River ganges and yamuna meet at the flag

Prayag - where the Yamuna meets the Ganga

river ganges and yamuna meet at the flag

Feb 13, Delhi's Yamuna River, one of the great tributaries of the Ganges, is a good . waving flags, blowing trumpets and carrying brass pots of river water . waters of the holy Ganges finally meet the Bay of Bengal and the open sea. “THE PLACE WHERE THE HOLY GANGA MEETS YAMUNA..” Review of Prayag | Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati Rivers, Allahabad, India. Improve this . Nov 13, Get Information about Ganges, route map of river Ganges along with its tributaries The famous river meets the Ganges at Triveni Sangam in Allahabad, a popular It is also a tributary of the Yamuna River in Central India. . India Flag · Geography of India · History of India · Economy of India · Culture of.

Therefore changing the name to Prayagraj draws attention of the people to the spiritual power of the rivers and it is entirely justified.

India's Ganges Clean-Up in A Shambles, Modi Intervenes

The change of name is also being questioned on grounds that the Government is rewriting history; and obliterating the Mughal history. But history is continuously re-written. The Germans at the time of Hitler wrote a different history and Germans today write a different history.

Therefore is nothing wrong in rewriting history.

river ganges and yamuna meet at the flag

The writing of history is a continuous process where new prospective are added upon old facts. Therefore the Government is justified in changing the name so that the attention is drawn to the importance of the two rivers Ganga and Yamuna which meet at this place.

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The water of Ganga is removed at Narora. Water coming to Allahabad is of Kali River. The real question is whether the Ganga and Yamuna are actually bringing spiritual charges today. The water of the Ganga is not reaching Allahabad today. Almost all the water is removed for irrigation at Haridwar, Bijnor, and Narora barrages for irrigation. The Ganga River become almost dry after Narora.

The water that is coming through Ganga to Allahabad is actually the water of the Kali River which joins after Narora. Similarly the entire water of the Yamuna is being removed at Hathnikund. The water that is coming through Yamuna to Allahabad is actually the water of the Chambal River which joins after Mathura.

Therefore the change of the name to Prayagraj is actually a misinformation.

Prayag Without Spiritual Power Of Ganga And Yamuna - Ganga Today

We are giving the name Prayagraj assuming that the Ganga and Yamuna are bringing spiritual charges from the Himalayas but actually they are not bringing such charges at all. The Government should have first restored the flow of the Ganga and Yamuna from the Himalayas to Allahabad and then only it would make sense to change the name to Prayagraj because only then the spiritual charges of the Ganga and Yamuna would be coming to Allahabad.

The clean-up drive is important as Modi wants to show tangible improvement before the next election in Misradid not respond to messages and calls seeking comment.

India's water resources minister, Uma Bharti, who is responsible for overseeing the clean-up and announced the deadline, did not respond to requests for comment. The river stretches from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal and is a water source for million people. But it is also the destination for waste produced by industrial units described by the NMCG as "grossly polluting.

river ganges and yamuna meet at the flag

The functioning capacity to treat sewage is 1, million liters per day MLD. According to official data, the Modi administration has cleared the construction of plants to treat an additional MLD, and the rehabilitation of existing plants with a capacity to clean an additional 1, MLD.

Of these, plants treating less than MLD have been completed, but it is unclear if they have started operations. The problems are striking in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh state: Of the tanneries in the state that back onto the river, most of them in Kanpur, authorities have shut down just 14, according to the government presentation.

river ganges and yamuna meet at the flag

The government has also lagged on the simpler tasks of cleaning the ghats, the riverside steps where devotees assemble to bathe, and the sites on the banks where bodies are cremated. Of ghats to be modernized, work on only 50 has started. Of crematoria, just 15 are currently being renovated, with work awarded for another 31, the presentation showed. Modi takes control Modi may find it easier to launch new clean-up projects in Uttar Pradesh, through which the longest stretch of the Ganges flows, after his party wrested power from an opposition party in a state election last month.