Will ram and priya meet in mumbai

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will ram and priya meet in mumbai

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain fame Ram and Priya will finally meet in this Thursday's episode, reveals Ekta kapoor. Explore photos & videos on Bade Acche Lagte Hain Will Ram Meet Priya Any Time Soon. Also, get Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Priya finally goes back to Mumbai!. avb4you.info» News» 'Why will Priya Dutt resign from the Congress?' Congress MLA in Mumbai and a close confidante of former Congress MP Priya Dutt, She has already given a clarification that she went to meet Uddhav Thackeray (the . Sea of saffron in Delhi as VHP, RSS push for Ram Temple law.

St Marks College was going to be at a loss missing their star teacher she promised Mrs Patel that she would see her on Friday to officially hand in her letter of resignation After she ended the call she felt free like a weight lifted off her shoulder knowing finally she gave in to what her husband always demanded of her to be a housewife.

She then called the most famous confectioner in the city for their decadent rich black forest cake her husband's firm favorite she placed the order with instructions to have it ready for collection before lunchtime. When Mrs Priya Ram Kapoor walked into the grand foyer of Kapoor Industries it was a totally unusual experience for her.

Can I ask a favor please? Anything mam tell me what is it? Thanks Mam that means a lot. She was such a kind woman simple, down to earth and she complimented her boss perfectly fine.

She went to his desk sitting on his black leather chair eyeing his desk she looked at how orderly it was. Turning in her swivel chair she faced the city admiring the view from up here clearly seeing the craziness below of a fast moving city life. Her phone rang and in the sweetest of voice she answered hello handsome, it had him stop in his track to listen to her hmmmmm now I can drown in just hearing that hello alone. Mr Kapoor if you busy then how do you find your time to miss me?

will ram and priya meet in mumbai

He went back to his conversation with his wife opening his office door he went in closing the door. She put the phone down on the table and stood up smiling at him surprise baby she said. My god Priya what are you doing here? He lowered her back to the floor Mrs Kapoor you can surprise me every day if you want too she laughed touching his face then Mr Kapoor you would never get any work done. He grabbed her hand and bit her finger playfully ouch she squealed looking at her finger he lowered his mouth licking the tender spot of finger, is that better he asked?

Hmmmmm a lot better she smiled. After eating that delicious feast prepared by his wife he felt like a contented man. He laid his napkin on the table and took hold of her hand bringing it to his lips he said thank you for this. She cut a healthy portion of the cake and brought it to him with his coffee, hmmmmmm am I in trouble he asked her unsure for a second. She looked at him confused, trouble, what trouble could you be in? The taste in his mouth was pure magic he closed his eyes enjoying his black forest heaven right now, while Priya stood with her arms folded looking at him.

Ram I have something to tell you, what is it baby he looked at her with concern placing his saucer on the table, is something wrong? I resigned from work today and im not going back ever. She looked at him, are you sure she asked?

will ram and priya meet in mumbai

In fact I need to call my bank manager and ask him to increase your monthly allowance. Kissing her lips are you complaining baby, no off course not he smiled then good just give me a sec. He went to get the rest of the cake placing it on the little side table he took a dollop of it in his hand, Ram what are you doing she looked worried.

He dropped his head to her breast his tongue and mouth sliding across her skin while he licked off the cake smeared on her. I have only said that the appointments of block presidents were not done in consultation with the party MLAs and MPs and since they have not been consulted these appointments should be revoked and these people's appointment should be held back. So, who were consulted by Sanjay Nirupam before appointing these block presidents? I was not consulted.

will ram and priya meet in mumbai

And what is the procedure to appoint these block presidents? Normally, the MRCC president never appoints the block presidents. That is the jurisdiction of the district president and block presidents to appoint other 'ward presidents', who are called block presidents.

It is for the first time in the history of the Mumbai Congress that the appointments of block presidents have come directly from the Mumbai Congress president.

Did you speak with Sanjay Nirupam about this issue? Of course, I sent him two emails and a couple of letters which he has not responded to. After these appointments too I sent him an email, but there was no response from him.

We have the elections to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation next year and the Congress party in Mumbai looks like it is in shambles. How prepared is the Congress for the BMC elections? I cannot comment on Mr Kamat's resignation.

BALH: Ram and Priya to meet this Thursday

He is a senior leader. I cannot comment on his resignation or the reason for the same. I can only comment on the welfare of the party. My letter has not said anything negative about anybody.

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I have said that I have worked for the party for 14 years and we should have been taken into confidence before these appointments were made and our views should have been taken till which time the appointments of these block presidents should be kept on hold. I want all senior leaders to be consulted. We should all go together for fighting the BMC elections next year.

Are you alone in asking for the revocation of the appointment of these block presidents or do you have support of other party MLAs and MPs? There are at least seven, eight MLAs who are there with me. Have all of them raised objections to these appointments and spoken with the MRCC chief? I am not doing this in consultation with anybody; I know what you are coming at I have not consulted anybody or I have not spoken with anybody about this.

I have said what I had to say. It depends upon the demarcation and delimitation of wards.

BALH: Ram and Priya to meet this Thursday - Movies News

First, there should be clear demarcation about which ward is OBC, general ward, reserved ward, and then there will be selection of able candidates and only after this selection can we talk about the results Did you speak with Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi about this issue?

I have written an email to honourable Rahulji and written a mail to the Congress president as well. Would you not call this letter-war and Gurudas Kamat's resignation as infighting within the Mumbai Congress? Who is helping the BJP? The infighting within the Mumbai Congress You are not putting up a united front There is no infighting in the Mumbai Congress.

will ram and priya meet in mumbai

I am just talking about this issue the appointment of block presidents by Sanjay Nirupam for the benefit of the party.