The place where sky and earth meet bolivia lake

Heaven on Earth: A Place Where Earth Meets The Sky

the place where sky and earth meet bolivia lake

Bolivia salt flats - where earth meets the sky! The only place I want to go: Earth and sky are indistinguishable on the Salar de Uyuni, Lago Titicaca, Bolivia. The Driest Place on Earth: From Bolivia's Salt Flats To Chile's Atacama Desert vast salt deposits and leftovers from ancient lakes that dried long before Bolivia where the Andean high plains, known as the Altiplano, meet Chile's and our shadows grew long while the sky turned into bands of orange. Salar de Uyuni is a mesmerizing place of stark contrasts. What appears to be an icy Earth meets sky in this corner of southwest Bolivia. Silent and salty, it is an.

Climate[ edit ] Very little rain happens in the area, but yearly flooding occurs, mostly in January. At that time the whole area changes to a world's highest altitude mirror. After the water evaporates, bee-hive-like polygons cover the area. Rainfall outside January is almost non-existent. Parts of the Salar are very windy, and temperature drops at sunset. Also, make sure to bring sunscreen and lip balm, as the sun is very bright due to the high altitude, and sunlight can reflect off of the salt.

A hat is a good idea too, but make sure it doesn't blow away! Get in[ edit ] A vehicle on the Salar, the kind usually used for organized tours Most organized tours start in Uyuni - usually For independent travellers on a budget it's possible to hop on a local bus from Uyuni to Colchani, which crosses the salt flats, and ask the driver to let you out where you want to be.

This way, you're free to walk around and explore the area on your own but you should count on a hike of at least two hours to any salt hotel. A local bus should cost Bs 10, and you can catch a bus in the street where most the bus companies have their offices, around the corner of Cabrera St. Single-day and multi-day tours are available. Multi-day tours allow you to see more, including nearby desert areas beyond the salt flat itself, but they also bring a greater risk of altitude sickness as they go to significantly higher altitudes.

Alternatively, you can start your trip from Tour prices are more or less the same as in Uyuni, but tours starting from here often include more lakes and interesting rock formations. Because this option is less popular, you probably won't encounter as many other tourists on your tour.

The end point is Uyuni, although there are options for transportation to Chile. Fees and prices[ edit ] No fees or permits are required to enter the salt flats itself, but the vast majority of visitors come on an organized tour. As ofexpect to pay somewhere around Bs.

the place where sky and earth meet bolivia lake

Many day tours get sold for around Bs. For the several day tours, you might require an additional Bs. Tours are cheaper for larger groups, so if you're by yourself or with just one friend, try to meet other people and form a group of four to six for a better per-person rate. However, this shouldn't really be off your concern, because often tourists are shuffled around to fill the cars.

It seems actually to be more a way of tricking people into believing they have to pay more.

the place where sky and earth meet bolivia lake

Do not fall for this scam, just head to the next tour agency. Because of the sheer area size and hostility of the environment, moving by feet or even bicycle is not easy. The best time to go really depends on your preference of what you want to see. Most people say it is best to go from May to November when the weather is mild, but keep in mind that the Bolivian salt flat plains will be dry. The wet season is from January to April. The rain will make that beautiful mirror effect, an unbelievable image of infinity.

Travels in Geology: Sky-high adventure on Bolivia's Altiplano | EARTH Magazine

I went in January and even if most of the salt flats Uyuni were dry, we found a place that allowed us to see the reflections. So I had a 2 in 1 experience! But honestly, any time of the year is truly spectacular. Any month you choose, you will not regret your choice! In Red — what you are going to visit, in blue — the Start and Finish of the tour While it is possible to do a 1-day tour, day tours that head deeper in the Altiplano are more popular and recommended!

I took a 3-day Bolivia salt flats tour, which is basically a 2-day tour as you finish at 8. Because Uyuni is located at a higher altitude, I would recommend staying in the city for at least one day before the tour — this way you will get used to the change and the smaller quantities of oxygen.

Bolivia salt flats starting points: Uyuni, Tupiza, San Pedro de Atacama, La Paz and Sucre 1-day tours usually start in Uyuni, a little town located very close to the salt fields in Bolivia — this is the most popular and cheap starting and finishing spot for the salt flat Bolivia tour.

the place where sky and earth meet bolivia lake

That is what many people do, myself included; If you are coming from Chile, you can start the tour in San Pedro di Atacama and finish in Uyuni the other way around. Start in Tupiza — this is the least popular option and these tours usually last 4 days. You will start from the Southern part of the salt flats and do the itinerary in reverse.

the place where sky and earth meet bolivia lake

At the end, you can return from Salar de Uyuni to Tupiza. You can even start in La Paz or Sucre if you want a short private one-day tour. Uyuni is a little town living out of tourism, basically. There are two options to get from La Paz to salt flats: The night bus from La Paz to Uyuni is around 8 hours long and it will take you there at A.

You can check the schedule and the up-to-date prices on TicketsBolivia. I was feeling fine after the bus ride, so I did not want to wait. You can fly to Uyuni, as it has a small airport. You can even book a private day tour from La Paz if you are short on time and prefer this option.

Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flats: The Bridge Between Earth And Sky

Buses run daily and you can check the schedule and prices on TicketsBolivia. If you want, you can book an organized 1-day tour from Sucre to Uyuni salt flat. At the end of the tour, you will return to Sucre. Book a 1-day tour from Sucre here 6.

The Driest Place on Earth: From Bolivia’s Salt Flats To Chile’s Atacama Desert

Please keep in mind that Uyuni is a very standardized tour. Everyone there will offer you exactly the same route. The things you should ask before you choose the tour are: How many people are there in the car? Does the driver speak English? Where does the tour end? Do you come back to Uyuni or do you continue in the Atacama Desert in Chile?

Is the entrance to the National park included? There is usually no problem to just show up on the tour, as they are formed on the first come, first serve basis.

Most probably your guide will be 3-in-1 — a driver, a cook the food was good, by the way and an organizer.

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If not, well, you will use the body language, and the tour is mostly about seeing things, not a guided excursion. Everything that my guide told me not that much to be honestI could have easily read in Wikipedia here. Ask your driver to stay for the sunset in the salt plains and insist on it if he wants to leave. Our best pictures were taken during that time of the day. Make sure to talk about this when you book the tour. My friend, prepare to bargain a bit!