Scrubs jd and turk meet me halfway

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scrubs jd and turk meet me halfway

"Scrubs" My Cake (TV Episode ) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from Dr. Clock: Turk, why are you not comfortable around me?. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Scrubs movie on Quotes. net. J.D.: A drunk clown hurt me once. Turk: Who are these guys? J.D.: These are the last of feet and inches but in my own terms I would have to say about half way. In that case, it's time for her to meet Bob Kelso, licensed hetero!. Jd and Turk meet for the first time! Scrubs: JD and Turk meet for the first time! randombob Loading Unsubscribe from randombob19?.

He knew exactly what the woman was going to say next. Like I said, you have advanced renal cell carcinoma. More commonly known as kidney cancer. We didn't expect this as you have no family history of kidney problems, you don't smoke and it usually affects men far older than yourself. I'm afraid-" "I only have around a 50 chance of survival," JD cut in. I have a tumour in my renal cortex, which is too large to be left. My choices are-" "Excuse me, Dr Dorian, who is the medic here?

I do understand you feel the need to take over. This must be very hard for you. Unfortunately, you are correct. I will not have the surgery because I don't want to die. He looked up, doe like brown eyes filling with tears. That's what I want. I'm not going to pretend I understand what is going on in your head.

You have a strong aversion to surgery, for reasons we won't go into now. But I am strongly disappointed someone as experienced in medicine as you, who has seen the effects of this, are refusing what could possibly be your only hope at life.

He got up, brushing imaginary dirt from his lap. Same time, next week? She pushed her long red hair back from her face. Now, I really have to go. I couldn't stand them worrying about me. I'll be fine, yeh? It was impossible not to.

He walked out, still yelling back to her. I can beat anything! She'd never met a man so optimistic about his own downfall. JD shut the door behind him and let his mask fall. His face crumpled and tears ran down his cheeks. He raked his hands through his hair.

What the hell was he supposed to do now? Time, JD decided, wasn't real. It sped up or slowed down as it damn well pleased. Right now it was crawling along, the seconds seeming like hours. Only a few days ago he had told Turk he had missed work due to 'a killer hangover'.

Cue high fives, cheers and Carla's disapproving glare. Now he was sitting on a unyielding chair, staring at the clock on the wall like it was the meaning of life. For somebody who loved talking about his problems so much, JD thought it was ironic that in therapy, he just wanted to leave. Or jump out the window. The grin faded on his face as he realised what he had just thought.

Tell me more about yourself. I'm a thirty year old man with an old man's cancer. I'm a doctor, I work at Sacred Heart. The other man leant forwards slightly. You went there to be treated? Do, not, let, him, in. JD had decided he didn't trust therapists, didn't like them- his secrets were his and he was terrified this man would find them out.

He thought the words as he tapped his fingers down- he had to hold himself together. Are you scared of what's going to happen? But not so much of that. But let's work on that- why would you be afraid? I've never been ill like this before, which I'm pretty glad for.

They shouldn't worry about me. Tell me if I'm wrong, of course.

scrubs jd and turk meet me halfway

You people are demons! Get out of my head! He stayed lying on the carpet, deciding it was comfier anyway. He had been slightly disappointed not to be asked to lie down on a sofa. Merely a man who has seen and heard many other people in your situation. Is it a boss you are looking to impress, maybe? Dr Jones, looking interested, tried to make eye contact with JD but failed. Carpets are very interesting things when one is trying to avoid meeting a therapist's eyes.

Is he important to you? I won't stop you. However-" "Please call me Doctor Dorian. Can you just do one thing for me? I'm sure you're aware of the severity of your condition. So I ask all people in this situation to make a list of ten things you would regret not having done if, God forbid, something happened.

Telling your boss to go screw themselves. If he did that he wouldn't have to worry about dying eventually, it would happen in a few seconds.

Scrubs J.D. and Turk Meet Old MC

Is it okay if I go now? Dr Jones nodded kindly. Turk was growing impatient, and cold. This was his third attempt at getting through to JD and his tenth minute standing outside the hospital. First time the line said busy, the second time there was just no answer. He pulled the phone away from his ear to look at the screen. He looked at his watch again.

scrubs jd and turk meet me halfway

The graveyard shift sucked, but JD should be in. He was about to give up when there was a crackle from the other end. He got a hold of himself, glancing around in case Kelso would materialise suddenly and shout at him for not working. You party too hard again? I was at church. Dude, you can't miss work to pray. Could you come here for a minute? He turned his attention back to the phone. I can get you a test, you can do the pee- thing, right? Turk, we have a baby.

If you don't start acting more responsibly then I don't know what we're going to do! Carla's getting angry…best completely change the subject. He sounded pretty flustered. You went with your gut. Elliot's a great doctor. I do have three questions, though. Who's going to tell my mom?! And what the hell am I supposed to do with ten thousand "John Dorian, Chief Resident" business cards?!

Yeah, Scarlet, you're chief resident too. Well, I figure with her being ridiculously book-smart to the point where she has almost no interpersonal skills, and you being warm and cuddly as an un-potty trained labradoodle, and about as useful in high-stress medical situations as an un-potty trained labradoodle, together, the two of you make one barely passable doctor So wait, why didn't you just say that in the first place?

What, and miss your hall-of-fame hissy? Not on your life. So what do you think? My New Game [4.

scrubs jd and turk meet me halfway

I think, as a psychiatrist, I should be there when Ms. Myers' bandages get removed. I mean, the accident was traumatic enough, but with reconstructive facial surgey on top of that? In my professional opinion: Well, if you are coming in, I might just go ahead and phone up my pool man and my architect so we populate the room with just as many useless people as possible. My mom's in town, should I call her?

Cox makes a face and walks off] Carla: I've got a son, I don't fantasize about Jordan dying as much anymore, and, even though it wasn't planned, I'm actually pretty happy about the way this whole marriage thing has worked out. Sooo, would you please stop your chirping and step away from my personal life? My First Kill [4.

That's why it's always nice when someone takes the time to reach out and befriend you. I'm Ron, I'm a new doctor here. Hey Ron, the "I don't care" ward's down there. Remember my first year, Mr. Kahn, my second year. Studabaker, forty minutes into my first day. I've been a doctor for thirty years. What do you think? On my third day there was Mr. Jenny Roth about eight weeks ago. It was really tough, because she was hot. Then later that third day No, newbie, I've not killed.

But I happen to be, as always, the exception that proves the rule. So right about now you gotta be asking yourself: A hook, if you will. Moderately attractive, condition improving. Did you just say I was moderately attractive?

Lonnie, slap your face! All of you, slap your faces! What, a guy can't take three days off work, travel miles on a bus with a double-layer fudge cake just to say "hey, how are things?

There's ice cream in the fridge. Let's break down the kid's support system, shall we? He's got me, an emotionally crippled narcissist, and he's got you, an emotionally crippled narcissist who is soaking in a tub of what by now has to be mostly your own urine.

I believe the ratio has shifted that way, yes.

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And I have got to believe that the two of us, together—together, Dan—we can make it at least half-way to one legitimate adult. My Common Enemy [4. Perry, no one's pure evil! I mean, yeah, some people have a hard outer shell, but inside, everybody has a creamy center. There are plenty of people here on this particular planet who are hard on the outside and hard on the inside.

So they'd have more of a nougaty center? Lady, people aren't chocolates. D'you know what they are mostly? Bastard-coated bastards with a bastard filling. But I don't find them half as annoying as I find naive bubble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine.

Cox starts looking around; J. Bob, do you realize what you did by giving Blondie that book? With any luck, I kept her from reporting me to the Board for trying to con her out of meds. Thanks to your little gesture, she actually believes that the earth is full of people who, deep down, are filled with kindness and caring!

People are bastard-coated bastards with a bastard filling. My Last Chance [4. I'm sorry, I'm attracted to damaged, dysfunctional people and you're just too normal. My emotional journey began at five years old when I walked in on my parents having sex in a position my father would later playfully describe as "the jackhammer.

Molly, I'm narcissistic, I'm pessimistic, I'm obsessive, I'm insecure and I am so afraid of intimacy that every one of my relationships is a journey of self-sabotage that inevitably ends in a black vacuum of shattered expectations and despair.

What are you doing?! It's been four years! How do you not get how this works?! Quick, make a bad joke and see if she laughs. He had no body to go with. Cox, I'd like to take this one. Steel, first name, Man of. I'm gagging and vomiting at the same time. Can I ask you a personal question?

Just how long has it been since you swept the stuffed animals off of your bed, thrown your ankles up in the air and thanked whatever god you pray to that you didn't have on your granny panties? Shore it up, people. Neena Broderick's in the building. Guess what my new cell phone number spells! Why'd you get a new cell phone number? Your old number spelled "kufunninapuh. Yeah, so now all you gotta do is call Turk! How'm I supposed to remember that? I'm begging you, stick with "kufunninapuh"!

Carla, when I became Chief Resident, I wrote a pledge to myself. And do you know what it said? It said "Dance like nobody is watching. But it also said not to hide problems away.

Shake this place up! And for God's sakes, get Murphy out of here! Don't worry, Doug, you're a good doctor. Knowing damn sure that you'll sue us if the slightest thing should go wrong with this elective procedure, we're gonna go ahead and elect not to do it.

scrubs jd and turk meet me halfway

You can't do that. Hospitals can refuse treatment on a non-emergency patient. Here's a list of places we can refer you to. Yeah, and Kelso wants me to keep hiding Doug until that attorney leaves.

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Elliot, the man tried to electrocute me an hour ago. All I care about is whether or not this twitch goes away. You should take Doug down to the morgue. The worst he could do there is bring somebody back to life! Cox Listen, I know you hate everything about Miss Broderick, but her father is in need of medical care, and it is our medical obligation to treat him, whether his daughter is a murderer, a drug addict, or a terrorist.

I know, but a lawyer? Corman followed us home last night! How'd you get my cell phone number?