Toriel and ashore meet the robinsons

toriel and ashore meet the robinsons

Some fun stuff for you:) Asgore Undertale, Undertale Memes, Undertale Fanart,. Visit He is the future husband of Jackie Robinson Marco:*blushing* w-what? . Me when i meet fin Best Crossover, Fandom Crossover, Undertale Fanart. undertale, toriel, asgore Undertale Comic Funny, Undertale Love, Sans X Frisk,. More information .. Yes undertale alphas undyne underswap meets undertale Alphys And Undyne, Underswap Alphys, Undertale Fanart LeAndra Robinson. Toriel and Asgore were supervising it all but it didn't mean either didn't toss a water balloon or two (and no one dared to toss .. "Then we met Ms. Robinson.

The human team consisted of yourself, Johnny, Arma, and Radha with Frisk as your captain. No one wanted to risk Lena falling ill during the match so she was your cheerleader on the sidelines, right next to the King of Monsterkind. The two even had pom-poms - freaking pom-poms… They were a crowd favorite already and the match hadn't even started.

Your cane laid in her lap as she and the king cheered for you all. Shang said he was only here for a week or so he felt he didn't exactly deserve to play in the first place. You all wanted to counteract his statement but you decided to let him do what he wanted.

All of you were getting ready to shake hands before the match until Frisk did the unthinkable. So this is how it's gonna be. You weren't unfazed by his betrayal, not one bit. You immediately brought your team into a circle. You had to organize yourselves. Because you-" You all ssh'd Radha in a millisecond. You wanted that last bit to be secret until the game started. But yeah, I agree.

Let's make you captain. We still need another member…" You looked over at the Monster team and your eyes immediately locked onto the perfect candidate. You all dispersed as you stepped up to the plate to state what you had to. We accept your complete and utter betrayal, dirty traitor. He stuck his tongue out in response. You had the urge to return the gesture but you refrained yourself. You were going to get him back immediately.

toriel and ashore meet the robinsons

How are we going to play? Well, my good sir, I have your solution. How about we have Papyrus join our team? Papyrus chipperly agreed to the exchange and he stepped over on your side of the court. Everything was balanced and ready to go now and you all got in your positions. Toriel loomed over you like a tower but she still had that sweet smile on her lips. Also, you better start praying for your actual child. Well, I suppose he deserves it.

You hoped Toriel would forgive you for getting the ball first. You dribbled and jetted it across the court, your muscles remembering the feeling from years ago.

A smile spread across your lips. God, it feels good to do this again. Frisk was blocking the front of the hoop. Just where I want him. After completely rushing past the three other members of the team, you did something that made the entire gymnasium go silent. You slam-dunked right on the ambassador of Monsterkind.

He fell right on the floor, his vision up at the hoop he utterly failed to protect. And as you released the hoop from your grasp and landed right on your feet like a cat, you sauntered over to him and bent down. I've been playing basketball since I was ten.

You loved doing that to impress little kids, especially your little brother back then since he was so young. Hearing the students' audible wonder spurred you on. I was the captain of my high school and college team, brought them to the championships every year I was on board.

Of course, I chose literature over sports but sports helped me pay for college. Then you leaned in close to his face. Frisk sprung up like a spring from the floor and he looked completely despaired. Frisk was right about his mother having game.

You were impressed that an over millennium-old woman could dribble the way she could. Sans certainly was talented at tossing the ball around too. He wasn't one of Frisk's executioners for nothing. You wanted to give your team members some props as well. None of the human members could throw a ball to save their life, especially Jonathan.

He literally had no aim whatsoever. Papyrus, however; he couldn't play the sport at all but he could get three-pointers with ease.

So you instructed everyone to pass the ball to him. That was how you were somehow able to win - with the power of unity. Goodbyes and good wishes for exams and summer fun were said and done. Students presented gifts to their favorite teachers and faculty members.

You flushed, embarrassment taking you over, when you realized you received more gifts than Frisk. And as the students began to file out of the gymnasium and you and the rest of the gang sat down on the bleachers, all of a sudden, you heard a familiar chuckle, full of ugly snorts and snickers.

Before him were Bluejoy and Stella. The girl looked as if they were overflowing with determination. The robot put his hand on his face as he tried to calm himself. He noticed it then, the fire in their eyes. You could tell because his chuckles ceased as if a match was blown out - instantly. He put a hand on his hip and scoffed. What you're asking for is something good little girls shouldn't be asking. Whoever was either trying to file out of the gym or was about to leave rushed back to the bleachers and sat right back done.

In fact, all of the student body and faculty that remained in there gave her a look. She looked unnerved, lost. The robot then shifted his gaze back onto the girls.

We don't want her to go. No one was going to reprimand her for doing so this time. I try to not make it a big deal about it but… it really sucks. I bump into walls all the time. If people switch their shoes, I have trouble knowing who they are.

And stairs, oh cripes, stairs. Pa says my cane makes me look cool and all but it only does so much with stairs. Stella dictated what the bluebird wrote aloud. She's really nice to me and always tells me I have something special inside but… I hear what neighbors say.

She would probably have a lovely voice. Everyone sees me as a disappointment, a missed opportunity. My great-grandpa was D. Winters, this famous writer. Ma's a nonfiction writer. Pa's a fiction writer. Everyone's a writer in my family. And I can't even read what they wrote unless it's in Braille. I overheard Pa's boss saying the family business had to end somehow and I cried for a real long time. Stella had heard the book you were reading fall off the front desk.

As she noted how old it smelled, you informed her it was your family copy of Hopes and Dreams. Of course, then her whole body lit up and she told you about her great-grandfather. You were so shocked that you forgot your position as an adult and got on your knees and asked her questions about her family. Stella answered them all the quirky way she always did.

You would then find out about her homeschooling due to being bullied in kindergarten, her lack of friends, her fears for the future. It scared you that such a young girl had so much on her plate. Then Stella turned to her best friend and inquired about her famous mother. You were curious about Gale as well so you paid attention as Joy wrote about her on her whiteboard.

As she spoke about her, she played some well-received singles by her mother from your phone. Her mother's voice certainly was the leaves of autumn and the petals of spring dancing together in harmony even in her prime. You couldn't help but zone out every once in a while just to listen to her songs. Bluejoy explained that her family was musicians and her mother was the oddball singer that actually made it.

She then hinted at the sadness she suffered from her birth - the looks, the stares, the comments. She had to will herself not to cry, you knew she had to. It scared you that you didn't know what to say.

Many times people will change. But, after working for Frisk for the months you have, you learned that many times people will not change as well. You couldn't tell them that. You couldn't even tell yourself that. Dreemurr took us out of class a few months ago and into the art room and she and Mr.

Frisk's assistant were waiting for us there. I liked her from the very beginning. Still scared beyond all heck but, hey, it was better than nothing. When I first met her a month before then, she said I had the prettiest feathers she had ever seen. So when I saw her in the classroom, I thought I'd start molting right then and there. Robinson told us we should stick together, even just for a little while so we could get used to talking to each other but… well…" The two girls giggled to each other before continuing.

We like stories about princesses but we also like stories about pirates. We don't like bananas. We also lost a parent when we were young. My father died in an accident right before I was born. We both didn't have any friends. We can be lonely together at least. Robinson did more than just help us become friends. She told us we could do anything because we're beautiful, kind, and smart.

I can hear super good and I'm a natural comedian. Robinson says I draw and cast well for my age. It's the law, y'know.

He was getting absorbed into their story just as much as you all were. Robinson tells me that. Flowey attack her when she first came here and I saw her Soul. It was such a bright green. Mom says that humans with bright green Souls are kind from the bottom of their hearts and it's okay to trust them… I really like Ms. That's not what you meant. Robinson just as much as I do. Then she stopped and peeked from her wings. Then she took Stella's hand again and wrote again.

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Robinson was the one who helped us understand how cool we are inside. Robinson was the one who didn't look at us differently. You knew as Bluejoy wrote and Stella dictated, it wasn't just Bluejoy's voice. It was both of them proclaiming, "Ms. Robinson is the second parent we never had. It was Lena and tears had clearly been running down her face for minutes now.

toriel and ashore meet the robinsons

It hit you then. It hit all of you then. Lena was leaving Newer Home. Sure, she would come back to visit every once in awhile but her bed in the guesthouse would never belong to her ever again. She was going to get married and spend her days on the West Coast, not with you all… Your wound ached for attention for the first time that day.

You touched it gently. The gauze was damp with the sweat you spilled earlier but you knew your touch quenched its desires. It just wouldn't be the same without her green Soul there. I don't need to cry over it, however. She's going to be happy when she leaves Newer Home and she's going to be happy when she visits too.

That's all that matters. She's going to be happy. So that's why I'm not crying. She's got other things to worry about right now. You tapped Lee gently on the back. I know you wanna. And before either of the two could say anything, Lena dropped to her knees and hugged them tight. The girls looked very confused before returning the hug joyously.

As they did, Mettaton cupped his cheek and beamed at the sight. After a minute or so, he sighed loudly, prompting the two girls to release their teacher and continue on with their intentions. He sighed yet again before setting his gaze on the king and queen. The queen got up from her seat on the bleachers and cleared her throat.

She stood tall and proud as she always did. Gold was never my color anyway. I've been thinking of giving the craft a try. A king can always have another crown. I accept your challenge.

In fact, she looked as if horror and fury were pouring into her until she was drowning in them. She stomped over to him and jabbed him in his chest plate as she told him something in that scary way she sometimes did. Mettaton looked as if his ghost form would escape from his robotic shell but he quickly calmed and attempted to put her mind to rest with shaky words and forced smile. Only then did Lena join your group again, not before giving him one last leer along the way.

Her knee bobbed shakily. Her teeth bit her lip. Her gaze was locked onto the girls. In fact, I have a feeling they're going to do something incredible. He just smiled big at you in response. You were beginning to become weary of when Frisk had premonitions.

Mettaton turned to the best friends and pointed his thumb towards the door. You know how I feel about broken floorboards. She walked over to the two girls and summoned two green spear-shaped bullets.

She thrust them into their bodies without warning. They both looked horrified at first but then when they noticed they weren't hurt they calmed. Mettaton might be one of the stronger Boss Monsters by trial-" She stuck her tongue out at him and he returned the gesture.

And I'm pretty sure your parents aren't gonna be happy if you come home completely wrecked, right? These'll keep ya from getting too beat up. Bluejoy nodded right after too. Don't be so formal with me. After making a full run, she then rose and swiped down her spear. Everywhere the spear was dragged, a huge wall of green light arose, completely trapping the two girls and celebrity inside in a box of sorts. Asgore seemed pleasantly surprised. There's a lot of people here and stray bullets flying into crowds ain't good, right, punks?

You're already kicking his butt. You swore steam would blow out of his metallic nostrils like steam out of a teapot. Anyway, girls, good luck to ya. Show 'im what you got. Mettaton crossed his arms and shifted his weight from one heel to another.

What does that-" Bluejoy quickly wrote something and then Stella grinned.

toriel and ashore meet the robinsons

So that's what that means. Anyway, uh… well… Hold up a sec, mister. The beach doesn't have the same heat, the waves lack the full force of the ocean.

Snowdin lacks the bitter winds of winter. New Home is an amazing city, but it's too clean. Alphys gave them a wave as they headed off into the Robinson Corridor. Several school children from Snowdin bunched up around them on the moving walkway, each one trying to get a close look at the human they'd met by chance months ago. You'll knock me over! She stepped into the glowing, aqua blue night of the biome and froze, staring in wonder at the beauty. Luminous water fell from tall cliffs and small hills alike, creating sparkling waterways filled with lush reed fields and gleaming blue flowers.

Lightning bugs that gave off the same aqua glow of the waters floated through the air. His bare boney feet clacked lightly on the gravel path.

He walked a bit before realizing that Frisk wasn't following. She stood there, transfixed. Sans walked up to her. I don't have words. The first living human on the ship! I like watching your cooking show. The second most famous person on the Delta is a fan? Today we will show you around the most lovely of the all the biomes. You're yappin' up quite a storm there, boy! Lots of people come here to walk and the flowers do not preserve the original voice exactly.

That said, it does sound like Old Gerson is talking to someone. Skyblook showed of the small medical clinic in his home. Sageblook showed off his cafe. Goldblook took them on a tour of the police station. They finished the tour by laying on the floor of Napstablook's living room, pretending to be garbage, and becoming one with the universe.

When Frisk sat up, she caught her hair under her elbow. He shrugged as well and helped her to Mettaton's house. Sitting her down in a chair, the robot fussed about her hair before lining up an array of chemicals on the table.

A third arm and then a fourth appeared, picking up two different bottles and mixing dyes. How long has it been for you? A conditioning and drying later, Mettaton held up a mirror. She pulled at a lock to look at the red gold.

It's beautiful in ways I can't describe. When you're cleared from the Lab? I have a spare room on the second floor. It's not much, but it's quiet and you can see the garden from the window and And thank you all again for inviting me here. She looked up at the door to a very standard looking brick house. Why hasn't he chosen a wife? A large, white goat woman opened the door. Thank you for joining us! Toriel moved aside to let her in, directing her to the table in the living room.

I hope that's all right. Frisk tried to stand and fell back into the chair. You're still recovering from your long sleep. Sans came in, slipping his data pad into his pocket as he sat next to Frisk. How has watching over Frisk been for you. Asgore rolled his eyes. My wife and Sans have long been a pair of jokesters.

One day, my love will be a famous momedian. Is it like being in the biomes at all? We have long left them to minimal management so as to keep the oxygen they provide in steady supply," Toriel said. She stirred her tea. In an unexpected but welcome turn of events, I have a home lined up in Waterfall. But I am worried about my legs working. It's been a year and I still need crutches.

I wouldn't have been put on the Osiris if I wasn't useful. It was traveling to a habitable planet in the Tau Ceti system to colonize it. I was part of the initial security detail, though later my engineering skills would be put to use once we were ready to start work on the planet. Frisk shook her head.