Supernatural sam and dean meet chuck grant

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supernatural sam and dean meet chuck grant

He granted you salvation in heaven, and after everything you've done too. So Chuck would have written that Sam and Dean appear on the. God also resurrects Castiel a second time and grants him greater powers. Chuck teleported Sam and Dean back into the Men of Letters Bunker After meeting up with Metatron, he tells them that Chuck is going to give. And with a snap of Chuck's fingers, Sam and Dean are back in the Men of You' ll recall how Sam first reacted upon meeting Castiel, his first.

She wants him to lure God out of hiding with his screams of pain, but Lucifer refuses. Frustrated, Amara knocks Lucifer out and then appears to Dean. She tells him about her torturing of Lucifer. And why should he care? Because Lucifer is wearing his good friend Castiel so Amara knows Dean will do anything to save him. God also likes bacon. Dean is so not a Renaissance man. This is overwhelming for Donatello, to say the least, since he used to be an atheist.

The Winchesters get a call from Metatron Curtis Armstrongwho wants to meet. Sam and Dean go to a bar and meet with Metatron. He encourages them to read it. The next day at a playground, Dean talks with Chuck who reveals his plan: He intends to offer himself up to Amara to be caged so humanity will be saved.

Chuck reveals that he wanted to finish his autobiography and needs Metatron's help to do it, which he accepts. After reading it, Metatron points out that it's missing a few things such as details and balance.

He tells him to write for an audience of one and reveal who he really is.

supernatural sam and dean meet chuck grant

Chuck explains that nature was the closest thing that was as good as or better than himself or his sister, since it knows that it's sometimes better to start from scratch. Metatron discovers that Chuck was going to let Amara destroy the universe, and tells him off about how he was never a coward when he tried to play God.

Chuck reveals that he is done watching humanity's failures and wants to let Amara win. After Chuck begins to finish the last few pages of his autobiography, Metatron tells him that he is wrong about humanity because he knows that they are better than he is and understands what they are capable of in both positive and negative ways. Chuck, touched and clearly guilty himself for losing faith in humanity, decides to help Sam and Dean deal with the Darkness.

He reverses the effects of the rabid infection in Hope Springs, Idaho. He even sends Dean's amulet into Sam's jacket pocket to allow them to find him. After sending Kevin's soul to HeavenSam talks about how he was praying to him, but was unaware if he was actually listening. Dean tells him about how humanity had been suffering for thousands of years while God did nothing. Chuck tells him that he has been helping them for ages and decided that in order to allow humanity to thrive, that he needed to take a step back and let them find their way.

He also believes that despite everything, things have gotten better. God tells them that the only reason he came to help them was because the Darkness was a force beyond human comprehension, and he tells them about how awful it was to always do what Amara wanted. When Sam tells him that they might need Lucifer 's help, God tells them that he doesn't trust him since he could have formed an alliance with Amara.

He is later seen watching a curling tournament on Dean's computer while eating Chinese food when Sam and Dean come back from Lewis, Oklahoma with the latest prophetProfessor Donatello Redfield.

After meeting up with Metatron, he tells them that Chuck is going to give himself up to Amara and even shows them his autobiography which is in the form of a suicide note. Chuck is seen watching kids playing in a sandbox when Dean comes over to confront him about surrendering to Amara.

Chuck tells him that he will become imprisoned and let Amara do what she wants with him in exchange for allowing the universe to continue to thrive.

Chuck also tells Dean that if she tries to destroy rverythinh, then his chosen, like Sam and Dean, will step up and reveals that he saved Sam and Dean because they are the firewall between light and darkness. Lucifer sees God for the first time in millennia and remarks that he changed, God says the same thing and instantly heals the wounds he had to endure from Amara's torture.

supernatural sam and dean meet chuck grant

He believes that He came back the moment Sam and Dean called for him, but they point out that it wasn't the case and reminds him that they saved him. He tries to turn them into dust with a snap of his fingers, but God added a safeguard that would prevent him from doing that.

Lucifer tells God off about how he still wouldn't apologize to him before leaving and taking refuge in Sam's bedroom. Chuck later tells Sam and Dean that he can't apologize about imprisoning him since he doesn't feel sorry because He did it for humanity, but they remind Him that the end is approaching and they need to talk. God decides to talk to Lucifer and He tells him that He did what He had to do since the Mark corrupted him and made him into a threat to humanity.

Lucifer berates him about how He betrayed him and threw him away after the Mark changed him. Sam agrees with Lucifer since all he wants is an apology and God is too concerned about being right to do so.

Frustrated, Chuck teleports Sam and Dean to the crow's nest in the Bunker to continue their discussion in private. God tells Lucifer that the reason He gave him the Mark was because He was His favorite and He thought he was strong enough to bear it, but He punished him out of guilt after He saw what the Mark did to him.

After finally apologizing, Lucifer forgives him and they decide to focus on more important matters: God and Lucifer tell Sam and Dean about the Cosmic Balance being one of the reasons that Amara was imprisoned rather than destroyed. He tells them that they would need the rest of the archangels to have a shot against her. God tells them that Michael is in no condition to fight, and since archangels are the stuff of primordial creation, it would take time that they don't have to bring Gabriel and Raphael back, even for him.

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Sam and Dean decide to bring angelsdemonsand witches into the fight to make up for the missing archangels. And it isn't finished.

Well, I'm not much of the praying type I'm gonna pray for you. There's a miracle right there.

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This is one of the first times that Supernatural seeks to establish that Dean is not a religious person. His reluctance to visit the faith healer is in direct contrast to Sam 's belief that perhaps the man can help. However, a true atheist would never indulge in prayer when they truly had no faith, much less offer to pray for someone else.

This says to me that even though Dean does not have a foundation for a religious or prayerful life, he has not completely abandoned the possibility that God might exist. Maybe we're hunting an angel here, and we should stop!

Maybe this is God's will! That's — hey, good for you. I'm sure it makes things easier. I'll tell you who else had faith like that — Mom. She used to tell me when she tucked me in that angels were watching over us. In fact, that was the last thing she ever said to me. You never told me that.

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Well, what's to tell? There was nothing protecting her. There's no higher power, there's no God. I mean, there's just chaos, and violence, and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere, and rips you to shreds. You want me to believe in this stuff?

I'm going to need to see some hard proof. Yes, this last question is meant to be rhetorical. But I see this as Dean 's subconscious giving voice to his desire--however small it might be--to explore the idea of God. He's reluctant, to be sure.

And he's angry, and with good reason! Dean is the living embodiment of the question "why do bad things happen to good people? After all, look what good it did for his mother. But I think a part of him wants to be proven wrong, wants to be shown that God is real and that He does exist. I'm an angel of the Lord. Get the hell out of here.

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There's no such thing. This is your problem, Dean. You have no faith. In case the casual viewer hasn't gotten the message yet which wouldn't be surprising, because the show really doesn't focus on it too muchDean is a man with no faith. And now that an angel has arrived on earth, and made himself known directly to Dean, he has to wrestle with what Castiel 's existence means. Maybe you were saved by one of the good guys, you know? Say there are angels. Then what, there's a God? At this point, Vegas money's on 'yeah.

I don't know, guys. I know you're not all choirboy about this stuff, but this is becoming less and less about faith and more and more about proof. Proof that there's a God out there that actually gives a crap about me personally? I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it.