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ucd sport and fitness meet the team wordpress

UCD Staff News. UCD Staff Flock to Blue Waters. The clocks have been turned back and with the ominous arrival of the dark, wet and dreary mornings and. The University College Dublin Athletics Club is a busy and very active club The club boasts a very active social and racing calendar, with the ladies teams partaking in the annual IUAA Road Relays The distance groups train Tuesday and Thursday with a gym session on Powered by WordPress.:). Title: UCD Sports Guide /, Author: Advantage Point, Name: UCD in a sports club is also an ideal way to keep fit, learn a new skill, meet people with . Other benefits include access to the pool, fitness centre, team & high .. E: [email protected] W: avb4you.info: UCD Fencing.

Although competition is a feature of many of the sports at UCD, getting involved in a sports club is also an ideal way to keep fit, learn a new skill, meet people with similar interests, as well as provide a welcome break from academic life.

With 56 sports clubs to choose from, ranging from team sports, adventure sports, water sports to martial arts, there is something for everyone! Contact the Club Directly You can email the club directly for details of training times and new member sessions. Contact details are provided on the UCD Sport website and in the following pages. It consists of two representatives from all clubs, one graduate and one student, who elect the AUC Officers and 11 other members of the Executive Committee.

The main functions of the AUC are: All clubs affiliated to the AUC have public liability cover. Club members should be aware that this policy is designed to provide a basic limited cover for medical expenses in the event that they are injured whilst engaged in sporting activities with their UCD club and an excess applies.

Students are strongly advised to consult the terms and conditions of the cover to ensure that it is adequate for their needs. Details of the insurance cover and claim forms are available from the Executive Secretary. As the governing body for third level sport in Ireland, Student Sport Ireland SSIworks in partnership with national and international bodies identifying pathways for third level students to participate, compete and develop through sport and physical activity.

Its mission is to promote and develop third level sport in Ireland.

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SSI also recognises outstanding sports leaders and event management. Teams or individuals winning nationally recognised titles or intervarsity trophies are honoured at the function as well as students who receive national or representative honours. Full details of award winners: All three programmes are for students who wish to compete and succeed at the highest sporting levels while simultaneously attaining a degree at UCD.

Applicants for the UCD sports scholarship programme will be athletes who have the potential to compete at the highest national level and above The aim of the sports scholarship programme is to assist in the development of a sporting career by offering athletes the highest standards in coaching, training, nutrition, strength and conditioning advice, while also completing their chosen course of study.

The value of each sports scholarship is assessed on an individual basis.

ucd sport and fitness meet the team wordpress

The recipient may use their budget to offset costs such as accommodation, books, fees, equipment, sports medicine and travel to national and international competitions. Applicants should also submit a supplementary scholarship application to UCD Sport by 5th April There are several important criteria that must be met, including an outstanding sporting ability, academic achievement and a willingness to train with and represent UCD in competition.

Please note that a sports scholarship can only be awarded where a student has applied for and gained a place on any UCD degree programme, through the usual academic entry route. Scholarship awards are subject to renewal on an annual basis. The focus of the programme is on a number of selected sports: Please refer to the website for minimum standards of entry in relevant sports.

Applications must be made online no later than January 31st In addition, students should complete their CAO forms as usual by February 1st for undergraduate admission. Graduate applicants should apply directly to UCD in the normal way.

While studying at UCD: I had climbed it on a previous trip to Scotland but would have treasured another chance to scale the mountain. One thing to note in Edinburgh, they love their hills. It is amazing exercise.

ucd sport and fitness meet the team wordpress

The scenery is amazing, the people are lovely and the history is incredible. The only thing I liked more than all of this was the price of everything! It was so chea. After we hopped off the bus we made our way to the hostel as everyone was wrecked from a combination of a lack of sleep and the travel; It does take its toll on us.

When we arrived at the hostel, we discovered our rooms were not ready and would not be ready until 1 We arrived at 10am Groups of us wandered the city. It is a phenomenal piece of architecture and an extreme feat of engineering. Definitely worth a look see.

ucd sport and fitness meet the team wordpress

After all this exploration it was time to return to our hostel and hibernate until training. I, unfortunately did not avail of this time to catch up on sleep. Eventually I found the store and made it back safely to the hostel, hoping to get an hours sleep in before training, alas, this was not to be.

I arrived in the door, checked in and lay down in my bed. Everyone was clearly so excited to be there, and so energetic as well. We were training from Maybe we were also thinking of the tramp social directly after training.

ucd sport and fitness meet the team wordpress

Folks developing costume ideas last minute, trying to find out where we are going and most importantly, we were trying to get to know the others from the different colleges that were attending SSTO.

We had eight trampolines out, a Double move trampoline and crash mats for sleeping. Each trampoline was attended by a mix of folks from different colleges; there was no need to keep routines a secret during warm up. We all tried to help each other, matted each other and just had fun in general during training. It was like one big trampy family.

ucd sport and fitness meet the team wordpress

Bring on the Tramp social! We enjoyed a few drinks in the hostel before moving out to the club where we were joined by the other clubs competing at SSTO, it was a full house. The drinks flowed and fun was had by all. We were all shocked to hear that the clubs stayed open until 4am.

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We all made the rounds chatting to folks in other clubs that we had known previously or meeting new people and making friends there and then. One thing that can be said about tramps is that we are a very sociable people. These are the friendliest bunch of people I have had the pleasure of meeting, no matter what college they are from. You can walk up to anyone of them and strike up a conversation and be best buddies within an hour.