Doctor and donna relationship quiz

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doctor and donna relationship quiz

Unlike most of the Doctor's companions, Donna was well prepared when he Relationship Status single, after a rather nasty falling out with the man she was . This relationship quiz is all about how well you know your partner. most important components of a successful relationship is the quality of friendship between. Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, Clara, Jack, and River too oh my! Exhaust You · doctor-who Take the updated version of this quiz here.

Not everything would be hunky-dory from the start, but a big part of the fun would be to see the Doctor and Donna work through this to restore their old friendship. To conclude, having Donna back on Doctor Who would not only benefit the show, but it would give the fans something exciting and entertaining to watch. Not a bad argument, if I do say so myself! Up next, the opposition. Should Donna Noble return?

doctor and donna relationship quiz

And believe me, this is no slight on the character. With her hilarious comic timing, her emotionally literate portrayal and her easy dynamic with Tennant, Catherine Tate is one of the best companions ever, and definitely the best of the modern era. However, there are several cast-iron reasons why even she should remain firmly in the past. For a start, Doctor Who is all about change, and it must keep on pushing forward. Its current incarnation feels completely different to what it was inand while RTD could get away with bringing back the characters he had built up during his tenure - Moffat has done the same to an extent - it wouldn't feel right to yank back a companion from a totally disparate, yet recent, period.

doctor and donna relationship quiz

What I mean by this is that while Sarah Jane and K-9 were successfully revived inthat was 30 years on from their original appearances.

Just look at the attempt to bring back Sarah and K-9 injust two years since the latter had left the show - it failed spectacularly! I'm sure we don't want that sort of thing to happen to our beloved Donna.

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Doctor Who simply can't afford to dwell on the past, and bring back a companion from a bygone time. It must continue to push forward and build up new reserves to draw on. A full-blooded television return for Donna Noble would not only reduce the still-lingering impression of her tragic departure, but also be detrimental to the programme itself.

And a simple cameo would feel like the ones in The Five Doctors - tacked on and undermining to the character.

Donna's time is gone, and the best we can do to relive it is watch the DVDs and listen to Big Finish. Here's Cosmic, finishing us off!

doctor and donna relationship quiz

Donna Noble has been a bit of a controversial split between fans, and her return is something that would spark things up. A large portion of my argument stays with the fact that Donna Noble should not be able to remember the Doctor!

The fact that her whole memory of him and her travels was erased was extraordinarily heart wrenching, and it made her whole exit very impactful, at least for me. While it's Jo Grant exit, it easily hits my top 5. What I'm trying to say is that bringing her back on screens would be Moffat ripping a larger hole in her character than RTD left, something he's quite an expert at.

My other, less strong but still true, point is that Donna Noble had her time! She was really funny and added a lot of humor to the show. This lies with the issue I have most people seem to want which is returning supporting characters that were just so good.

Take Sally Sparrow for example.

doctor and donna relationship quiz

But if she did, then she might not have been all she was expected. That's the problem, supporting characters have this new, fresh spark to them, at least ones that are we written. Take that away, and what do you have? Just a really flat, uninteresting character that the audience really doesn't care about.

This ties into Donna Noble because day she returned, if Moffat ripped that hole. She wouldn't be as impactful. With a companion, especially someone like Donna, once they've developed, there's really no point in keeping them around because there's nothing left to do. Romana was ditched because she was no longer a snooty Time Lord, but a kindhearted traveler like the Doctor.

She planned the weddingunaware that Lance was dosing her coffee with Huon particles by order of the Empress of the Racnosswhom he secretly served.

Robot Santas prevented the Doctor returning her in time for her wedding, but he got her there for the reception; when she found the wedding party and guests had started without her, she was furious. Some of the guests, such as Sylvia, assumed Donna had played a practical joke on them and started having a go at her for it; they quickly quietened down when Donna pretended to burst into tears, before joining the party. When a robotic Christmas tree fired explosives at the wedding guests, Donna and the Doctor investigated H.

The trail led to an abandoned secret Torchwood base under the Thames where Lance and the Empress of the Racnoss revealed their plans. Donna was heartbroken after learning Lance had been toying with her feelings up to this point, especially when he outright called her stupid and felt he deserved a medal for putting up with her for that long; she still pitied his death when the Empress betrayed him and fed Lance to her children.

Donna helped the Doctor defeat the Empress and pulled him away from the Empress' death, saving his life. However, she turned down his offer to travel with him, frightened by what he had done and could do such as making the TARDIS trigger snow. The Runaway Bride Joining the Doctor Edit As a result of her encounter with the Doctor, Donna's eyes were opened to the universe, and she could not resume her old life.

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Also following this encounter, Donna's father, Geoff Nobledied and Wilfred Motther grandfather on her mother's side, moved in with them. Donna tried to live without the Doctor. She went to Egypt for two weeks on holiday looking for some excitement. When this failed, she began investigating unexplained events, knowing the Doctor always ran into trouble and hoping that she would be able to encounter the Doctor again.

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She also took a thermos of coffee up to her grandfather when he was looking at the stars. Partners in Crime Inshe began looking into Adipose Industries ; whilst spying on Miss Foster, the head of Adipose Industries, she suddenly saw the Doctor also spying on her from the outside window, who was as surprised as she was when he saw her. Together they stopped the birthing of the Adipose from fatally converting human tissue into Adipose young, and witnessed the March of the Adipose.

The Doctor once again invited her to travel with him, Donna remarking that she must've been mad to turn him down the first time. Unlike most companions of the Doctor, she was well prepared for the trip having packed several suitcases including a hat box in case they went to the " Planet of the Hats ".

The Doctor was reluctant at first but agreed after Donna assured him that she, unlike his two previous companions, harboured no romantic feelings for him.

Just before she left, whilst trying to find a suitable place to leave her car keys, she approached a blonde woman standing at a police line; it was Rose Tylerwho had briefly returned from the parallel universe in which she was trapped.