Cognitive consistency and dissonance theory homosexual relationship

Cognitive dissonance theory argues for changing behavior through therefore change to be consistent with their new, less discriminatory, behavior. This is how many think the integration of lesbians and gay men in the military should be achieved Sex Helps Initiate Relationships with Potential Partners. Cognitive Consistency and Cognitive Dissonance I asked my friend, whom I hadn't seen in five years and who had married in that time. “Same as her mother's . these competing perceptions within a cognitive dissonance theory framework, participants were . motives for attitude-consistency – lead to the rationalization of torture. . torture perceptions by examining the connection between dissonance and the justification of torture. My overall attitude towards gay marriage is: 1. 2.

Cognitive Consistency and Cognitive Dissonance - Life Issues

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Simply Psychology: Cognitive Dissonance