Sokka and suki meet me halfway

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sokka and suki meet me halfway

Team Avatar, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, and Suki, are traveling over the Serpent's Pass to get "Everyone behind me in a single-file line! Katara yelled in order to reach her crush's ears. Team Avatar was half way across the submerged pass, when Toph decided to bring everyone back to the surface. Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline / That's where I'm gonna wait, for you. Zuko and Iroh, who do take the ferry, meet another familiar face in the form of Jet; Almost Kiss: Sokka and Suki halfway through the episode, as Sokka is still not Toph: (Beat) Oh well ah hah you can go ahead and let me drown now.

Will she be able to keep her true identity a secret? How will she interact with the Gaang? Mostly Kataang with a little Korra shipping with everybody. Updating won't usually be this fast. I had already had the first two chapters done and this one half-way done when I posted this story. Please read and review. I hope you all are enjoying it. I own nothing but my thoughts! Korra Meets the Original Team Avatar Korra followed Aang and Katara into the tea shop from a distance and observed the scenery of the shop.

Meet Me Halfway

It was quaint, and had a homely feel to it. The interior design matched perfectly with the name of the place. It said exotic but yet it was also very calming and simplistic. Katara stood in the center of the shop, with Aang right by her side as she spoke up. It's about damn time! He decided to start from scratch since his last one didn't go over so well.

Could you please try to be a little less protective? Sokka grinned at Suki and looked back at Katara. She knew Toph couldn't see it but it still gave the waterbender satisfaction.

sokka and suki meet me halfway

She knew it was a special time for the couple, announcing it officially to their friends, but from the reactions those friends were making, it already seemed a foregone conclusion in most of their minds it was going to happen soon anyway. Everyone said hi, followed quickly by Iroh saying "What brings us the pleasure of seeing you on this fine day? Before Korra could say anything, Katara replied for her. It seems my work with female bending equality has finally paid off.

My name is Iroh and I'm the owner of this tea shop. Katara congratulations on your first teaching assignment, may I ask how you are going to teach her waterbending here in the middle of Ba Sing Se?

sokka and suki meet me halfway

Some people were happy the Southern Water Tribe would be rebuilt, while others knew this meant the Gaang would have to split up fairly quickly after just getting back together. There was a sense of excitement for the future, but also a feeling of despair that they would break up, and yet others were conflicted what it meant for them. All the travelers made it to the other side without a hitch, when Sokka noticed that Toph was still on her island.

Follow the sound of my voice. As Toph was getting on her feet to travel across the ice bridge, a Sea Serpent, the same one that tormented the group underwater, rose out of the sea, behind Toph.

sokka and suki meet me halfway

The beast crashed it's tail against the ice bridge, shattering it easily. Now my girlfriend is going to save her I might lose her too!

The Serpent's Pass

Aang distracted the beast by using air slices and his glider to fly, and seeing the distracted beast, Katara raised her arms, almost to touch the sky, calling forth a tsunami crashing into the Sea Serpent's body.

The beast reeling in pain decided to retreat, leaving the group to recuperate. The group met up at the base of the path, and continued walking for a couple of hours, until they reached the main land of Ba Sing Se. There the team set up camp, as everyone was tired after the battle against the Sea Serpent.

MEET ME HALFWAY - Black Eyed Peas -

Sokka, Suki walked together outside of camp, while Aang, Katara, Toph, and the group of travelers, who consists of a husbandhis heavily pregnant wife, and some of their friends, ate lunch as their activities left them in a hunger.

I knew you would save me! Well, I did say that I was coming for her. His best friend, Toph, drowning asking for his help, no one else's, but only his. She kissed me pretty good.

Thanks for telling me. Sokka turned to Toph, leaned down to her ear and whispered, "Hey. After walking away from the camp, Sokka asked Toph still in a whisper, "Suki told me that you kissed her while saying, 'Oh Sokka!