Steven universe and connie meet the millers

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steven universe and connie meet the millers

Steven Universe FanFiction texting|Connie x Steven p1| - Duration: • RookieMon • 3, views · · Steven Universe - Meeting Greg's. In late , a show called "Steven Universe," created by Rebecca Sugar, first aired While we don't see them as often as Connie, we are learning more about . Why Steven Universe is more than just a kids show and how it can shape Her sister Amethyst gems were all created tall and sturdy, as for Amethyst herself While Steven is watching Connie train with Pearl, Connie shows a .. Jess: "So far, Nick Miller's list of fears is sharks, tap water, real relationships.

Is anyone even running against him?

Connie Maheswaran

Made me the man I am today. Struck suddenly by an idea, Jenny bounced with excitement in her seat. I know where we should go! He turned in his seat, pulled glow sticks out of his pockets and tossed them gently onto the laps of those in the back seat.

This is all old gripes for the pizzamobile. Well, my mom is really overbearing and takes everything up to eleven. She's a smother mother," she quipped lamely then looked surprised when it earned genuine chuckles and knowing nods from around the car.

There's no risk of him making a big deal out of anything I say. She started to stammer a feeble protest but stopped when Buck reached past Connie and put a hand on the blonde's shoulder. We invited you into our circle of trust and will respect that completely. What happens in the car stays in the car. Sour Cream blushed, then gave Jenny's shoulder a light push. Jenny's laughter died down. The whole car seemed to take this as a good time to avail themselves of snacks and drinks Jenny had purchased.

The ride was quiet for a time, save for the crack of sodas being opened and the occasional noises of appreciation. That's not, like, racist or something? And it's not heavy," she said, poking her gemstone. Gently, Sadie placed a hand on her knee. I see things sometimes at the donut shop and they don't look simple, ya know? Talking to a bunch of near strangers, no matter how friendly, is, like, gem monster-levels of scary.

Opening her eyes, Connie spoke slowly, uncertainly. Lapis kinda left the house I messed up and failed to save an ancient spire with the magic statue I'd been entrusted with, which made Lapis really mad and made her say a lot of harsh things to Jasper and Peridot.

Oh, they're the blue, orange, and green ones, respectively, if you don't know. Then Lapis flew off and came back two weeks later like nothing happened, which is sort of how my family deals with most of its problems now that I think about it Then I spontaneously regressed in age over my birthday because magic is weird, but that was normal weird for me so it's not that big of a deal and things were fine for a while.

It's unclear and fusion is a really touchy subject in my house Anyway, Hiddenite, that's the giant woman's name, kicked off a kind of domestic dispute with Jasper and did a bunch of damage to my friend's yard, then said a bunch of super awkward things, like how everyone except Peridot kinda bailed when I was born because there's only one of these to go around," she said, tapping her gemstone, "so mom's effectively dead and that only happened because of me too Sour Cream was looking at Connie with his mouth open.

Jenny, meanwhile, had slowed down since it was all she could do to keep even a modicum of attention on the road. So that happened too Yeah, that's, uh, that's it for the short version. Jenny pulled over onto a small dirt road and put the car in park. She flipped off the radio and filled the silence by saying, "That's heavy. No one thinks that. I wouldn't know how to deal with parents turnin' into a giant or whatever.

Sadie spoke up, surprising Connie a little since she'd kind of forgotten the blonde was sitting next to her. And you said all of this has been going on since October? Sadie ran her hands through her hair and made a noise of frustration. See, you need to compartmentalize. And Lar- uh, my friend is someone I can go to to unwind but I know better than to expect him to listen to me unload about most things.

You accentuate the good, mitigate the bad, and try and find people who'll cover all the bases for you. Sour Cream laughed, if a touch nervously, and clinked cans with the delivery girl. Slowly she became aware of a heavy tightness, noticing it now only due to it easing within her. But Guru Shortcake was laying down the wisdom for Con-con, so I just left the car idling. There was an ancient but tenacious coat hanger lying in the dirt that had gotten snarled in Sour Cream's voluminous pants shortly after he'd gotten out of the vehicle.

Sadie had been the one to disentangle the DJ after Buck and Jenny had only served to make it worse and 'accidentally' pants the man, respectively. Connie had distinguished herself by giving everyone a UV-shaded bench e. A ways down the dirt path the group came to a narrow between large rocky outcroppings.

steven universe and connie meet the millers

Standing alongside the trail were a quartet of signs, each mounted on a wide base rather than set into the ground, presumably so they could be moved. Each was distinctive in terms of message, style, and construction. The first was a neatly trimmed construction of what looked to be teak.

In expressive letters of yellow was painted, "You should probably turn back.

steven universe and connie meet the millers

In uniform, printed letters that were extremely familiar to Connie, was the message, "The abandoned excavation ahead contains multiple hazards inimical to one's well-being including but not limited to: This area is closed to all unauthorized individuals. It showed a colorful pictograph of rocks falling and squishing frowny faced people. The use of light and shadow in the image was surprisingly rich, if a little faded with age.

The final sign was made of two fence posts hammered into a base of particle board, with a wolmanized two-by-four affixed to either post by a pair of railroad spikes.

Connie swore she could make out Jasper's finger indentions in various places. Printed in large, block letters was simply, "NO". The Cool Kids started walking past them without sparing more than a moment's glance. We've been here a few times and it's been alright. I figure they put those signs up to keep teens from using the place to hook up.

Sadie blinked in confusion. Not all of us have access to an unsupervised break room during business hours," answered Jenny. To show off more, to have your eye on me, when I should have been more supportive.

I didn't want to be replaced. She didn't even notice any extra attention. He never seemed rude towards any of her potential partners either. She thought he was just being his old Steven-y self. That could be due to the fact that she matched him though. Like he said their time together had shrank so whenever they saw each other that where they wanted to be, with each other. Besides she was just as fault as he was.

So I wanted to apologize for not being as supportive as I was supposed to as well as promised to help you and Ryan get together. Anywho, do you really think that the only reason I don't have a partner is because of your actions towards me.

That's embolden of even you. How long have thought like this? That our friendship, that what we have, could ever be a burden to me. Is it burdening you? Combined with a bit of his hovering power, he was able to launch them both forward at an accelerated speed bringing their descent to a near stop.

After his sixth skip he landed on greenturf with a slide, kicking some up as he failed to slow them down even more unfortunately it caused them to tumble instead. In a moment of instinct, Steven let go of connie turned his whole body to face her, before pulling her close in a protective hold as their bodies bounced off the ground twice and slammed into a nearby oak tree back first. Steven grimaced in pain as he looked down at the woman in his hold. Connie didn't looked back up, tightened her death grip on his shirt as well as smothered her face in it.

The two sat there in silence, Steven: It caused him to chuckle though, knowing it came from a place of worry, not anger. You're alright there Nini. He saw her gasps as he felt something wet slid down his head. He pressed his left temple and discovered blood.

steven universe and connie meet the millers

He looked down at the relieved woman and saw her lip open and bleeding. Without thinking, Steven licked his lips,salivated the inside of his mouth and gave her a small yet deep kiss. Connie was caught off guard at stevens action, as she had never been kissed like this before; but she didn't exactly hate the boldness. Before she could relax into and return the kiss, Steven broke away and gave a small smile as he wipe the blood gently from her lip to see the wound heal.

Do you mean the Kiss or the "Air Skipping? Steven, you're acting a bit reckless and brash. More so than usual. Stop trying to make me laugh. Two teens in accidental death, has hovering gone to far!? Oh my gosh, that's so horrid and stupid! In my day you only jumped once for a cross up and liked it. For her it's been too long since she laughed like this, for him it's been too long since he made her.

When she finally calmed down a bit, she pulled her of his chest and mounted his lap, facing him. His hands now at the curve of her waist. She reached for his face and gently pull his forehead down to meet hers, both of them closed their eyes as they fell into a relaxed silence.

Figured I should heal you. Ok, I can believe that…" "Well it's the truth It was still weird to each other. To acknowledge strong, battle worn hands, being wield by such naturally gentle people.

People would never intentionally engage in combat without good reasontraining excluded. It was a testament to their lifestyle and the sacrifices they made.

He didn't have to look up at Connie to know something big was coming, the way she held his hands and drummed his wrist with her index fingers said it all. What if I did? You haven't used that one in a few. You've never have been.

I don't know if I'd be as sane as I am, if you weren't around If i didn't have someone I can truly relax with and be my age with. Someone who don't mind me unloading all the crap of my life on to with the fact you had my back through so much I wouldn't be alive without you. Well, I just figured that you needed to be reaffirmed of the opposite. So I decided 'shoot my shot' as it were…. It's a reminder that this It was a small one but joy filled. She knew there was a bit more to it than a reaffirmation; he basically confirmed it when he admitted to 'shooting his shot'.

I tolerate the romanticized schmaltz. Have you seen me, Hehe? You are so dorky Damn you are a Jojo character.

You know, I'm no Iggy. That was the rrrriiiiahaha naname hehe! Didn't know you thought I was that 'attractive', though I feel I'm more of a lisa lisa, joylene or Jotaro. I'm not the only one that thinks you're attractive, it seems.

His eyes begged to ask a question, It seems like they were about to heavy again. I didn't always think that. I've just realized i've used you and hurt people, you and me included, due to my own pettiness. All because I refused to acknowledge something that's always been there, something I thought I buried deep Stars, I'm am a terrible person.

I insulted you for being in a situation, I placed you in. She spoke about Ryan's initial proposal and her refusal,his questioning and prying; her reasoning and explanations, his confession of affection; her rejection and offering of friendship.

She told about their conversation involving her dating history. She told Steven every bit of her conversations with Ryan except for the parts involving her feelings for the hybrid. When she was done Steven could only look on, shocked by how much she told Ryan. You're not as shy or conserved as you used to, but I didn't think you give your whole portfolio to someone you seemed to initially find annoying. Put some things in perspective. I just told you.

If you can't tell or don't want to tell me fine, but I can tell by your breathing, something bothering you. With a deep practice inhale followed by a cool exhale she readied herself. I have to tell you. So before I do Can you answer a few questions I have before hand. It's really important, huh, that I answer these questions first? Did you ever have problems with the potential partners I introduced you to? I wasn't on board with you dating, let alone dating some random person. It didn't seem like you were really into them.

There was a lack of excitement when you spoke about your dates. It just felt like you was forcing yourself.

You've never been a romantic nor spoke of having any type of were also very reserved when it came to them and you can be playful when you're comfortable enough Borderline flirty, if they person is close enough.

To how WE act with each other. For what I seen, from what I was told as well; there was none with the those you 'dated'. That, coupled with how disinterested you seemed to be over your breakups Why didn't you say anything? The people you brought to meet and hang with us never seemed like bad, you have a good judge of character; at the same time, it was quite obvious that they wasn't going to be around long. Come on, we're teens. I know how you pride yourself on being 'objective', 'aware' ; and 'knowing what you want', but you're allow to be a bit skittish; even about dating and relationships… When you do find that one, you'll know.

So is there more to this or are you gonna tell me what up? Did It hurt you? To know I was dating others.

steven universe and connie meet the millers

That's kind of a silly question. You have every right to date whoever you want, so would it matter in the long run? You living your life never hurt me and even if it did it would be on my head. That being said, are you sure that what you want to ask me? I said earlier that I wasn't thrilled about the prospects of you dating strangers and that I did show off abit when we had a group thing Yeah, the replacement thing as discussed before.

I did feel a bit lonely at times admittedly, since our time was fleeting. Hanging with the gems and the others are fine, but it not a replacement for…'US'.

Part of the reason why I tried to date. Pink court give their regards by the way. Blue and Yellow diamonds as well. I supposed it is. On the phone was the name "Mom", with her index finger up she signaled Steven that their conversation was on hold as she began talking to Priyanka. Steven on the other hand was just content watching his Connie in the evening light, explain quite simply that she and Steven was taking a detour and will be at Sadies' soon.

The way her nose scrunched up at the apparent teasing that must be happening.

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The relaxed smugness that Connie in her voice when she countered her teasing. The Maheswaran women relationship was more jovial after everything was said in done. Having not only earn the complete trust and pride of her parents and vice versa, but also the fact that the Maheswarans has a nearly familial relationship the Universes and the gems; really helped evolve the relations within the less strict and more loving household. That and that Priyanka and Doug were made parents again to a pair of twins also had to be factored in and given the million watt smile on Connie, she currently speaking the aptly dubbed 'Mini Maheswarens.

We'll both see you two tomorrow when we we pick you up from the house Yes we'll bring lion…. I don't know gotta ask pearl about the strawberry fields…. You're too young to handle swords, stay with your stick Yes Sissy loves you too and I will call you two before bed for a story…Will Steven be there? Rache wanna know where my laptop at? It's on my desk, but my room is locked so…. She said she busy, call back later? Good man" Connie gave Steven an exasperated yet prideful look as she waited for her mischievous lil sister to come on, who just shrug with a smirk.

That when a little feminine voice came on the phone.

steven universe and connie meet the millers

I didn't break anything I just wanted to play a game. You can't just enter my or anyone room whenever you feel, especially when it locked, you understand?! Can I still use your laptop, though? Good luck on getting kissy kissy with Steven! I'm gonna go now bye-bye! Love you more Sissy! She looked at Steven who was abit too cocky in the face for her liking. She placed her hands on hip and arched an eyebrow. They say the darndest things.

She was prepared to tell him We dated other people, and I've never had a long relationship or any good at romance. We never called them dates, it was just the two of us hanging out. I wasn't trying to be romantic.

You don't have to work at it. It came naturally to you. Everytime we go out the only thing on my mind was to forget the problems we were going through and give you something memorable. If that resulted in adventures, jams, snacks, or snuggling up together while looking out at beach city from the hillside or any other stuff You're my home away from home. She took his hands and kissed his knuckles gently, feeling the blush warmed her face.

She looked up at him with stars in her visible right eye; the fall placed her hair in away that it gave her a eye covering bang on her left side, causing Steven to redden in embarrassment and admiration; feeling the same wave of emotions he felt when he saw her a few years back at Kevins' party. You're my Jam bud after all. She knew him well enough to figure out that he was baiting her to confess her true feeling clearly.

Our adventures, battles, conflicts, Stevonnie, hell even times when we aren't on speaking terms. It's the 'flavorful' history of us, our sweetest moments to our sourest spots. I wonder where this is leading to, though i'm a sure where you going with this. Even back then when you gave yourself up.

It's a different feeling, stronger and a bit consuming. I tried to hide, ignore; smother it and move on. Going against monsters, tyrants; and the maniacal are a breeze compared to inner conflicts with oneself.

It help to talk it out and comes to terms with it, you gave me an ear to do just that. Sometimes even a lap to rest my head. So let me be that for you, what the worst that could happen, huh?

We have a lot more in store for us. Even if we have a few awkward spots, they can still be either sweet or sour flavours in our history. I have already decided to face the truth…. Steven, while you're not the naive pacifist you use to be You're willing to put so much on the line for those who are precious and it's inspiring.

You'd even try to reach an understanding with enemies, buts it's unfair. You give so much of your love yet the amount you recieve doesn't compare. So let me do it. Let me love you more than you love both gemkind and humanity, because as much as I tried not to. I already do…I love you Steven, not just as my best friend, liege; fusion partner; or even jam bud, but He lift his hands to wipe the tears gently before pulling her in close to him in gentle and secure hold The smell of her chai and cinnamon shampoo, her natural scent of oranges and lavender overwhelmed him and lit a small urge.

Before she and him knew what was going on, he kissed the crook of her neck, her tear stained cheeks, but she beat him to the lips, which he melted into. It wasn't like in the movies or novels. It was a held peck in comparison to the slick healling french from earlier.

When they finally opened their eyes they each saw something different. For Connie it was brown diamond shaped eyes that sparkled like a supernova despite being gazed over a bit, with a pink glow coming from below. For Steven, he saw the galaxy in her very partial pinkish black eyes and felt a comforting warmth from pink her arm.

Both of them knew what this feeling was: The feeling of trust, serenity; and love that empowers Stevonnie brings but without forming, something that they were fine with as they still needed to talk.

Is it safe to say your feelings are romantic? This, i can't get rid of it. Desire though acts on that will be later. The gems and dad felt like parents,and even siblings, Beach city also feels familal I felt the bud of something new, fantastical a few years back. I've admired you since day one, but for a while now, i've been completely enamoured by you and nothing can change that.

When they broke the kiss,reluctantly,before resting her head to his. I'm so happy, I can burst. So, what are we now? Do we get to act differently or. I never thought of what would change exactly.

Wow, we're going through a paradigm Shift. While still keeping our unique relationship. Which Connie returned with a giggle. Thought you didn't like labels, you always said it's too monogamous for you.

Jam lovers is reserved for only you and me, a mark of our shift in relationship; speaking of which. Are you ok with me being. I still believe we're going to share a last name in the coming years. When the kiss was over Steven looked at his enticing lover who now opt a playfully sensual visage on her freatues. Besides I told you I don't love anyone else like I love you Maybe in the future I mean really didn't do too much but still No one takes my Steven, without answering to me.

Be still my beating heart. She took her one last breath before looking at him with conviction. I gave you my friendship and service as you partner. Can my love and all it entails? I've alway loved you even before I understood that I did. You are my confidant and partner though the crazies times of my life. My irreplaceable treasure, can you become my lover as well? Something straight out of a poorly written YA novel. Steven also rubbed his thighs feeling the warmth left behind from her behind As his legs also fell asleep.

You're talking about me sitting on your lap?. I wouldn't sexualized you. I don't want you to see me as a predator or someone who wants you only for you body. Her Steven, always the gentleman and putting her feelings and safety before his. She couldn't help laughing though at how ironic and cute it was.

Sadie is later surprised to see Lars without knowing Steven is in his body show up at her house. She picks up on the fact that Lars is acting different, wanting to watch a romantic movie, him being kind to her, and she wonders why Lars does not want to be seen in public with her. As Lars, Steven confesses Lars' love to Sadie which prompts Sadie to kick Lars out of her house because she thinks that he would do that to upset her.

When Lars returns to his body and is working at the Big Donut, Sadie comes into work and accepts Lars' offer to hang out, leaving Steven to know that the two love each other.

In " The Good Lars ", she tries to help Lars be more close to the Cool Kids only for being disappointed that he doesn't come and admits that she can't change Lars, it culminates in " I Am My Mom " when Sadie after being captured by a Topaz she asks Lars for help only to look how hides in fear much to her disappointment.

Lars is seen to get jealous over Sadie, as in " Horror Club " when he attempts to one-up Ronaldo Fryman after he is seen "flirting" with Sadie - hinting towards him starting to return Sadie's crush.

Steven Universe Sadie thinks of Steven as a close friend, almost acting like a sister.

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Even considering the age difference between Steven and Sadie, she encourages his ideas and tries to help him in any way possible as seen in " Watermelon Steven " where she supports Steven's watermelon business.

Even though she does not exactly understand his life situation, specifically related to magic and the Gems, she does her best to support him and she even knows about his mother's sacrifice, as seen in " Lion 3: Straight to Video " where she rushes to help Steven see a video of Rose.

Barbara Miller Barbara Miller is Sadie's mother. It is revealed that she cares deeply for her daughter, as shown in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" Barbara still packs lunches for Sadie every day. The two care a lot for each other, though Barbara tends to treat Sadie as a child, which displeases her.

It revealed that Sadie does not feel entirely comfortable with her mother around, due to her overbearing support over everything.