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Feb 15, So why this couple as my ultimate couple? First and foremost, Adama and Roslin are strong characters in their own right, each with their own. Feb 14, Obviously, their relationship is based upon actions, not words and that speaks volumes in itself. . Laura Roslin and William Adama – Battlestar Galactica A Recap of Lessons and Tips from the On-Screen Romances of. Notes: I've tried not to spoil plot points not relevant to Adama and Roslin, but given in a tragic piloting accident while his relationship with the other, Lee Adama, . more cooperative as leaders, often asking and offering advice to each other.

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Not only does it also have big moments, but it also has plenty of small ones, making their relationship nature and more real: They are a couple you root for and applaud. The writers behind the series truly did a fantastic job of crafting this romance, and it is worth picking up the series to learn from these writers, even when they stumble in other aspects not the AdamaxRoslin coupling, they never stumbled with that in my eyes.

And while novelists have to write differently for their medium, there are plenty of nuggets to be gleaned—but I digress. The writers take these two characters from not really liking each—she was the teacher parading as president and he was the technologically impair, domineering, military tight-ass—to that tear-jerking final scene between the two at the end of season four. The dynamic nature of this relationship and the history that develops between Adama and Roslin are what make this coupling so great—and the writers nail it.

How did they do? For example, when Adama presents the idea This is the height of Adama's hypocrisy. He's pretending to be all objective and concerned with the greater good over petty "politics," when he's clearly motivated at least in part by his own discomfort with abortion.

It's so something that someone like Adama would say, the guy who's all about humanity "not just surviving, but being worthy of surviving," the guy who's all about respecting civil rights until it makes him uncomfortable.

Adama & Roslin — The ultimate couple

I'm not a big fan of Adama, or couldn't you tell? And it's perfect because the show has already established that, on the whole, it doesn't agree with Adama that women's right to control their bodies is a trivial thing.

By juxtaposing this episode with the Farm plotline, and showing how conflicted Roslin feels about banning abortion, Battlestar shows that it's not anti-feminist, Adama is. This might have been my favorite episode of the season, as tackling abortion, possibly more than anything else, shows that Battlestar isn't pulling its punches. But unfortunately, the storyline is unceremoniously dropped after this episode to a ludicrous extent.

It's not only weird on a political level, but on a story level it makes no sense. When Billy proposed to her and she said no, our hearts broke for him.

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Dualla is certainly free to make her own choices, and whatever her reasons for turning him down, she had them. The saddest part is that Billy ended up saving her life, and dying in the process.

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Look, whether or not Billy was still in love with Dualla he was when he went after a terrorist, the saddest part is that she felt a sense of blame for his death. Not in any way. We have to believe he would have done it for anyone. And she ended her story blamelessly tragic, but still -- tragic. When all of this has happened before and happens again, these two are and will be the parents of mitochondrial Eve. They met as part of an experiment. They fell in love, and then both found out she was something else entirely.

He came back for her. The love between the two of them was gigantic, confusing, and impossible. And they made it. No matter what happened to Athena and Helo, they had the good sense to stick it out. And wow, that last shot, the three of them in that field together — what else do you need to know?

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Know when to fold em Oh, Baltar and Caprica Six and sometimes D'Annayou might have just had too many people and versions of yourself to know how to navigate this. To some extent, these two absolutely saw a vision of the other that was downright Of-the-Gods.

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It's cool to build that fantasy. It's probably super necessary to falling in love.