal Page, Gus Mooney. Glad to meet you, Nick. I told my friend you'd give him a room tonight. Do you have a major credit card? Do you still honor those discount credit cards? I'll have to charge you for a double, but with the discount, it'll come out even.

We're a pretty good team. We were on our way to Chicago, and the storm brought us here. I must have half your flight here. Well, I guess you're all fixed, so, uh, there you are. Last room in the complex. Hey, easy on that. Hell of a cab ride, wasn't it? Yeah, you don't see cabs like that too often. Want to take a shower?

planes trains and automobiles airport scene meet

I meant, did you want to go first? I wouldn't-- What do you think I am? To wear a pompadour I'd switch pillows with you, but I'm allergic to sponge. I'd be sneezing all night with that thing. That's why I carry my own pillow. I had no idea those beer cans would blow like that. You left them on a vibrating bed. What did you think would happen? It just didn't occur to me. It didn't occur to you, so I have to sleep in a puddle of beer. You want to switch? I just want to sleep. I'll have to burn the sheets!

What if the shoe was on the other foot? Traffic is resuming at O'Hare field, and flights will be moving shortly.

Without clearing my sinuses, I'll snore all night. If your kid spills his milk, do you slap him? What-what-what is that supposed to mean? You're not a very tolerant person. You've bugged me since New York, starting with stealing my cab. God, you're a tight-ass. How would you like a mouthful of teeth? Oh, and hostile, too. Nice personality combination-- hostile and intolerant. You spilled beer all over the bed, you mess up the bathroom Who let you stay?

I even let you pay, so you wouldn't feel like an intruder. You ruined a nice trip. Who talked my ear off on the plane? Who told you to book a room? You're an ungrateful jackass. Sleep in the lobby. I hope you wake up so stiff you can't even move. You got a free cab, a free room, and someone who will listen to your boring stories.

Didn't you notice on the plane when you started talking, I started reading the vomit bag? Didn't that give you some clue that this guy's not enjoying it?

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Everything's not an anecdote. You have to discriminate. You choose things that are funny or mildly amusing or interesting. Your stories have none of that. They're not even amusing accidentally. Honey, meet Del Griffith. He's got some amusing anecdotes. Here's a gun so you can blow your brains out. You'll thank me for it. I could tolerate any insurance seminar. For days, I could listen to them go on and on. They'd say, "How can you stand it? I can take anything. The shower curtain ring guy.

There should be a string on your chest that I pull out. Except I wouldn't pull it out, you would. By the way, when you're telling these little stories, here's a good idea. It makes it more interesting for the listener. You want to hurt me? Go ahead if it makes you feel better. I'm an easy target. I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you, but I don't like to hurt people's feelings.

Well, you think what you want about me. I like--I like me. My wife likes me. My customers like me. What you see is what you get. Why did you kiss my ear? Why are you holding my hand? Where's your other hand? See that Bears' game last week? Hell of a game. They're going all the way. Neal, take my socks out of the sink if you're going to brush your teeth. I'm at a motel with this guy I met on the plane. You shared a motel room with a stranger?

Did you call the airline? I have a good chance of getting on standby. If they told you wolverines make good house pets, would you believe them? I'm not spending Thanksgiving in Wichita. They got hours of air traffic backed up. We're going to be having our turkey roll right here. If we wait for the flight. How else can we get home?

After reaching Jefferson CityDel sells his remaining shower curtain rings to buy bus tickets, but neglects to tell Neal that they are only valid to St. Upon arrival, Neal inadvertently offends Del over lunch and the two part ways. Neal attempts to rent a car, but finds the space at the distant rental lot empty. After walking all the way back to the airport terminal, Neal vents his anger at the rental agent to no avail. In desperation, he attempts to hail a taxi to Chicago, but insults the dispatcher, who then attacks Neal.

By chance, Del shows up again, arriving just in time to rescue Neal with his own rental car. While driving, they find themselves arguing again. The situation is made worse when Del nearly gets them killed on a freeway after driving in the wrong direction, scraping between two semi-trailer trucks. While they take a moment to compose themselves by the side of the road, Del's carelessly discarded cigarette sets fire to the rental car's interior.

Neal initially gloats over Del's predicament, thinking that he is liable for the damage to the car.