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sip and meet party

A Sip and See party is a trendy new way to have friends and family come meet your new baby. It is modeled after an old tradition where people would go out and. Luxe Circus Sip and See Baby Shower - Kara's Party Ideas - The Place for All sip and see meet & greet baby party Pastel Party, Dessert Bars, Dessert. Jan 1, What is a Sip and See party? It's a fun gathering for friends and family to meet your new baby on your own terms. Here are some tips to have a.

They have now evolved into large parties in the home. The guests arrive to a warm welcome with cocktails and maybe light appetizers. This tradition is gaining speed over the traditional baby shower.

There is no large meal, no games, and no gifts are required. Mom and dad set a time for guests to drop by, have a drink and some snacks, see the baby and be on their way. As mentioned above, a sip and see party is about meeting the new baby and a chance for new parents to socialize with friends on their own terms.

Plus, an added bonus is baby gets to be at the party thrown in their honor! Besides immersing in the joy of your baby's arrival, you can plan your party, set the times for people to drop by, and decorate tastefully! Here are a few easy guidelines to follow when planning: Timing You may want to have your Sip and See after mom has recovered from the birth.

sip and meet party

When your baby is still a newborn, you may want to keep things calm around the house and germ free. You will also need your rest in the first weeks. Wait at least two months to make sure you are ready. The Guest List You can invite anyone you want. While your close relatives have most likely already seen the baby, this may be the time to invite friends and co-workers over.

You can also keep it to family and close friends only if you like and send out birth announcements to the rest. Hosts This is the fun part! Baby showers are usually thrown for you, but a sip and see is something you can throw for yourselves. Just remember that you will be very busy with a new baby, so you may want to enlist the help of friends and family.

How to Throw an Awesome Sip and See Party

A sip and see party is actually a cocktail party. They are there for a quick drink and see the new baby. No games, no formalities. Even better, how the party goes down is completely up to you.

Prefer a buffet to a five-course brunch menu? You want to keep it easy. At the end of the day, a sip and see party is about meeting baby, which is really all the entertainment your guests need. Just set up a small side table where guests can leave them.

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Unlike a baby shower, people tend to invite both men and women and even kids to their sip and see. Invite all your friends! Which gives you loads of freedom to decide how long people stay and what snacks you serve, games you play or not and the decor you use. Need a little inspiration to help get you started?

Boogie Wipes

Check out these sip and see ideas, complete with five adorable party themes, sample invitations, menus, party favors and more. Sip and see theme 1: Welcome to the world A travel theme, complete with globes, planes and international food options.

Particularly appropriate for the family who loves to travel! Minted Sip and See Invitations.

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Look who just soared in! Round the World invite design by Shari Margolin for Minted. Sip and See Menu.

Sip and See Event

With the whole wide world as your party theme, serve an international menu: French croissants, English scones, Chinese dumplings, Thai noodles, Spanish paella— the world is your oyster. And for the toast? Wine from a variety of locales. Sip and See Games. Hang a giant map on a cork board and invite guests to put a sticker on the spots they hope baby will visit one day, along with a Post-It note explaining why. Sip and See Party Favors.

Cake pops decorated as globes, wrapped with a little thank you tag. Sip and See Gift Ideas. Books about travel, language learning sets for children, Dr. Seuss-theme nursery art and this adorable airplane mobile are all strong options.

sip and meet party

Gifting baby with miles, so you can be behind his or her first big adventure! Sip and see theme 2: Something sweet has arrived All things sweet! Have fun with a sweets-themed menu and a pastel theme.