Taurus man and capricorn woman first meet

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taurus man and capricorn woman first meet

free online: Both are earthy signs but Taurus is fixed whereas Capricorn is movable. Belonging to the same element you both are harmonious to each other in. Taurus man and Capricorn woman compatibility. Guide to With that said, I met a taurean man the first weekend I was in town and can't stop thinking of him. Learn why the Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man couple rates a score of 9/10 its being 1 year in stuck to that first and frequently all the meeting had with him!.

I recently met this wonderful taurean man who is 12years my senior. Its crazy how he has the bubbliness of a 21year old and im the stiff oldie. Ive never been with a man this older than me, yet, as a cap I appreciate the security he brings, he opens the door for me, real romantic.

Im more of the wife type of woman and he's the hardworking man that cant cook, clean, etc Its still early days but I am really impressed by him and hope we can grow to be more. One thing that surprises me is that he is 33 and in no rush to get married, I admire that a lot, its important to have someone you feel is right for you. Hope all works out.

taurus man and capricorn woman first meet

I just moved from nyc to sf. With that said, I met a taurean man the first weekend I was in town and can't stop thinking of him. I wasn't physically attracted to him at first. I think about him a lot more than I'd like to! I feel a very strong pull towards him despite not being physically attracted to him at first. I'm scared to say this, as I'd hoped to stay single, but I'd like to explore where this goes I just moved as well and was also hoping to stay single.

My first night out in awhile with friends and I met my fellow taurean. He is actually 16 years older than me, and I'm not sure why I'm so interested in pursuing this.

We have our first date on Saturday. He seems very much like a gentlemen and he seems like a protector, but before I get ahead of myself, I'm hoping that the date goes well. I immediately felt a strong attraction since the very first time I saw him, but we hadn't even shared a word yet.

A month later, one of my friends introduced me to him in a bar, so I had the change to talk to him by then, I started seeing a Scorpio guy for like a week. We both seemed to be very interested in each other and planned to hang out sometime. Unfortunately, things went way too fast and we ended up staying together for that night.

I felt so uncomfortable cause of this Scorpio guy, therefore I decided to not talk to this taurean man anymore. The Scorpio guy and I were so incompatible that it ended after a month of dating. After a couple of months, I ran into this taurean man again and started talking again. We planned a date and we didn't talk at first about our "real first date". He's 11 years older than me, its the first time that I dated a man that age. Since then, we've been together for 4 months now and I feel that every time that Im with him is magical.

I feel a strong connection with him and I really hope it works out. We are the best couple and I just wish we stay together forever! I have sooo much love for him. I know he loves me just as much and we have no problems at all. He is the bomb! I met with my Taurus love, who is just superb but I am a Capricorn woman, some day I tried to ensure my love in a wrong way and my love get upset very much.

I am here for suggestion. I met my taurean friend a few weeks ago, and we are both in relationship, he is married to a taurean woman good combination and I am engaged to an Arian Man very good and loving; and ever since me and my taurean met we haven't stopped talking to each other, we call and e-mail all the time, and I am afraid this thing might get us both into trouble.

We have kissed once or twice and it was awesome, I don't know what to do about this please somebody help me. I recently started to hang out with a taurean guy who is 7 years my junior, although he seems to be more mentally mature than his age.

I can't tell the age difference between us and this has been good, not going as fast as I'd like it to be, slow but steady. I'm wondering if you folks have heard or experienced the same age difference as I am, with regard to the taurean man being younger. I kinda need help im 13 years old im a taurean my birthday is April 28 ok I love this Capricorn girl older than me by 3 years she is 16 I cant stop thinking about her I don't know if she loves me but like I need her very badly I don't want anything else than her I never felt this before in my life also please I need to ask a question?

I still feel like he is my soulmate but 2 years later he has met a Gemini woman and they are together now. I was with a taurean man in high school. We broke up after 8 months, and got back together 2 yrs later out of high school.

We were together for a little over 5 yrs and split up again long, boring story. Well, 2 days before Thanksgiving, a guy that I knew in Jr. High found me online, and there were instant sparks. He had been looking for me since I left the Jr. High we attended together, and says that I was the only girl he never forgot. It's only been a month, but, I can't seem to get enough of this man and he seems to feel the same way.

And, to my surprise, he's a Taurus! Is the taurean man the ideal partner for the Capricorn woman? Also, recently, my best friend of 5 yes taurean female confessed that she was in love with me! So, is it the taurean that are drawn to the Capricorns, vice versa, or are we just drawn to each other equally? Ive also noticed that a lot of these stories involve a Capricorn woman with an older taurean man. Is it normal for Capricorn women to be attracted to older men?

I ask because I am also attracted to older men most of the time. It's one of the first things mentioned in the article here on seducing Capricorns actually: I am 18 years old now. I met my best friend 5 years ago. He is a Taurus and since the beginning our relationship has just seemed so perfect yet effortless We were in a relationship for a while. Sadly, we broke up because of certain circumstances. However, to this day, we seem to have a lot of love for each other.

We are each others' "other half" I haven't met another that I feel so in tune with! I am a Capricorn female who met a taurean on nye. I don't mind slow, but I need the steady. I think that if this can get off the ground, we will make a fabulous couple I love my Taurus man so damn much its crazy I never thought I could care about someone so much I just like to spoil him and take care of him I met him about 2 years ago and though we have are ups and downs we keep coming back to each other he is thee bestest!!!!

I met with taurean guy two month ago, ever since we met there isn't a day we have not communicated either by mail or calling, he is married I am engaged, we talk about everything and anything. After spending 5 long, exhausting years with an Aquarius man, I left him and moved out on my own.

I lived by myself for 6 months until moving in with my sister. I signed up for match. We finally met in person, and turns out he's a Taurus! If I made a list of all the things I would want in a mate, he has every single one of them.

As Capricorn women, we are independent, cautious, and tend to be guarded and unaffectionate. My Taurus man is so sweet, genuine, and nurturing towards me that he makes showing him affectionate seem natural and effortless. I literally cannot keep my hands off of him. We have only been dating for about 4 weeks and I already feel as though I could spend the rest of my life with him.

I feel lucky to have found a Taurean man: Well to answer the post that is two spots up, I am a cap woman and have also experienced dating a taurean man. We first met back in high school I was a freshman and he was a sophomore at the time.

He had always had a crush on me even though I was in a relationship with someone else. It's just at that time I was still a virgin and had no physical attraction for him the Taurus. However, I started to appreciate his persistence and personality and we ended up dating my senior year.

He was also very good in bed! But we ended up breaking things off months later because I no longer had patience for his stubborn nature. When I was 21, I had my beautiful son and 2 years later ended the relationship with my Virgo boyfriend. While dating the Virgo, my mother told me how she seen my Taurus ex. She had told him how I had a son now and she told me how he seemed disappointed. But a month after breaking up with my child's father, I called the Taurus he had the same cell number since high school!

I had a feeling that he was still single mostly due to the fact that he is so stubborn, what female could surpass that challenge I called him and I let him know I wanted to stop by his house when I got off work. I was so excited and I knew he was happy to hear from me and see me or else he would have never gave the ok for me to come visit.

When I got to his house, it was like we left off from years ago, only difference is that it was all the good times we remembered.

taurus man and capricorn woman first meet

I could tell we had both matured with our attitudes, too. He never mentioned how he was disappointed that I had a son.

I was a bit weary about having my son around another male at first, but it seemed as if Taurus wanted to meet him so I brought out all the fun toys and he actually hit it off pretty well with my son!

I must say that I am head over hills about my taurean man. Though he is still stubborn, he makes up for it in all other areas. I love his voice, touch, kisses, and just everything.

I agree with the other posts about wanting to spoil him. He is very hard working and we have no problem sharing our resources. I feel like we have been dating for years instead of a little over a month. I would test him by throwing out comments like "when are we gonna get married" and he just smiles and says I don't know. He is so easy to talk to. I really feel caps and Taurus are soulmates!!! Best wishes to you Capricorn women who are in love with a Taurus man!

I was a senior and she was a freshman. I even dated her cousin yrs prior and never met her. I was completely in love but I was super possessive and insecure. I would've still been there probably. I met a Taurus man 5 weeks ago. I can stop thinking about him. I haven't had a feeling like this in twenty years. I have dated many other signs but nothing like this.

He gives me feelings I like, no love. I feel like I have been quickened back to life. Is it too early to say how I feel? Hey, I'm a Capricorn female and I've known this Taurus male for about 4 years. We dated once for a short 2 months due to the fact that I was in 8th grade and he was a senior in high school.

I am now a senior in high school and this Taurus male wants to date again but I'm iffy about it. I once dated a Sagittarius male and fell flat on my face when he cheated on me with my ex best friend and another girl.

It broke my lil heart, blah blah blah. I want to date him again but I'm worried he's all game and talk. I don't know if he's over his ex and using me as the rebound girl. We've both done a lot of maturing and growing up. He seems like good boyfriend material but I don't want to be with him if it's not going to be worth it. What should I do? I'm engaged to Capricorn women about six months. Initially, I felt that she loved me too. But after I asked about her feelings with me, she replied that she did not love me, but she has loved another man before.

I feel sick, but that's reality. How I can continue this bond if it is not constituted with love? If your Capricorn women, please explain to me! I can identify with the post on dating a younger Taurus man.

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I'm a Capricorn ,and I'm eight years older than he is, and to my surprise, the age doesn't seem to be a huge deal. He is very slow about the relationship. Usually, that would worry me too much, but he's leaving for overseas in two weeks, anyway. So I guess I can't blame him for not getting in too deep.

I feel that he likes me, but I know we can really only be friends while he is away. Neither of us believes in long distance relationships. I guess I'm bummed because we get along so well together. We've only known each other for a about two months, but I feel a deep connection to him, somehow. He has the characteristics of someone I've always wanted.

Despite the age difference and the long distance fast approaching, I don't want to let him go. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Who knows what the future will hold, huh? Cap woman with younger Taurus, how is it going so far? Any hope for me? I have been married 3 times to Taurean men, totaling 24 yearsand had 2 other very serious relationships with Taureans, totaling 6.

Still close with all of them. I, sometimes, can't live with them, but can't live without them either. I think it took all these years to finally grow mature enough for Taurus. I have been involved with another one, for the last 3 years, and will most likely be with him forever. He is 8 years older than I am, has lived an extraordinary life and definitely has had the best of everything. He is a true "gentleman" and he calls me his "Lady. In other words, I hit the jackpot! I always wanted to be a "little girl", but felt stronger than the Taureans I was involved.

They fulfilled many of my needs, yet there was always something missing. Capricorn women are fiercely formidable and I don't think there's another sign that handles us better than a Taurean, but we have to be able to somewhat submit and Cappy can't do that unless she feels he is strong enough to handle her and keep her safe.

Letting our hearts flutter in another's hands does not come easily. It's tough for us to turn the control over to someone else. The lovely thing about Taurus men, if they are evolvedis that they're never disrespectful or condescending.

They know if we are happy, they are happy! A little tidbit I heard years ago. If you line up 12 men of different signs and they all have to vie for one woman's heart. The Taurean will win. As far as this Cappy is concerned. Yep, he's my little guy!! I am a Capricorn woman. Who has been I love with a Taurean guy for 3 yrs After we metI was so damned impressed with him. I proposed to him first. He declined for seriously some stupid reasons I could only smile since I knew. I moved on with an Aquarian guy.

But I always used to talk about this taurean guy Then after nearly a year of ups and downs I never saw that guy more than a frnd My taurean guy isn't speaking with me anymore But I just cant believe it M crazy about him I really just don't want anyone else I have always loved u I m nothing without u I am a Capricorn woman who has a Taurean friend who is fiercely loyal, devoted and stubborn but very slow in the romance area We are both single and belong to the same church He told me he was betrayed when he was in his twenties by a Capricorn girl he was in love with Ive told him not to worry falling in love is a risk anyway.

I think I am definitely in love and want to get closer to my Taurean friend I'm a 17 year old female and my boyfriends a 21 year old Taurus male.

I moved into his house about a month ago as friends and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. We've done road trips and fun stuff like that, he's introduced me to his family and I get to meet more family this week. We go to his moms and g-mas everyday! How do you tell when a Taurus male is serious about you?

I really don't want to be used and cheated on again. I don't really know who is compatible with Capricorn women because we are so strong! To the Capricorn with a younger Taurean man: Shortly after my post, he left for a long trip oversea as well.

Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman

We met up for one last time and he told me he decided to be with another girl, someone of his age. If you do not feel like you are dying inside, if you feel overall happy about your choices, that is what counts. There are people who dream about reaching a lofty personal goal or going off on an adventure -- and then there are people who dream of having a life that is quiet and peaceful. You're the ones who have to live your lives, not the people telling you that "contentment" is equal to fear.

Taurus and Capricorn's clash factor really stems from how far the two of you can go on the minimalist-hedonist scale.

Get a Taurus man who really wants that rich-and-famous lifestyle together with a Capricorn woman who is willing to sacrifice now for early retirement, and you could have some big money fights on your hands. But, get a Taurus who wants a good home and delicious meals together with a Capricorn who wants a stable life with a good savings rate and eventual retirement, and you could have a strong partnership.

You can also both be very stubborn. If you have similar goals, or if your goals are different but don't affect the other person in the pairing, no problem. Get different, clashing goals into the mix, though e. And Taurus, sorry, but you're not always right even though you often think you are, so listen to what Capricorn has to say.

Take a look at you two. You've got two material minds who want stable lives and good pay. You're going to work to make success happen. The only issues are that you need to change occasionally to keep the business fresh for customers, so pay attention to trends that seem to be sticking, and you have to both be on the same page about money.

You can't have Taurus overspending on business trips while Capricorn attempts to staunch the flow of money out of the budget. You also can't have Capricorn penny-pinching to the point where no one can get things done.

Seriously, friendships are flexible. Chances are you'll both know of really good places to eat and you may both want to catch movies at the state-of-the-art theaters that have reclining armchairs and in-movie meals.

This Taurus guy at my school is such a flirt! I have always hated him, but my best days are those days when he annoys me. I'm a Capricorn gurl. Now I like him as a best friend. To tell ya, honestly, he is one of the wierdest people who I have ever met and my Aries best-friend has a crush on him.

I never did expect the relationship to go anywhere after only knowing him two months before he left overseas. It hurt me, but I had to stop e-mailing back and forth with him.

It was too hard for me knowing I might not see him again. We didn't write much anyway, only a few e-mails. I'm hoping he'll be stationed somewhere close to me next year, though. I can't stop thinking about him although I really need to. I told him to get in touch with me if he ends up being stationed close to home. I think he'll know that information soon. I'm very nervous and scared because I'd like to see him again.

Anyway, I'm doing my best to get over it, but I'm not doing such a great job. It's been four months now. If he ends up being stationed somewhere far away for next year, I'll have to get over it anyway. While he was home I kept telling myself I'd be fine when he left. It's taking me too long. I guess I dismissed my feeli ngs for him when he was around because of our age difference.

I figured I'd be over him by now. I'm hoping time will heal this. I haven't given up hope yet, though. It was a very intimate and intense relationship. And, to be honest, he was the love of my life. We broke up an emotional, horribly painful break up I went off and married, and then divorced after a 25 year marriage!

My Tuarus man and I have re-united, and the relationship is amazing! We never lost the love between us, and now, in our middle years, it is intensly strong and, honestly, wonderful!! So, I have read that once a Cappy and Taurean truly fall in love that it is a bond that is almost impossible to break - and I am sitting here experiencing that very thing.

I think the combination of traits in the two is an amazing and wonderful thing - especially when you get older and don't have all the noise from the world lived in by a younger person. I have known this man for 9years. He has flirted shown real interest in me. He came really After me this past x-mas. I'm currently getting out of a bad relationship. I normally get over break-ups alone. But this taurean I Met gots me going crazy. I'm so happy when I hear from him.

I'm extremely drawn to him and cannot help my attraction. Been in a relationship before with a Taurus and it's just like they say We capricorn's and Taurus really hit it off well.

I would say they are a match made in heaven. Cap Women, you are very loyal, if your Bull of a man is over seas of course you are going to struggle to get over him if you are trying.

My advice is, stop trying. You will get over it when you are ready. I recently met a Taurus man who is 3 years younger than me, not a big age gap but my last partner of 5 years was 6 years older than me.

He is so switched on and, well wonderful. I cannot stop thinking of him, my heart speeds up when I do. I am falling so fast, too fast. To the lady who asks if it is too early.

Wait, don't scare him, if he tell you relax, tell him back. But also try not to be too closed off as you and I both can be. Taurus men are the best match for Capricorn women.

I have a feeling I am on to the best thing yet and am very excited about it. I am a Capricorn woman,and my boyfriend is a Taurus guy I am confuse I really do not know what to do about this guy. I am trying to ignore him for a while and see how this work. I am tiered of this Taurus guy. I'm a Capricorn woman who is 15years older than my Taurus friend. We've known each other for 1 year as I used to teach him!

The day before he left to go back to his country he asked me for a kiss. I was shocked but now I know that he had something special about him and I can't stop thinking about him now.

Since that parting we e-mail each other every week as we have always been able to talk and felt comfortable in each others company.

But now I my attraction for him is growing very strong and he's on my mind constantly, although I wish he wasn't as I have a fiance Virgo. Who do I choose they are both lovely people in their own ways but this attraction to the Taurean guy is something I haven't experienced before.

Does age really matter and cultural differences in love? I'm a Capricorn woman who Is struggling with the fact that I am in fact falling in love with my Taurus friend. He is 11 years older than me, but we never make a big fuss out of our age difference.

My Taurus friend and I are co-workers. Ironically we work at another place together but vaguely remembered each other, and we reconnected at our current job. We are always around each other. We are always talking to each other.

He tells me when he's around me he's truly calm and happy and nothing seems to bother him. We both have kids around the same age and we always are doing things for our children together and we address our kids by their names instead of saying my son or his son. I just love everything about this man and even now thinking of him I realize I really love this man.

My experience is more friendship than a love relationship. One of my closest guy friends is a Taurus and I'm a Capricorn. Sometimes it's so hard to open up to him because he's so secretive about everything and it's not like I'm an open-book either! For example, I'll ask him where he is and he'll tell me "America". I thought maybe if I open up a little maybe we would trust each other more He's still the same.

I think it maybe better if we stuck to jokes because it's difficult expressing anything because neither of us want to give anything away. Regardless, he's still an awesome friend! I am a Capricorn woman, and my boyfriend is a Taurus man. We started dating our sophomore year of high school, and five years later, are now sophomores in college. I feel very confident that we will get married and stay together because we have this mutual understanding of being in it for the long run.

I have never believed in zodiac horoscopes Capricorns' natural skepticism, perhaps? He is my best friend in the world; I feel very secure in the fact that he will always be there for me. I met my Taurus man in high school Amazingly I kept in touch with him off and on throughout my adult life and its funny how we're back together its like we never left: I am separated from my husband and we are getting a divorce, he's a Cancer and we were horrible together. Anyways, about a month I met a Taurus online and met him shortly after we talked on the phone.

From the first phone call I was knew I really liked him and after we met that was it He is so affectionate and so lyal and I tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me all the time. I am totally in love with him too but this still scares me because I have a difficult time opening myself up completely. I am trying really hard though because we are perfect together and we are awesome in bed I'm finding all of this information really helpful.

He is about five or six years older than me; he engages me intellectually; he makes me laugh. I enjoyed reading that my fellow lady caps found their Taureans "impressive"--that's the same word I've been using to describe our conversations. I always walk away feeling impressed by what we discuss and how engaging he is.

As it's only been a week, I have few expectations or worries. I think I have quite a few reasons to be relaxed about this budding interest. It sounds like even if we just remain friends, it will be an interesting and beneficial relationship. I also found a post above especially interesting--someone had mentioned being in an exhausting five-year relationship with an Aquarius.

We finally called it quits about nine months ago--we still love and genuinely like each other, but it was always way too much work; I found that if I have to fight for every moment of happiness in a relationship, then I'm not truly enjoying that relationship. Comparable to this Taurean, the Aquarius and I always had awkward, silence filled phone calls.

My last conversation with the Taurean went on for hours, and we covered every topic possible. I like that feeling. I especially enjoy knowing that this is a man who is showing me the respect of engaging my mind he only paid me one compliment about my physical attractiveness in three hours, and it meant more to me than if had spent that entire time waxing poetic about my physical attributes. I love the Aquarius, but I also jive more with the Taurus. I love my Taurus man we been togethor for soo long but now his friend is getting in or shit and now we are nottogerthor sooo live life and let life live I'm a Capricorn woman and my boo is a Taurus male.

We are so perfect together. The love making the talks and the spending time with each other is awesome we are starting a family now and we are madly inlove and I know that will never change. Have you ever had your boyfriend or girlfriend wake you up just to say I love you its the most sweetest thing ever. I love my Taurus man dearly and I know he loves me too. We been best friends for almost a yr now. When we first met it was effortless, we just clicked, slowly but surely we started talking as friends he calls me his "bestie" lol.

We hang out all the time, never alone, always with other friends. As time goes by I am realizing how perfect he is I know him so well because we were friends for a while.

This did not mess up our friendshipwe are still close. But it was a mistake to have sex with him. We are both 19 in college. He is all I can think about literally, I don't think I can ever be without him. Im afraid to tell him how I really feel because I do not want to mess up our friendship. Can someone please help me, I do not know what to do, and the feelings are getting stronger.

Ive never felt like this before. And being me, I am starting to get jealous about the other women that he is dating and flirting with, but of course he doesn't know that lol. I am a 15 year old Capricorn January 13 and I am most definately loving my best guy friend who's a 15 year old Taurus May He likes me and I like him. I think he and I would make the best couple since we both enjoy karate and playing the piano.

He treats me like a lady and he's very respectful towards me, but I am 15 this year. A Taurus boy proposed to me in facebook. We know each other since secondary school. And he was soo talketive and humorous,plus loving and caring.

He can be aggresive at times,but still he was really cute with his childish actions. He like me on the first time he saw me. Altough we both have our fights and quarrels,but still we hang on,and it gets better. I dnt want to say anything about mine I was so nervous.

I could only say hi. I never seen him again. I had a son. The winter I had my son. Ceez is a cousin of mine. I just put him in his place. Anyway they gt there They were around the whole winter. I became close to my annoying cousin.

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Left my sons father finally. Fast forward, I bagged him He was everything I Never experienced We were the perfect match. Since he met me he'd written dozens or even two dozen songs of his love for me I didn't even try with him. A year and six mos The sweetest guy I know. My cousin from marriage was hatin on how seriously my Taurus took our relationship. And he made it hard for him to trust me. But I always loved him.

I couldn't even date cause nobody made me feel the way he did. I knoo long passage LOL Two months apart.