We need to talk about kevin quotes from meet

We Need to Talk About Kevin Quotes by Lionel Shriver

we need to talk about kevin quotes from meet

Sep 29, Sometimes words, you no need use but need need for talk talk. Kevin: But Pam: Kevin, you cannot possibly save enough time to see the world. Jim: K Ok, I'm sorry to hijack your meeting, D dub dog had to pull rank. Here is our selection of We Need to Talk About Kevin quotes that are downright thought-provoking. If you are interested in this book and want to have a review. We Need to Talk About Kevin is a novel by Lionel Shriver, published by Serpent's Tail, and Ezra Miller plays Kevin. The film premiered In Competition at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was met with praise from film critics.

Kevin plays the part of a loving, respectful son whenever Franklin is around, an act that Eva sees through. This creates a rift between Eva and Franklin that never heals.

We Need to Talk About Kevin Quotes

Shortly before the massacre, Franklin asks for a divorce. When Kevin's sister Celia is six years old, she loses an eye when Eva uses a caustic drain cleaner to clear a blockage in a sink; either Eva left the cleaner sitting within Celia's reach, or Kevin somehow attacked Celia with it, destroying her eye and scarring her face.

Eva strongly believes that Kevin, who was babysitting at the time, poured the cleaner onto his sister's face, telling her he was cleaning her eye after she got something in it. The event is also linked to an earlier incident involving the disappearance of Celia's pet rodents.

When relating the story of the massacre itself, it is finally revealed that Franklin and Celia are in fact dead. It was the opposite of everything she wanted in a house. What she wanted was an old, rambly Victorian, with a large porch, and cozy and slightly overcrowded rooms. What Franklin bought was a stark, modern, open plan house--Eva was horrified that there seemed to be no doors. None of the rooms was square, but all were canted, or slightly raised or lowered from the ones around them.

She wanted a home in which she could be cocooned with her family--impossible with the enormous windows that seemed to bring the whole world inside. Again, Eva's reality is dismissed, unacknowledged, unaccepted.

Yet, she still claims that she loves Franklin, even as her letters again and again document how he silenced her in so many ways throughout their lives together.

When Kevin is eight, Eva realizes that she wants another child. Franklin is adamantly opposed: Why in God's name would she want to do it again? But Eva needs to answer a question about herself, about her own soul. She believes that she is capable of loving a child, just not the specific child she has: So Celia is born, the opposite of her brother--she is small, timid, desperate to please.

She clings to her mother, is self-effacing to the point of being vulnerable to any number of injuries. And she adores her brother, who is growing into a sociopath, if his mother is to be believed. Either Celia is perfectly made to be her brother's prey, or she is a whiny and clingy phobic child who is irritating beyond belief to her brother.

But Eva is happy with her daughter, and the family is now "even"--the two males against the two females. Which is no way to be a family, really. Then came Celia's "accident. Celia blamed herself because Kevin told her it was her fault.

Eva had her doubts. Two days later, a mysterious clog in the bathroom drain--which Eva treated with Liquid Plumbr. Two days after that, while Kevin was being taught responsibility by babysitting his sister, she ended up in the emergency room with acid burns on her face.

The doctors could not save her eye. Kevin had flushed her eye and face with water and then called for an ambulance before calling his parents. Celia had to stay in the hospital for several days. Franklin couldn't keep silent. Celia couldn't reach it herself; Celia couldn't open the childproof lock; Celia was scared of the bathroom and would never have gone in by herself to play.

Franklin is appalled; Eva is supposed to be an adult, a parent, for God's sake, and she can't take responsibility for her actions? He's the one who flushed out the acid, who called for help and got her to the hospital.

He was a hero--remaining calm in a crisis and behaving admirably. Eva has got to take responsibility here! Plus, she needs to reassure Kevin that the accident was not his fault.

Again, Shriver crafts a scene of almost unbearable marital discomfort.

we need to talk about kevin quotes from meet

How can Eva still believe in her marriage when Franklin treats her like a misbehaving nine year old? The thing you told me in the car? Things come to a head when one of Kevin's teachers is accused of an unspecified "impropriety. In the end, the teacher loses her position, but cannot be fired because nothing was substantiated.

Eva confronts Franklin with her conviction that Kevin lied about the entire thing, and Franklin suddenly collapses. Even he can see the marriage is over.

They no longer inhabit the same reality, and there is no longer any way to bridge the gap. They will try to survive until the end of the school year, and then make arrangements over the summer.

They both know there will be no difficulty about custody--Franklin will get Kevin, and Eva will get Celia. Things don't end up that way, because Kevin starts the shooting on April 8, three days before his 16th birthday.

We are not surprised by this--the leitmotif of school shootings has shot through the last third of the book, and we know that Kevin has killed the students. There is never any question of the fact that he had done it--Eva doesn't once deny his guilt. We have seen bits of the criminal trial, of Eva's visits to Kevin in prison, of the civil suit against Eva for parental neglect, brought by the parents of one of the murdered students.

We learn that she has had to sell her business and now works as a travel agent, most often taking phone calls in the back room, disguising her notoriety.

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It is only in the last fifty pages or so that we learn the true facts. Are you still here? Have you finished the book? Okay, now that only us book-finishers are left, let's talk about the ending. Kevin didn't just kill 10 people at school; he didn't just show up one day and start shooting haphazardly.

He systematically assembled the people who most annoyed him, as well as the one teacher who had some insight into him and hope for his future. He had forged letters on school letterhead, inviting these particular people to a meeting the gym to plan for an assembly presentation for the new "Bright and Shining" award to be presented to these "very special" students, and Ms. Rocco was to be their advisor. The meeting was set for inside the school gym, a stand alone building at the school, a three minute walk from the main building.

Once his victims were inside, he systematically locked all the doors with Kryptonite bicycle locks, then opened fire with a crossbow his father had given him for Christmas. Only two of the victims were killed by the arrows; the rest bled to death. It took almost three hours for anyone to discover the scene and then to break through the Kryptonite locks. Eva learns about the shooting at work--her employees had seen the early news on the internet, and knew Kevin went to that school.

Yeah, we had a few fights, I suppose. But last night we put a lot of that to bed.

we need to talk about kevin quotes from meet

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we need to talk about kevin quotes from meet

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we need to talk about kevin quotes from meet