Instagram and relationship

Instagram Ruined my Relationship

instagram and relationship

The lack of relationship statuses on apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, has given rise to a whole new host of questions for couples. Some may say Instagram flirting is purely innocent and you shouldn't worry about it. But it can actually ruin your relationship without you knowing. When it comes to relationships, it's easy for not-great habits to become even more glaringly obvious with Instagram. Here are nine Instagram.

I started to ask him about her every once in a while.

instagram and relationship

I would try to make casual comments in order to suck some knowledge out about her. It created tension between us and through those cracks the light was starting to dim. Before I go much further I have to tell you that there were many more things working against our relationship than just her. He was planning on moving away two weeks after my return, we had been fighting for months, we still had months to go and finally we had just had enough.

Naturally I blocked him on Instagram. It had to be sheer will power that prevented me from seeing what he was up to. She started to make more and more cute comments, I could tell that they had begun to do things together. I started to feel another powerful emotion build up inside me and that emotion was hate. I hated this girl.

I hated this girl so much, and I had never even seen her in person. It made me feel crazy. I was convinced that she was making such a show of them hanging out on purpose, that she knew I could see what was going on, and that she liked it.

The pain of imagining this guy that I loved, this guy who I had just fought so long and hard for, receiving happiness from another girl was just too much for my stomach to take. When I saw the picture of him smiling, sun shining on his face, with her name tagged in the caption as the photographer, my heart burst into a million and one tiny tiny pieces.

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The short version is, I got home, we decided to talk, we fell in love all over again, but now something was different. Now I could see this girl popping up on his text messages. Now I could be jealous in the very same town as her, now I could really let my imagination run wild.

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And she created fights. She created our big fights, our only fights. She created the fights that made it almost not seem worth it anymore.

At the time we both kind of knew it was the end, but Instagram, Instagram really brought it all home. He went away, and while he was gone, went above and beyond checking in with me and keeping in touch. It was all very romantic and sweet. I say "mistake" because of the Pandora's box of insecurities it opened up and the false stories I created by looking at the pages of the girls he followed and the girls who followed him, as well comments and likes.

I was making myself spin out. Let me show myself in the hopes it will make you feel less alone, so you can avoid the pitfalls of fear and insecurity and the way social media enables it.

instagram and relationship

You Might Also Like: And yet I found nothing. Wait, the other thing I saw that panicked me was that he followed some girl, also in another country, who ONLY posts nudes.

But, that's her prerogative I suppose.

Love, Alexi: How I Nearly Let Instagram Ruin My Relationship

Not that it was any of my business. I think I was subconsciously addicted to the adrenaline rush it provided — searching, looking, wondering, making myself feel less special, and seemingly forgetting about the experiences and relationship I had one-on-one with this man.

I could tell he was confused by the tone of my texts now.

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I was coming off defensive and cold. I told him about my Instagram freak out and insecurities. Not as in-depth as this humiliating essay, but close.

Love, Alexi: How I Nearly Let Instagram Ruin My Relationship

We even started following each other on Instagram. But my behavior and compulsion didn't stop. So he told me about the past girls he dated. He even asked me if I was sure I wanted to know. Of course, I did. And I looked them all up on Instagram, which was a recipe for disaster. How did they even know we were dating?

The only way they could have known to check my page was if they were monitoring who he followed and noticed him following me, some new girl, and looked into it.

instagram and relationship

Part of me felt a kinship with these girls. I felt for them!