4 of pentacles and 8 wands relationship

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4 of pentacles and 8 wands relationship

I've found that this is easier to work through (than the Four of Pentacles), but it does Four of Wands reversed- This is another card that can definitely be . When combined with the Eight of Swords, it suggests a relationship where one person. Money might be the main motivation to stay in the relationship. If the Seeker is single Four of 4 of pentacles + Eight of wands: Business travel. Business news. 4 of pentacles tarot card meaning upright and reversed in love, relationship, job, health, financials and career spread. Another meanings of the 4 of pentacles in regard to love and relationships is about being Suit of Wands: 6 of Pentacles 7 of Pentacles 8 of Pentacles 9 of Pentacles 10 of Pentacles Page of Pentacles.

It can be a sign that you have been neglecting friends or family by being mean with your time, resources or money. Your busy life might be getting in the way rather than any nasty intentions, so no need to feel guilty if this is the case. It can be a sign of being self-centred when all you can think about is yourself and your needs.

You have more than you can cope with but you are afraid to let go, or refuse to. Such meanness of spirit will block your heart and turn you cold.

You can also have a habit of keeping yourself to yourself when The Four of Pentacles appears. Privacy may be extremely important to you or it could be, that you feel people will be looking for something from you if you let them get too friendly.

4 of pentacles and 8 wands relationship

You may be trying to protect yourself from the demands of family and friends. There could be someone you know who could do with some financial help, yet you fail to make even a token gesture.

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It can suggest a partner who is more concerned with material things than the relationship. They could be spending too much time at work even when it is unnecessary. He or she may be looked on as the possession of their partner who dictates to them what to wear, where they go and who they see. Remember that this is a Stage Card and the couple in question may give the outward appearance of being happy and loving but it may be very different behind closed doors. There can be hidden bank accounts.

You may appear to have everything but inside feel empty and alone in the relationship.

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You may be trying to keep up with wealthy friends and neighbours, especially if one partner is financially and career ambitious. This may not be your background or the people you would choose to live next to.

Everything they have is going into their savings account, leaving little for anything else. They may be saving to get to get married, buy a house or even set up a business.

4 of pentacles and 8 wands relationship

They will certainly reach their goal as planned and on time. As a couple you may be very self-sufficient and do not need to rely on others around you to make you happy.

You may keep to yourselves and closely guard your privacy. It suggests a A financially successful business which is growing steadily and is stable and secure. A lot of hard work has gone into the establishing of this business and it shows.

4 of pentacles and 8 wands relationship

The market has been researched well and the staff highly qualified and well-trained. It can suggest the building of an empire.

Success building upon success as the orders flow in. This will be a very work-oriented company with little time for sitting around and chatting, so you will find that everyone keeps their head down and gets on with their job.

The people who own this business live and breathe it and will expect their staff to do likewise. You could very well end up well-paid but terribly frustrated and bored. You could be working in a family business and feel that it is time for your parent or parents to hand over the reins of power to you, but they stubbornly hold on regardless.

They refuse to retire or take a less active role in the business.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

They will hold on until the bitter end. You may be saving to establish your own business. There is a great sense of ambition here and strong determination. Take care not to get too rigid with your business plans. Be open to outside ideas. You have to move with the times in business, therefore, new approaches may be necessary.

You may be attempting to secure loans for your business venture and the upright Four of Pentacles would suggest that you are likely to be successful once you have done your homework, and have a well put together Business Plan, with realistic cash flow projections.

Health wise, constipation or bowel problems may be plaguing you. You may hold the key to your own healing by releasing these repressions through meditation, counselling, energy healing or hypnosis. You may consider yourself in an advantageous position whether financially or strategically and wish to help others or be of use.

Instead of sitting on what you have or possibly what you know there is a desire to include others and even outsiders. If you have been saving hard for a long time then the Four of Pentacles reversed can indicate that you now have enough money for whatever it is you wish to acquire. It is now time to make your purchase and relax about it. It may also refer to an education fund for college. The reversed Four of Pentacles sees the money being withdrawn or released.

4 of pentacles and 8 wands relationship

You no longer have to hold on so tightly to it. This should relieve the ongoing tension and stress that has surrounded this situation. The payout may also be considerable. Open to change and new ideas, you may be considering taking a risk or doing something which involves a bit of a gamble.

You may be getting out and about with the hope of meeting new friends instead of keeping to yourself all the time. You might also be in the process of a personal transformation and are shedding your old outdated self for something more modern and stylish.

Wardrobes may be cleared, hairstyles changed and hemlines shortened. You could be holding car boot sales or letting family, friends and neighbours take what they want from all the stuff you have hoarded over the years. The reversed Four of Pentacles brings a much-needed and long over due shedding of the old in favour of the new and novel. It is a card for liberation, cleansing and purification. This couple is safe and secure in their relationship and can cope with the financial ups and downs of life as money does not define who they are.

He holds one cradled in his arms. On his crown stands a fourth pentacle. The sky behind him is a monochrome gray and the vista of an entire city is behind him. The man is hardly royalty. His clothing is far from regal. His crown is functional, not elegant. His hands are unable to do anything as they are locked in an embrace with that central pentacle.

His feet may be smothering the energy that the two pentacles on the floor could deliver. Does he even know the pentacle on his crown is there? It is probably weighing heavy on him. Pentacles represent materialism and the pursuit of wealth and possessions.

Whereas possessing some pentacles should mean that this is a wealthy man, his treatment of what he has reveals fear and suspicion, deceit and a lack of trust in the world around him; he is alone with his money. The gray dullness of this card only underscores the plain appearance that many Tarot decks render as bordering on ugliness.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions The meaning of each card can change subtly or drastically depending on where it lands in your Tarot reading. Your reading is divided into different sections: Many cards are stronger or weaker in some positions. If the Four of Pentacles is in the past position in your reading, this indicates that you had issues with wanting too much control in the past.

The foundation of your current situation rests on the past position, so understand that where you are now is a result of your greed, pettiness and an overall lack of vision. If your Tarot reader feels that this card represents a deeper past, perhaps your childhood, you can look back at a world where fear of losing everything forced you and those around you to hold onto everything.

Four (IV) of Pentacles

Be very clear about it. Three of Cups reversed- This comes up in love readings I do, and it almost always suggests infidelity. The Seven of Swords is one card that would for sure. The Lovers is another.

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Similarly, the Four of Wands will sometimes come up in the challenge position here, again, indicating that one person in the relationship is actually committed to someone else perhaps even married.

Look out for the Tower or the Five of Wands here- if they come up in the spread, these folks are likely to have very hot tempers and get off on creating conflict and chaos.

Paired with the Moon, this person may have some serious mental health issues- so beware. Look out for the Nine of Cups upright or reversed and the Nine of Pentacles upright or reversed - when paired with the Six of Pentacles reversed, their energy is self-centered- likely someone who is looking out for number one and has little interest in what their partner gets out of the deal.

Magician reversed- Beware- this is a classic con artist. At the very least, they suggest someone who is financially unstable and irresponsible- and looking for someone to pull them out of the hole they dug themselves into.

Empress reversed- This can be someone who is either the user or being used. If the user, this is someone who withholds likely physically in order to get what they want out of the situation.