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The Ocean Flippers Junior Olympic Competitive Gymnastics Team originated in Eachmeet will appear on your calendar as a full weekend. Competition Formats-Once at the meet, you will see lots of children in leotards and cute hair .. , SC Optional Training Terry & Don's Gymnastics Myrtle Beach SC Event Calendar, loaded with events, fun, and things to do. Submit December Fun, Holiday Camps & More - Terry & Dons Gymnastics December Calendar MB Rotary Club Meet Ocean Reef Resort PM every Mon. TERRY & DON'S GYMNASTICS. MYRTLE TENTATIVE / PARAGON GYMNASTICS LEVEL OPTIONAL/HOPE/ELITE COMPETITION SCHEDULE.

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Each gymnast must qualify tothe State Championship in her respective level by reaching a minimum score at any of theinvitationals we attend. At the State Championship, gymnasts have the opportunity to qualify tothe Regional Championships qualification varies by level…score-based or percentage based.

For levels 9 and 10, you have the opportunity to qualify to the NationalChampionships at the Regional Championships. What that means inregular english is that your child will spend the first minutes doing a general stretch. Afterwarming up the first event, everyone will stop and the teams will be introduced.

Then, Flight Awill compete the event they just warmed up and Flight B will start warming up their event. WhenFlight A is finished competing, the judges turn around or move to Flight B who should be finishedwarming up just as Flight A is finished competing. Have I lost you yet? Yes, this happens on 4events at a time. The judge will salute her raise her hand in the air and your daughter will saluteback raising both hands in the air indicating they are both ready for that competitive event.

After the salute, your gymnast can compete that event. When she is done with the apparatus,she will salute the judge again with a smile on her face hopefully. There are other formats ofcompetition, but this is the main one you will see this year.

Meaningthey should have paid the annual registration fee for and be current in tuition.

Competition Schedule

No parents can register their kids withUSAG. Finally, each child has to be a member of SC-Gymnastics. Being asked to compete as an Ocean Flipper is an honor and we think very highly of you and your child.

Please reciprocate that when representing the Ocean Flippers in public. It is the parents responsibility to get your gymnast to all practices on time.

Please call the gym or your coach in the event that you are going to miss practice or come in late. If possible, please arrive to practice five minutes early so that your child is fully prepared to begin warm up at their start time. A good warm up is KEY to being fully prepared to do gymnastics. If your gymnast is injured, they are still expected to be at every practice. Some small injuries can still be protected while working another part of your body and increasing strength and flexibility.

Parents, if you are not at the gym and your child needs to leave early, please call to confirm. You can do this by emailing or calling to schedule the appointment.

Unfortunately, with the size of our team and our over-lapping workouts, we have very little time to have parent conversations during practice. We may appear to be hard to get a hold of, but we are more than happy to meet you and chat about your gymnast! As an Ocean Flipper Staff, we can help you with your concerns and explain anything that may not be clear.

We will not tolerate negative conversations in our lobby or at competitions. If overheard, we will warn you once. If it happens again, we will ask they you no longer use our viewing area and possibly asked to leave our program. There are requirements set forth by USA Gymnastics for mobility through the levels. Furthermore, in competition, each level is divided into age groups.

Your child will be competing against other kids close to her age in her level, only. Use the meet websites to find out information about gym location, hotels in the area if it is a travel meet. Go ahead and book your hotel rooms that you MIGHT need ahead of time as host hotels typically sell out. Once the schedule has been released, you can cancel any un-needed rooms assuming you booked rooms that are allowed to be canceled. This ensures you have a place to stay overnight if needed.

Plan ahead and make sure your daughter gets to the competition without much stress. They should be in their competitive leotard, black spandex capris and Ocean Flipper Jacket. Their hair needs to be pulled back out of their face. They can have one earring in each ear and preferably no nail polish. Make up is fine, but not necessary. Once the gymnasts are with the coaches, we ask that parents not distract them in any way. Also, promote the Ocean Flippers in any way you see fit. T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc can be purchased for parents!

Contact the OF Staff for more information. Please escort them to the awards area unless they are already there. Team Awards will be presented after all age group awards are finished. You never know who may be sitting near you and comments like that do not reflect well of the Ocean Flipper standard. In the unlikely event of an injury that may 5 require emergency care, the coaches or medical staff will come get you and safely bring you out to your gymnast on the floor.

Try to never compare your child to another when it comes to training, improvements or level. Often times, in gymnastics, athletes are competing against gymnasts that are older and more experienced. Each child progresses at her own rate; this must be recognized and respected by parents.

Make positive comments after competition. She should break in both pair of grips so that IF one set of grips were to break, she would not lose any training time or worse, lose a meet because she did not have a back-up pair of grips. If your child is NOT wearing grips, this does not apply to you. Again, at this level, the music choice and style ofchoreography is up to the coach. In Levelschoreography becomes a little more importantdue to the deductions that judges are allowed to take regarding choreography.

This step has gotten overlooked as of late and will need to befixed next year. We provide several options for good choreographers, however, the final decisions stillfall on the coaches since they are more aware of what judges look for in terms of choreography. We understand youare supporting the decision in terms of payment but need your support so that your child iscompeting a routine that is appropriate for their age with music that is appropriate for their ageand abilities.

In order to understand and appreciate thesethings one must understand what we are trying to achieve during training. There are fourfundamental areas of development, which need to be addressed during training: Strength and Conditioning 3. Superior flexibilityadds to the aesthetic appeal of performances, allows the athlete to master skills more easily, andplays a major role in preventing and reducing the seriousness of injuries.

This will generally occur at 6 the beginning and end of the workout. Ocean Flippers are encouraged to stretch at homeeveryday.

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Flexibility only improves with continued practice. This is much easier to achieve if the athlete has the strength to master theskills. In most cases the stronger the athlete is, the better the athlete is. This is certainly true ingymnastics! In addition, like flexibility, strict strength training can greatly reduce the chance ofinjury.

Strength development at the beginning or in the compulsory levels, centers on creating abase on which to build as the gymnast advances. General exercises achieve this goal very well. Sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, running, jumping and so on will be utilized. As strength andtechnique improve, resistance, range of motion and repetitions change. The gymnasts willconstantly be challenged to improve their strength and should never cheat on their conditioningassignments.

Strength development at the more advanced or optional levels, is more complexand specialized. Additional strength training at home is also encouraged.

Basics - Basics or core skills are the building blocks of good, sound gymnastics, thegymnasts use these building blocks to construct their sequences and routines. If any of thesebuilding blocks is missing or defective the entire performance is weakened.