When do flora and helia meet

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when do flora and helia meet

The second season of the Italian animated television series Winx Club aired from 19 April to 14 . Flora meets Helia at Red Fountain. Jolly does a card reading that foretells danger to people going on a journey and feels that it will come true. Fanpop quiz: When Does Flora meet helia? - See if you can answer this Winx Club trivia question! FloraNature posted over a year ago. Oct 3, This Pin was discovered by Joanna S. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Tecna came out soon after. Sorry I took so long. Soon everyone was ready…except Stella. Why do you always have to be the last one? The girls got up and left for the grand reopening of Red Fountain. At Red Fountain… "I can't wait to see Sky.

It feels like forever since we last hung out. I haven't seen Riven in what feels like years. I did it again didn't I? The girls laughed at her reaction. Musa came to put her arm around Tecna's shoulders. It has been a very long time since we have seen our boyfriends.

She loved the boys.

When Does Flora meet helia? - The Winx Club Trivia Quiz - Fanpop

She thought of them like family, but there were moments when Flora would wonder if she would ever find a boyfriend. Layla turned her head and glanced at Flora. She practically tackled Brandon to the floor. Flora watched and smiled at seeing how excited everyone was.

While the girls were admiring the changes, Flora started to look around. Then her eyes stopped on a boy with long dark blue hair. He also has a lot of faith and belief in Florapersuading her to trust herself such as when she tried to heal the Flower of Life, and when she tried to free herself from the roots cast by Diana.

He also openly expresses his strong belief in her for example when she wrapped Anagan up in vines he stated proudly, "Flora's magic is really strong, he's not getting out of that anytime soon.

Once he was old enough, Helia began attending the Red Fountain School for Specialists for a short while until he decided to drop out to pursue his passion for the arts. He attended an art school for about a year before making his return to Red Fountain during the events of Season 2. Brandon notes that he is a pacifist, and used to be one of the top students at Red Fountain until he dropped out to pursue the arts.

when do flora and helia meet

Timmy reveals that he is Saladin 's nephew. Overall, he appears to be very quiet and a very good artist. Later on in the episode, when Lord Darkar sends a huge monster to attack Red Fountain, Flora is blindsided by the monster and about to be attacked, Helia saves her by holding back the monster with the strings from his glove.

He smiles at Flora and lets go of the monster, angering the Winx. Throughout the season, Helia has had a minor role, yet he appears a couple times in episodes. Helia in Season 2 During the camping trip, Helia arrives just in time to save the Winx and the Specialists from the Trix.

As the group claims that the vacation was over, Helia jokes around saying he just got there.

Flora and Helia

He blows her a kiss before departure. At the end of the season, before the Winx enter the fortress to save Bloom, Flora apologizes for not telling her feelings sooner, and in return, Helia boldly kisses Flora. Helia does not appear much throughout the season, although, he does go on the mission to the Omega Dimension to rescue Tecna. Helia also helps the others take the Flying Bikers' bikes, thus helping the Winx stop King Radius 's wedding.

He also was the only Specialist to report back to the Winx after Valtor attacked the rest of the Specialists. His new look consists of the original outfit but with his hair changed it into a rag-cut. This change in appearance does not happen until a few episodes after the Love and Pet episode. He also helps Riven get Musa back. Naturally being shy already had caused Flora to waver when it came to confessing her feelings to Helia. Even with help from the Winx and, later, her bonded Pixie, ChattaFlora still feared the possibility of being rejected.

Fortunately, Flora confesses her feelings towards the end of the second season and comes to learn that Helia had also felt the same way. Ever since then, the two have been a close and mature couple and Helia has been able to help Flora build up her self-confidence in times where she would get discouraged.

They rarely ever argue or fight but, when they do, they always manage to work it out and become even closer as a couple than ever before.

Series Seasons Brandon introducing Flora to Helia. Being the only member of the Winx Club without a love interest, Flora naturally began to feel lonely at the start of the season and this loneliness quietly grew the more Flora would see her friends being affectionate with their boyfriends.

She wished to find a special someone of her own to curb this loneliness and, to her surprise, she ended up finding that very person in the episode " Party Monster. They quickly take notice of a new student who Brandon later introduces to the girls as HeliaSaladin 's grandson or nephew in other dubs. He and Timmy then reveal that Helia used to attend Red Fountain and was even one of the school's top students until he dropped out to got to art school.

Once Flora is introduced to Helia, she compliments his sketches by saying that the drawings are so life-like. Surprised, Helia reveals that that was his intention and admits to being happy that she noticed. The ceremony is soon interrupted by a rampaging monster so the Winx and Specialist work together to try and defeat it. Unfortunately, they cannot seem to find a weakness, so Flora comes up with a plan where she will distract the monster while they attack it. Flora's plan quickly backfires, however, as the Leodragus blinds her and prepares to eat her.

Fortunately, she is saved when the the monster is tied down by someone and, to everyone's surprise, it turns out to be Helia. Once Flora is safe, Helia releases the monster and leaves, quickly making the rest of the Winx mad at him. Flora soon develops a deep crush on Helia after this ordeal and, at the end of the episode, Flora is ecstatic over a paper plane with a portrait of her inside of it.

She hugs the portrait with a smile knowing that Helia is the one who made it. Flora dreaming about marrying Helia. Flora's crush on Helia quickly grows in intensity and this is especially apparent in " Homesick ," where Flora is shown daydreaming about Helia saving her from a monster with the two of them getting married right after.

Her thoughts are interrupted by Professor Palladium who asks her to perform a spell after noticing the unfocused look on her face. Flora ends up mispronouncing the spell by saying Helia's name in the middle of it and creates a bit of a mess.

Later that day, Flora asks Aisha if they could talk in private and she tries to tell Aisha her feelings for a "certain boy. Scared that he may not feel the same way about her, Flora becomes too scared to talk to him, so Aisha offers to help by finding out whether or not Helia likes her without letting him know.

Flora's potted flowers for Helia. Once night falls, Aisha sneaks over to Red Fountain and goes into Helia's room. She soon finds a poem, reads it aloud and discovers that it is a love poem, revealing that Helia also has feelings for a certain someone.

when do flora and helia meet

However, before she can finish reading it, Helia returns and she is forced to leave. Aisha later tells Flora about the poem and Flora decides to send Helia a flower to show that she is also thinking about him. In " Gangs of Gardenia ," Flora decides to act on her feelings and writes a letter to Helia revealing of how she truly feels about him.

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She goes off to study somewhere and she soon runs into Helia, dropping her books in surprise. When Helia comes over to help her, he quickly notices her letter and the flower seal on it. He then asks Flora if the letter is for the one who has her heart and says that whoever it is is a very lucky guy. Flora, however, is too shy to give it to him and instead says that the letter is really for her parents.

So Helia hands the letter back to Flora and leaves after claiming that it was sweet of Flora to write a letter to her parents. Shorty after Helia leaves, Chatta appears and tells Flora that she missed her chance to tell him of her true feelings. Flora fails to give Helia the love letter. Later on, Aisha and Flora are shown in the Alfea cafeteria, where Flora reveals that she wanted to give Helia the letter, but says that girls do not really make the first move when it comes to boys.

Winx Club Season 3 Episode 19 "Biker Chick Wedding Crashers" 4Kids Part 2

Aisha responds by telling Flora that following the rules is difficult because there are so many of them, but the main rule that Aisha believes to be the most important one is that you follow your heart. Flora claims that her heart is telling her that Helia is the one for her, that she should just give him the letter and that she should tell him that she is in love with him.

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Flora stops herself mid-sentence, however, when she notices that Aisha has fallen asleep. Rather than wake her friend up, Flora cuddles up next to her with Piff and they all fall asleep together.

Flora still remains fairly shy towards Helia, even towards the end of the season. After the Winx call off their vacation, Helia and Flora joke around as Tecna advises Flora to confess her feelings soon. Though she knows this, Flora also becomes more insecure of herself when the Winx return to Alfea and are praised for having earned their Charmix powers, as she is the only member of the Winx Club who has yet to earn hers.

This insecurity weighs heavily on Flora's heart, which can be seen in " Darkness and Light ," where she, Aisha, SkyBrandon and Helia, along with the Pixies go to Pixie Village to get a special tea from the Flower of Life that should cure them of their sickness. When Livy reveals that the the Flower has become sick after Icy attacked the village, Flora must now try to heal it but, due to her rapidly growing insecurities, she quickly doubts her abilities, believing that she is incapable of healing the Flower and might even make it worse.

Helia, on the other hand, has faith in Flora and tells her that she can do it; boosting her self-confidence. Flora then uses her full power and is successfully able to heal The Flower of Life.