Track and field meet entry forms

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track and field meet entry forms

This will help us track your requests for upgrading, mentoring and travel. Meet Entry Forms & Information / Step by Step Saskatoon Field House. OIA Track Coaching Tools. OIA Entry Deadlines for Championships · OIA Executive Running: Finish Line Forms - Field Events: Field Sheet - Relays: Small or Large Relay Cards Track Meet Forms for Field Events. UIL Track and Field Wheelchair Division Entry · Track & Field Meet Entry Form - ( Typeable Form) - Revised 1/28/16; Track & Field Meet Results Form - (Typeable .

If the referee agrees with the protest the results sheet will be adjusted and results reposted.

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This provides a minute opportunity for other athletes or interested persons to appeal this decision from the time of posting of the revised result. Upon completion of a protest form, the Competition Director, or designate, will make a copy of the completed protest form and will take one copy to the Jury who will then adjudicate upon the issue by reviewing any and all available relevant information.

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The Jury will then prepare their response, including all relevant information, on the protest form and the Competition Director, or designate, will advise both the protest group and Meet Secretary or Results Manager of the results of the protest. The Jury of Appeal will remain at the competition site for at least 30 minutes after completion of the final event or until the Technical Director or designate advises them that no further protests have been received and they may leave.

Medical services A medical team will provide the necessary healthcare for the participants and spectators at the Canadian Championships.

track and field meet entry forms

The organizing committee is responsible for providing medical services and facilities for the Championships.

Health care and sports medicine services will be provided. Medical services will include the following: Track side medical personnel throughout the event.

track and field meet entry forms

Area for accredited team therapists to work with their athletes. A limited number of spots will be available in one of the medical areas for athletes who wish to bring their own medical staff.

If you would like to apply for one of these spaces, please contact Nicole Clarke nicole. Medical and massage accreditations will not be available onsite. He was instrumental in building the meet to what it is today with a strong emphasis on family involvement.

track and field meet entry forms

Before his passing, he had a vision to add a Family Relay Race 4x to the event list for The Family Relay Race can include any age and any gender. It is an exhibition event.

track and field meet entry forms

Every relay member must be a family member and be registered in the system for at least one event. The event can be the Family Relay Race only.

track and field meet entry forms

All registered athletes are eligible. All participants in the Family Relay Race will receive a commemorative medal and the top three teams will receive a gold, silver and bronze medal.

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You must pickup your packets or have them mailed. No packet pickup at the meet.

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Our meet does not have BIB numbers. But we do have hip numbers. So, please arrive an hour before your scheduled running event.

Field events will go directly to the competition site with no numbers. If registering for multiple events, all entries must occur in the same transaction to receive the multi-event discount. Further Information Sport Specific Questions: