Alphas cameron and nina relationship

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alphas cameron and nina relationship

This is a list of characters from the television series Alphas, which premiered in on SyFy in He is immune to Nina's "Push" ability, an ability Dr. Rosen attributed to Gary's Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie) – A former U.S. Marine whose Alpha ability is . He is currently trying to establish a relationship with Rachel. Alphas' Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie) and Nina Theroux (Laura I think that they have grown to care for each other and a relationship may. The summaries and recaps of all the Alphas episodes were downloaded from .. Nina, Gary, and Bill track Cameron to the grocery store where he works. admits that she's screwed up every relationship they've ever had.

Another man says, "Any shorter it's a mini-skirt.

Nina Theroux/Season 2

As she is leaving the dry cleaners, she manages to listen in on her father saying that she couldn't get a husband with her "condition". The DoD Alphas Initiative file on Pirzad diagnoses her with synesthesia, which means that she is able to enhance her senses. Physical Appearances Rachel is from an Afghan background. With a petite appearance she has been the love interest of a few characters. She possess dark brown eyes and hair and stands at 5 feet and 4 inches. Her synesthesia allows her to enhance, or detract her natural senses.

She can enhance her eyesight to see at microscopic levels, hear heartbeats from meters away, determine the chemical composition of objects by smell, dissect food ingredients by taste, and determine fabrics by touch.

Lee Rosen simply asks him to hold still. Rosen finds that there is a abnormal mass in Hicks brain that is caused by being brainwashed or forced induction by someone who is called The Ghost.

Later, we see Hick handcuffed to a chair.

Alphas: “When Push Comes to Shove” Field Trip!

Rosen tells him that he was brainwashed into murdering someone and Hicks tells him what happened after receiving the phone call. Then Rosen un-cuffed Hicks and explains that he Hicks is, what Dr.

Rosen calls, an Alpha. As an example, Rosen asks Hicks to buy him a soda from a vending machine from a distance. Cameron tries but is doubtful that it is possible and self-conscious, but he tries. After trying for a few times, he is able to throw two quarters into the change slot on the machine, one after the other.

alphas cameron and nina relationship

Hicks meets with the rest of the team and they decide to have Hicks answer the phone next time The Ghost calls and then inject him with a medication that counters the effects of forced induction. Abilities Edit Hicks was a former member of the U.

where is my mind?;[nina theroux]

Marine Corps and so he retains some military skills. Coupled with her suicide attempt, it became Nina's signature moment in the series.

alphas cameron and nina relationship

It reminded me of the shocking scene in Memento, when Leonard Shelby consciously lies to himself—knowing that he won't remember—to perpetuate the made-up mission that he's crafted to give his life a sense of meaning. Nina was the one character who was getting away from the writers, but "When Push Comes to Shove" not only brought her back into the fold, it gave us the deepest understanding we have of any of the characters on the show right up there with Rosen, I'd say.

Rachel Pirzad

This was a turnaround of epic proportions for a character I thought was on her way out. One reason I thought she was on her way out was last week's seamless inclusion of new character Katthe polar opposite of Nina Kat can only live in the moment and her power works by processing things internally; Nina is a product of her past and projects her power externally.

Kat's being eased into things by Rosen, who has decided the most important thing is for Kat to dig up some memories. There's a lot of fertile ground to work with here as her backstory can be anything. It's another example of Alphas being extra crafty with its use of superpowers, something similar shows like Heroes could never grasp. The series does a great job of juggling small personal stories within a single episode as it did last weekbut this episode showed that it can concentrate its focus on one character with fantastic results.

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As much as I like watching the team work together to take down a bad guy, I hope we have more episodes like this in the future. Who do you think would cause the most problems if they decided to go evil? Rosen with Nina at the end of the episode?