Wanted to meet interesting and stimulating

wanted to meet interesting and stimulating

Steam Community: Arma 3. "I wanted to meet interesting, stimulating people of a rich, ancient culture and kill them.". They just want to talk about fluffy, superficial topics, which get dull after a while. "No one I know ever wants to have more interesting, meaningful conversations. to find events and meet ups which center around stimulating conversation. (SPOILERS) If there's a problem with appreciating the oeuvre of Stanley Kubrick, it's that the true zealots will claim every single one of his.

Or rather, its first half is. The first half of Full Metal Jacket can stand proud against anything Kubrick ever did. The second half… less so. One thing that ought to be very evident up front is that Full Metal Jacket is not an anti-war movie, or one with any beef with violence generally. No film featuring as many lovingly rehearsed slow-motion deaths could be.

wanted to meet interesting and stimulating

No film in which the cathartic closure of the first of two act is the well-earned demise of a professional bully and aggressor could be.

What Full Metal Jacket is, is an at times brilliant study of the dehumanisation of war, and by extension the brainwashing that occurs in any oppressive system. Its accompanying drawback is that all the first-rate work in this regard is in service of the preparation for warfare, and once battle has commenced the conclusions are a fait accompli; much of what transpires could be relocated to or from any other war picture, give or take the craftsmanship on display.

Those individuals showed what one motivated marine and his rifle can do. Is the closing refrain of the Mickey Mouse Club song a reference to the purported programming that occurs in the innocents recruited to the Disney empire, as some adherents of Kubrick conspiracy lore would have it?

Such conspiratorial trains of thought may lead to some tenuous connections. All of which means the attestations that Kubrick was expressly intending to depict not Vietnam but rather the US Middle Eastern wars to come a little rich.

Admittedly, the location is largely irrelevant for the basic training section of the picture, the oppressive intensity of which allows little time for stray reflection on the surroundings. If that section is gymnastically taut, the second half is akin to slowly letting the air out of a balloon by comparison.

You can come across PhD's who are oddly vapid, and factory workers who have thought more deeply about philosophical questions than you ever have. You may be able to find events and meet ups which center around stimulating conversation.

wanted to meet interesting and stimulating

For example, a Meetup. If your current friends and colleagues don't seem interested in having in-depth conversations I find it's always going to be an uphill battle to try to get them to go that way. Sometimes you can get them talking about something more substantial, but it's usually not as satisfying as you'd like it to be. They don't go deep enough, and it often feels like the conversation is going to revert to its default level at any second.

I, er, wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture, and kill them.

Or you may be able to go deeper on particular topics, but not all the ones you'd like e. It's just simpler to look for people who are more your style. It also covers how to avoid awkward silence, attract amazing friends, and why you don't need an "interesting life" to make interesting conversation. Click here to go to the free training. Just try bringing up the deeper things you want to talk about People who want to have more in-depth interactions usually complain that they try bringing up deeper topics, but no one is keen, or even looks at them funny.

The thing is you've still got to try. That's just what everyone does in conversations. They attempt to take them in directions they think would be interesting. Sometimes they get a response, sometimes they don't and they move on to something else.

If one group of friends consistently doesn't care when you try to bring up deeper topics it's a sign you may want to try with another group.

How To Have More Deep, Substantial Conversations

It's the same as if you really wanted to talk about basketball and none of your co-workers seemed into it. Like I said, there's no way to have deeper discussions on command, but some situations are more conducive to them than others. If you're pre-drinking at someone's apartment and everyone's making dumb jokes and can't focus on a thought for more than thirty secondsyou're probably out of luck.

If you and some friends are driving somewhere or having coffee, they may be receptive if you bring up that book you just finished, make an observation about the nature of power in society, or ask them what they really want out of life. There's a guideline that if you've just met someone you should ease into trying to have a deeper interaction.

I do think it can be jarring to hit someone with a really thought-provoking question or observation within a minute of meeting them, especially if it's about a more personal topic. However, I don't believe you necessarily have to make half an hour of non-threatening small talk first either.

wanted to meet interesting and stimulating

A lot of us can remember a time where we just met someone, were chatting about the usual topics, and then they took things in a deeper direction and we were happy to go with it. I think it comes down to the other person's personality, what types of subjects they like discussing, and whether they feel like talking about them with you. If you quickly get into a deep conversation with someone it's not that you skillfully molded the interaction so much as found someone who was already on the same page.

Again, it won't always work out but at least you can try.

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  • By far the easiest way to have more deep conversations is to find other people who like having them

If it truly is your personality to want to talk about deeper subjects there's no shame in letting that show. It's as valid a thing to want to talk about as anything else. Being comfortable with self-disclosure lets you have more deep conversations about personal topics Even if you have problems opening up to others it's usually not about every subject. It's still possible to have a deep conversation about a personal topic you're comfortable with e.

However, if you can get used to sharing more aspects of yourself with people it will open up further possibilities.

wanted to meet interesting and stimulating

Be careful not to develop a dynamic with someone where you always talk about negative problem subjects Some people discover that they can reliably have more meaty-than-usual conversations with a friend if they get them talking about their problems.