Bipartite and tripartite bodies in industrial relationship

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bipartite and tripartite bodies in industrial relationship

Tripartite Bodies in Industrial Relations Industrial Relations Management It also decided that bipartite efforts to improve productivity and quality should be. a super system, Industrial Relations can be explained as an inter-system Both bipartite and tripartite . bodies free from the usual statuto~y constraints. Reco-. Please help me to classify them into Tripartite and Bipartite bodies. Statutory Machinery: Centre and State Industrial Relations Machinery Voluntary Machinery.

The Labour Cell in the Planning Commission may be revived to facilitate consultation with trade unions while formulating policies concerning labour.

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C This session of I. C was held at Delhi on 3rd-4th January In this session various problems of industrial relations in the context of changed economic environment were discussed.

The various resolutions adopted at the said conference are as under. The institution of the Indian Labour Conference should be strengthened further The Central and State Governments and the social partners should come together in making the comprehensive industrial relations law a reality and an instrument of production, productivity, employment generation and enhancement of living standards.

Productivity of economic enterprises as a whole is of paramount importance.

Classification Into Tripartite And Bipartite Bodies

The government should give special attention to streamlining the public distribution system, particularly in centers of concentration of working people. The Government should review the situation arising out of the wage negotiations in Central Public Sector Undertakings and should facilitate speedy conclusion of wage negotiations and settlements.

The government should introduce the Pension for Provident Fund subscribers on priority basis and there should be tripartite consultations before its introduction.

Management of Social Security Funds should be professionally handled so as to maximize the returns on investments. Steps should be taken for speedy and orderly investigation into the rehabilitation of sick industrial enterprises registered with the BIFR,minimizing distress for the workers and disabilities for the employers.

The constitution and the functioning of the National Renewal Fund should be reviewed such that the Fund truly serves the purpose of industrial renewal and regeneration and creation of employment opportunities. Implementation of training programmes should be undertaken within the framework of a well thought-out plan. The Central and State Governments should give high priority to allocation of resources for elementary and vocational education.

Special attention should be given to the education of women.

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The government should enact, on priority basis, laws for covering agricultural and construction workers. The Labour Ministry should set up an Advisory Body to review, from time to time, the status of women.

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The Constitution of the Child Labour Advisory Committee should be reviewed to ensure that it is fully representative of the social partners. The Vocational Training System in the country should be reorganized. The resolutions of the 32nd Session of the Standing Labour Committee in respect of the social clause, child labour elimination and bonded labour were fully endorsed. The social partners should take further follow up action on the resolutions.

The new International Economic Order holds out vast opportunities for economic betterment and up gradation of the living standards of the people. The risks involved in formulating and implementing economic policies to avail of these opportunities should be so handled as to minimize human distress.

C was held in New Delhi on July 25, The Committee arrived at the following conclusions: It was resolved that future sessions of the Standing Labour Committee SLC should carry fewer items on the agenda so that these could be discussed in greater detail. It was resolved to set up a tripartite sub-committee to review the implementation of important Labour laws. It was resolved to set up an autonomous Bipartite Productivity Councils at the national, regional, industrial and plant levels.

BIPARTITE BODIES Industrial Relations Management

It discussed various issues concerning employment, vocational training, child labour, bonded labour, labour standards and international trade. It adopted three important resolutions discussed below: It was agreed that the government along with employers and labour organizations would resist in I. Further,it advocated sustained national and international action for upgrading labour standards without any trade linkage.

bipartite and tripartite bodies in industrial relationship

It also emphasized that both Central and State Governments should implement time bound and action plans to take away children from work and provide them education, primary vocational training, health and nutrition and concurrently provide to the parents of such children gainful employment.

It exhorted that all states should take fresh surveys for the identification release and rehabilitation of bonded labour. Besides this, measures shall be initiated to check the relapse of bondage of such labour. Once a country has ratified an ILO convention,it is obliged to report regularly on measures it has taken to implement it. The government must submit reports regularly detailing the steps they have taken in law and practice to apply any of the conventions they may have ratified.

Committee in Conventions is a three-man tripartite committee set up in The object was To examine the ILO conventions and recommendations which have not so far been ratified by India.

bipartite and tripartite bodies in industrial relationship

To make suggestions with regard to a phased and speedy implementation of ILO standards. It is generally composed of eminent jurists appointed by the Governing Body for three-year terms. Fundamentals of Industrial Settlement: Both parties have to realize that the country is breaking away from the past, and this is going to put continuous pressure on the quality of man-power and demands from human resources.

Both parties have to realize that to run a successful and profitable business, team work is extremely important. This gives rise to timely response and supply of goods to the society. Both the parties accept the charters of "Human Resources Policy" summarized below: Individuals must make every effort to improve their job skills through training and participating in developmental activities.

Machineries should be used throughout the year with trained staff readily available to operate it. Indirect employees may be converted to direct employees for increasing business efficiency. Absenteeism and unnecessary delays must be reduced through planning. Short-term employment must be avoided. Long-term employment should be encouraged and highly trained employees must be hired. The above steps must be utilized to increase company productivity; exploitation of employees must be disallowed.

High emphasis must be placed upon the quality of work. The Zero Defect policy must be always followed.