Hiyori and yato relationship quiz

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hiyori and yato relationship quiz

Most of "Noragami Aragoto" fans want to see Hiyori and Yato with each other. While a god/Human relationship seems weird in real life, in the "Noragami Aragoto" setting it seems alright. A few fans have free quiz maker. One thing that truly shined during this episode of Noragami Aragato, that I noticed was Hiyori's relationship with Yato, when Hiyori gave Yato. Hiyori initially had a purely business-like relationship, with Yato promising to grant Hiyori's wish to remove her ability of astral projection. However, this was.

His deepest wish is to have a shrine of his own.

hiyori and yato relationship quiz

Thus he is determined to become a popular god with a large devout following. He can be serious and mysterious. As well as crude and unpredictable.

hiyori and yato relationship quiz

He has a low tolerance for people with weak wills and has little desire to help people who are willing to commit suicide. When money is involved, Yato appears to be quite materialistic. Despite coming across as aloof and idiotic he can be wise and serious when the situation demands it.

Relationships Yato has a close bond with the god of poverty, Kofuku. She seems to be the only god who has cared about Yato through the ages.

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They have known and trusted each other for a very long time. Yato sees her as a valuable ally and trusts her.

hiyori and yato relationship quiz

At first he was cold towards Yato but he has developed a deep bond with Yato, going as far as to sacrifice himself to save Yato. Bishamonten, a war god, has hated and hunted Yato for centuries.

hiyori and yato relationship quiz

Edit Hiyori's Anime Design Hiyori is a beautiful young girl. She has long dark hair which is colored dark brown and light eyes that are colored magenta brown in the manga. Her height is She changes outfits on occasion, donning a grey trenchcoat over the uniform and wearing a pink scarf during the first season, which took place in winter, and more summer outfits in the second season. When she becomes a high school student, she is often seen wearing her high school uniform, both the summer and winter versions, throughout the later chapters of the manga.

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Personality Edit Hiyori is a kind-hearted girl who will go out of her way to help someone in danger. However, she isn't above calling out people when she thinks they're in the wrong, as after saving Yato she immediately called him out for running into the street, calling him an idiot.

hiyori and yato relationship quiz

Eventually, she confronts him to ask what he intends to do with it. While far from stupid, Hiyori can be a bit air-headed, at times having very strange priorities; when Yato explains that her 'tail' is actually a lifeline that connects her physical and ethereal forms and that she'll die if it's cut off, Hiyori's biggest concern is that she's not 'wireless', as opposed to why Yato waited until then to mention something so important. After all, Yukine is just so cute, and Yato has moments of laying his affection on thick.

  • Most of "Noragami Aragoto" fans want to see Hiyori and Yato with each other.
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In the last arc of Aragoto, Yato is trapped in the underworld with Hiiro. Yato never told his new friends his real name or his past, but in his absence, Hiyori had been doing research on Yato and the folklore of gods. Yato needs Hiyori to exist, literally. Noragami Episode 12 In Noragami Aragoto, we learn a lot more about this world of gods and phantoms.

Most noteably, the most important rule we learn is that gods are immortal and can be reborn when they die; however, gods who are forgotten can die and disappear from existence.

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Unlike Bishamon and Ebisu, Yato is an unknown god with essentially one follower. Hiyori connects Yato to the Near Shore, the land of the living. As if she could get any better, Hiyori even makes a mini-shrine for Yato. Yato treasures the small shrine and can even use it to enter Takamagahara, the residence of gods with shrines. This is one of the reasons Yato is always following Hiyori around.