Slowly i turn step by abbott and costello meet

Niagara Falls/Slowly I Turn - DLM Journal

slowly i turn step by abbott and costello meet

When did Lou Costello die, and is there an Abbott and Costello Museum in Paterson? Lou died Did the classic bit "Niagara Falls/Slowly I Turn" originate with Bud and Lou? Where I can get a copy of Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd?. Home» Abbott and Costello routines» Poko Moko / Slowly I turned I turned [ acting this out as he speaks, focusing on Lou[, step by step, step. With Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Marilyn Maxwell, John Conte. Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops. Rio Rita. Abbott and .. Slowly I turn, step by step.

Conte, as the nephew, knows his uncle has a weakness for blondes, so he hires Maxwell to seduce Dumbrille and the troupe's magical act, Abbott and Costello, to steal the sheik's magical rings. Costello returned after a year of illness to team up again with Abbott, both playing the usual slapstick comedy in this film to the hilt.

Musical numbers were supplied by Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra.

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Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein -- Two bumbling baggage clerks, Wilbur and Chick, are asked to deliver a crate to a wax museum. Wilbur discovers that the crates contain the bodies of Dracula and the Frankenstein monster. Dracula revives the Frankenstein monster, intending to use it as his servant. This comedy, which is one of the famous duo's best, starts when the pair's investigation blossoms into an attempt to solve a series of murders that have all occurred at Lost Canyons Hotel.

Director Charles Barton keeps the mystery going until the finish.

Poko Moko / Slowly I turned – classic clown skit as done by Abbott and Costello

One of the best bits is when Boris Karloff, barely disguised as the sinister mystic Swami Talpur, tries to get Freddie to commit suicide under hypnosis while screaming "You're going to commit suicide if it's the last thing you do. The farce flows freely from the story by Hugh Wedlock and Howard Snyder who penned the screenplay with the help of John Grant.

Fake Svengali Karloff pops around many a corner, giving the boys quite a scare as they bungle their way to the bottom of the mystery. Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man -- Two bumbling private detectives become involved in helping prize-fight contender Tommy Nelson who is trying to clear his name from a murder charge.

The attacker comes to his senses, only to go berserk again when the listener says something that triggers the old memory again. Typically, the routine has two characters meeting for the first time, with one of them becoming highly agitated over the utterance of particular words.

slowly i turn step by abbott and costello meet

Names and cities such as Niagara Falls have been used as the trigger, which then sends the unbalanced person into a state of mania ; the implication is that the words have an unpleasant association in the character's past. While the other character merely acts bewildered, the crazed character relives the incident, uttering the words, "Slowly I turned Reacting as if this stranger is the object of his rage, the angry character begins hitting or strangling him, until the screams of the victim shake him out of his delusion.

The character then apologizes, admitting his irrational reaction to the mention of those certain words.

Slowly I turned -€“ classic clown skit as done by Abbott and Costello

This follows with the victim innocently repeating the words, sparking the insane reaction all over again. This pattern is repeated in various forms, sometimes with the entrance of a third actor, uninformed as to the situation. This third person predictably ends up mentioning the words and setting off the manic character, but with the twist that the second character, not this new third person, is still the recipient of the violence.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message Abbott and Costello performed the "Pokomoko" version in their film Lost in a Haremand later did a "Niagara Falls" version for their early '50s television showwith Sidney Fieldswho played many characters, as the delusional man beating Costello while they were both locked in a jail cell. Costello asks for the lawyer to take the case of the storytelling stranger, and the lawyer says, "Help him out?

Where is he from?

slowly i turn step by abbott and costello meet

The Three Stooges performed the sketch as part of the show they put on within the movie, as they play performers in Gents Without Centsa short.