White collar neal and sara meet

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white collar neal and sara meet

Matt Bomer's character as Neal Caffrey in White Collar allows him to is and ends up spending a night with him from the first time they meet. While she's not back for good, "White Collar" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on USA) fans were still excited to welcome Sara back to the fold. She and Neal. Aug 1, While she's not back for good, "White Collar" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on USA) fans were still excited to welcome Sara back to the fold. She and Neal.

Lauren joined Burke's team early in the first seasontransferring from the organized crime division. She is fascinated by Nealhaving written her thesis about him while at Quantico. She assists with Neal and Peter's cases throughout the season, until being abruptly written out of the show between the first and second seasons. She first appeared in the pilot episode and was promoted to a main character beginning in " Withdrawal " 2. Diana is one of the few people that Peter trusts implicitly, which contributes to her return to his team at the beginning of season two.

She is the daughter of a diplomat, and spent much of her childhood in and out of hotel rooms. Her bodyguard, who greatly influenced her life and through Diana, Neal'swas killed while protecting her. Diana is in a relationship with a woman named Christie, though it is strained because of Christie's reluctance to live in New York.

Christie first appears in the third season episode "Deadline" played by Moran Atias. Diana was absent for much of the first seasonas she transferred to the Washington, D. However, she returns to New York in " Out of the Box " 1. In the second season, after the disappearance of the music box, it is shown to be in Diana's possession. Later, with the help of Alex HunterNeal steals it. In the season three episode "Pulling Strings" Diana announces that the couple is engaged to be married.

Diana is apprehensive, since the possibility of getting legally married is something she never thought could happen.

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Diana reports that Christie and she have broken up in the season four episode "Honor Among Thieves", and reveals that she is pregnant, via sperm donorin the season five premiere, reflecting Marsha Thomason's real-life pregnancy.

He first appeared in the pilot episode and has appeared in every episode since. Atkins was added to the starring cast in the fourth season. While at Harvard he was engaged to a woman named Isabella, but she left Jones for his best friend Jimmy shown in season 3 episode 8whom she later married with Jones present at their wedding.

Peter uses him often when researching a lead or when he is in need of backup. Jones often is forced to "babysit" Neal or do surveillance duty in the FBI van, which he does not enjoy.

It is revealed in the episode "As You Were" 3.

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Naval Academy graduate and chose a career in the FBI after his military commitment. Sara is a sharp, skilled investigator, and initially mistrustful of Neal. Over time, she becomes an increasingly important part of Peter's extended team, as she is slowly drawn into a romantic relationship with Neal until she finds out that Neal and Mozzie have been hiding the missing stolen art treasures from a World War II German U-Boat pursued by Neal's nemesis, Matthew Keller.

She eventually forgives Neal when they are forced to work together, and they resume their relationship at the end of the third season. Sara revealed that her older sister ran away when she was little though in Season 2, Episode 5, she said she was an only child. She gave a statement in Neal's favor when agent Kramer pursued him. However, when Neal left without telling her goodbye, she was hurt as stated in 4. They resume their relationship until Sara gets a job offer in London.

It is shown in first season that Peter followed her and did background checks in order to ask Elizabeth out although unromantic, this mirrors real-life guidelines of the personal lives of law enforcement and intelligence agents. Elizabeth is a periodic "consultant" to the FBI and has assisted on various cases, using her professional activities as a convincing cover. She is even seen teaching Peter how to flirt with other women when he is going undercover, and on occasion demonstrates a cooler head in a crisis than her husband or Neal.

She is kidnapped by Matthew Keller at the end of episode "Countdown" 3. Elizabeth is a sisterly figure to Neal and has a special friendship with Mozzie he calls her "Mrs. Neal plans a con where they set up an art thief, a rival of Mozzie's, to steal a piece of art and then get caught while Neal copies a chapter in an old book. Neal meets Rebecca when he investigates the museum. She is later fired from the museum and believes that Neal is an FBI agent because of a con that Neal, Mozzie, and Neal's landlord set up to get more information about why the book chapter information is so valuable.

Neal is fortunate that Peter thinks that Neal was only lying to Rebecca about his true job at the FBI to date her and does not know about the book when Peter crashes Neal and Rebecca's date.

Neal later tells Rebecca the truth about him consulting on cases and why he needed the information and Rebecca locks the door and they proceed to have sex. Rebecca helps with the glass pane scheme in the mid-season finale.

She also set up Hagen and killed him and Siegel. In the season six premiere, she helps the FBI and Peter to find Neal when he is kidnapped by her partner. After a brief conversation with Neal, she is escorted by the US Marshals back to maximum security, but decides to get herself killed by reaching for a gun on her way to the car. Her husband, Byron, was a conman as well.

June has a granddaughter named Cindy and a niece named Samantha. June first met Neal while in a thrift store when she offered him a room in her luxurious home where he stays throughout the series.

white collar neal and sara meet

She becomes both a trusted friend and an integral part of many cases, both asking for and offering help appearing in 27 episodes. In the episode "Power Play," she helps teach Peter how to be a thief.

Her disappearance and murder were the primary story arc throughout the first and second seasons. Kate first met Neal while working for Vincent Adler. She began a relationship with Neal, who she believed was Nick Halden. Adler pulled a billion dollar Ponzi scheme and vanished, along with a lot of people's—including Neal and Kate's—money. Kate is later killed in a plane explosion, leaving Neal depressed and angry.

It is later revealed that Vincent Adler was responsible for Kate's murder. Unlike Neal, he is willing to murder to make a score. At the end of "Countdown" he kidnaps Elizabeth to force Peter to help him steal the submarine treasure from Neal, making things personal between Peter and him. In "Checkmate" Keller says that Elizabeth will be returned to Peter if he, Neal, and Mozzie help him steal the treasure.

During this episode, it is revealed that Neal and Keller used to be close friends. Keller even seems somewhat upset that Neal doesn't seem to want to remember the "good old days". Hughes is supportive of Peter's use of Neal, but is at first skeptical of the former conman, believing that he will eventually return to his criminal ways.

However, as time passes, he begins to see Neal's value. He was once suspected to be the man behind Kate's death. Fowler headed Operation Mentor, which focused on taking down Peter Burke. It was also used to search for the music box. It is also known that Fowler once had a wife who was later murdered; from this Fowler wanted revenge and subsequently went on to kill his late wife's killer. This was covered up by someone who is able to pull a lot of strings and he was transferred to OPR.

According to records that the FBI has on her, she has 'powerful friends', and has only been arrested once—in France. Neal met Alex while he worked for Vincent Adler. He singled her out and set her up in a meeting with Adler, where she was scared away. Alex later approached Neal, where he informed her that he 'would not apologize' for his actions, and that it was his job to catch her and her job to 'not get caught.

Afterwards, she tells him about the music box that Vince Adler wants, informing Neal that it was 'worth about as much' as the Holy Grail. After some time, Neal contacts her to do the music box job, but it ultimately fails and Neal is forced to leave Alex in a French hospital while he returned to New York. Toward the end of the first season, Alex was given a plane ticket to Italy by the FBI, having helped Neal recover the elusive music box from the Italian consulate in Manhattan, because there was a 'target on her back'.

During the episode 'Copycat Caffrey' she asks Neal for his help.

white collar neal and sara meet

She has been fencing gold Krugerrands in an effort to stay under the radar, but is about to be set up by one of Mozzie's contacts who is selling her out to the people who are hunting for Neal. After helping the FBI to recover a stolen painting and a case full of Krugerrands, Peter presents her with a ticket to Italy and she leaves the country, but not for long. Early in the second season Alex returns to New York and helps Neal steal the music box again—this time from Diana's personal safe, although his method to contact her involves forging an FBI case file and a clandestine meeting on a rooftop.

He makes a comment that he doesn't have her phone number, and that it would be easier to contact her 'like a normal person' if she gave it to him. After Alex anonymously donates the music box to the Russians—its rightful owners—she meets Neal at his apartment and finally gives him her number before leaving.

Neal is later reunited with Alex when Vincent Adler kidnaps them and Peter. His lungs collapsed, making him gasp for breath.

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Diana and Jones looked at Peter, who was already putting down the headset and dialing a number on his cell phone. Remember, if you stop playing the game, she will die because of you.

The agent running the trace shook his head; not enough time. Neal slammed the phone down angrily and turned to Peter, who was likewise hanging up. The agent's face was tight and pale when he met Neal's eyes. She quickly dodged and ducked around agents to head for Peter's office. Peter wasn't there, having gone back to his ransacked house to see if his wife had left any clues, but Neal was. When he looked up at her, Sara almost didn't recognize him.

Gone was cool, savvy, charming con man Neal Caffrey. In his place was a very human, very scared, and guilt-ridden Neal who had the look of one who'd led his best friend to the electric chair.

She pushed back some of her red hair to tuck behind her ear. This is what happened when he took Peter. But Neal, don't worry.

white collar neal and sara meet

You said he's a chess player, right? There has to be something you can do to catch him unawares. And if I screw up, Elizabeth pays the price. Elizabeth was in danger and it was all his fault. When Peter had been kidnapped, she'd been the one to kick his butt into gear and start working on saving her husband.

Now, she was on the block and Peter wasn't going to be as allowable for side deals. But what was Keller after? He kidnapped the wife of the FBI agent he'd kidnapped to cover up his break out of prison, but they'd never found him after that. So that couldn't be it. Was he toying with Neal? Undoubtedly - Keller had a habit of taking or killing people close to Neal, and Elizabeth was one of the people closest to Neal who he'd call a real friend.

Con men don't usually have a lot of real friends, so they treasured the ones they manage to keep. You know Peter will turn Manhatten upside down until he finds Elizabeth. Neal's self-wallowing evaporated as he rushed over. Nothing's missing except for some cash, and El's cell phone and PDA was left behind. There was a tenseness in his shoulders that worried her. He was wound up, and if he didn't have some down time soon, he was bound to snap.

And now Elizabeth had been kidnapped too. The phone rang, startling all three of them. Peter's hand shot out and grabbed the reciever. Do you remember Marsailles? Allegedly," Neal replied carefully. You managed to get it all the way across the Atlantic before the museum noticed it was gone. I trust you still have them? I'll call back with further instructions. The Raphael wasn't the problem. The problem was the brooch. I need some time. I know, I know," he replied to Peter's look of No frickin' way.

I put them somewhere safe with someone I trust implicitly. I can't go there with this on. You're not going anywhere alone," Peter said. She thought they would go to a warehouse, honestly. Someplace secret - maybe one of Mozzie's bizarrely named apartments she'd betting on the one called Sunday, since it was Monday. She hadn't been expecting a posh address on Park Avenue. And she certainly hadn't expected the maid who answered to greet them with, "Master Neal, welcome.

The lady is expecting you. Neal gave her a boyish grin. The lady was expecting him. For some reason, Sara felt a boil of jealousy burst in her stomach. She and Neal were over. Another maid led Neal and Sara through the mansion there really was no other way to describe it and past a few museums' worth of priceless artwork. Sara recognized paintings she'd only seen in books, others supposedly lost during WWII, and some she'd never seen before.

But for some reason, Neal didn't even glance at the gold mine hanging off the walls. His walk was purposeful, his intent clear. He wasn't here to scope for a heist, but to save a friend. The lady was in the drawing room. She was a stately dame with short, tightly curled blonde hair, a pert nose, and beautiful smoke-gray eyes that made her appear like a well-aged nymph. The barest wrinkles lined her face, and she carried herself like royalty.

A paintbrush was in her left hand, a paint tray in her right Sure, they'd been together for a while, but he was still a thief and she was still after his hide for that Raphael. Not to mention they'd recently broken up. She's an old friend of mine. The older woman said, "I trust this is not a personal visit, Neal? I need your help. Gray eyes darkened to stormclouds when she looked at him.

white collar neal and sara meet

The Panther's Eye brooch and - " Neal cast a guilty look at Sara, then coughed and added, "- and the Raphael that came with it. Raphael - did he mean the one she testified that he had stolen? Was it here, in Mrs. And tell Frederick to assemble the packing materials for transporting the painting. The lady looked at Sara again. Neal's eyes dropped to the ground as if the Turkish rug was the most fascinating thing he'd ever seen. I've only met his friend Mozzie a few times, and each time my stock of wine was diminished.

I have more money than the Vatican. One or two bottles of Chateau Mouton Rothschild is nothing. Why would Keller want it? Anyone skilled in jewels can tell what it is. An oval-cut Canary diamond set in a brooch, with the only tiny flaw being the thin black line through its center. The resulting gaze made Sara think she was actually staring into the eye of a great cat.

I lent those pieces to the museum, and when they balked at returning them to me, Neal here was gracious enough to bring them home. I would like you and Sara to visit again. Preferably under less trying circumstances. Two hours later they were in the Bronx, awaiting Keller at the meet point.

Peter was decidedly and understandably nervous about letting this whole thing go down. Neal's face was expressionless, staring over the waterfront. Sara watched both men and hoped the exchange would go on without a hitch.

He handed it to Neal, who answered. You send your girl over with the valuables, and I'll walk the Fed's wife over with a gun trained on her skull. They'll exchange there, and then the Fed's wife can leave with you. When both men started arguing, she shook her head.

He wants me to walk the goods, I'll walk them to him. So, four minutes later, she was walking over to the table set up between the two parties, carrying the Raphael and the brooch. She watched Keller walk over as well with his man, a gun jammed in Elizabeth's side as he used her for a human shield. Disgust threatened to contort her face into a scowl, but Sara kept her features professional.

Even though he spoke with the same degree of suave charm as Neal, Sara had to prevent herself from shuddering. She'd only met him once before, but the difference between Keller and Neal was like night and day, blood and water. With Neal, her name always sounded like music. From Keller, she wanted to scrub the word to erase the disgust. Now let Elizabeth go. First we verify that they're the real deal," said Keller. He gestured for his man to step forward. He plays with people as easily as he plays chess.

Long enough to make you think he's a good man. He's better than you, and he's smart enough to know when to stop playing around. Keller's eyebrow rose, and the other man gave a grunt.

Sara glanced at them both, then looked at Elizabeth. The other woman was pale and shaky, but level-headed enough to know something was about to happen and get ready to react.

white collar neal and sara meet

Burke, if you'd please pick up the brooch for me. There's a good girl. Now please get the painting. Elizabeth's eyes cut to hers, and she could tell that the brunette thought the same thing. Keller's going to do something. Then the gunshot blasted the ground a foot from the table.

Neal looked, if possible, even worse than before as he sat slumped in the guest chair of Peter's office. Hollow blue eyes stared emptily out the window. Peter knew his friend was hurting bad. Holding Elizabeth to reassure himself that she was really all right, he knew that the person sitting in his office wasn't the real Neal Caffrey. It was whatever was left when Neal Caffrey was physically dragged away from the meet point. Matthew Keller had escaped again, and he'd claimed another hostage.

The gunshot had been from one of theirs - an overeager rookie got high on the moment and accidentally squeezed off a shot. He'd already been thoroughly reprimanded by Hughes and demoted to desk jockey duty. They'd also recovered the brooch and the painting - when the shot went off, Elizabeth had already grabbed both items and taken off, fleet as a deer, straight for her husband's arms. Sara had used the extra three seconds she'd needed to escape in order to disrupt Keller's shot at Elizabeth's unprotected back.

She'd blown her own escape to save Peter's wife. Now she was gone, and Neal had all but become a husk of his former self. Mozzie suddenly appeared in his sightline. With him was a woman Peter had never seen before. Suit," he said, "I'd like you to meet Miss Clarisse Huntington. Having met a lot of Neal's associates, he'd gotten pretty good at recognizing those who dabbled in the grayer shades of white-collar transactions.

Maybe bring him some coffee. Neal speaks very highly of you. She gave up nothing without a price. She also found him interesting. I am happy with my life and what little I have saved from my adventures.

The Raphael made them fidget.