Poseidon and medusa relationship quiz

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poseidon and medusa relationship quiz

Athena was the goddess of wisdom and strategy. She did not appreciate that Medusa and Poseidon were at her temple, but not worshipping her, so she turned. Do you know your Perseus from your Achilles? Let's put you to the test! 1 of Who reigned as king of the gods at Mount Olympus? Zeus. Poseidon. Cronus. One requirement to be a priestess for Athena is that the young woman must be a virgin and give her life to the goddess. One day, Poseidon, the god of the Sea.

I don't know why I torture myself so. I guess the pages before matter, the story before the end, and Sasha Summers, it seems, is very sympathetic to Medusa's character. She made me so too. You might have heard monstrous tales of Medusa, but before that there was Medusa in love.

poseidon and medusa relationship quiz

Medusa, fair, ethereal, graceful and gentle. Medusa was the mortal daughter of the sea titans Ceto and Phorcys.

poseidon and medusa relationship quiz

Her sisters were Gorgons in all sense of the word, but she was set apart for her beauty, mortality, and her fertility. She was no more than a bargaining chip. All her life she had been - for those very traits - traded and offered in place of favors. Medusa is what it means to be a pawn of the gods. Something to be toyed and played with. In this story, Medusa becomes a victim. It's a known fact.

Medusa Lesson for Kids: Story & Facts

They are gods, they do not cater to the welfare of man unless it suits them. They are proud and ruthless and they take delight and glory in being so. How easily they break ties and cast away those who have been faithful in service for years over some small slight. It never ceases to amaze and intrigue me, honestly. I couldn't help but wonder. This servitude, priesthood and whatnot, isn't this akin to slavery? The unfairness of Medusa's curse was truly so unsettling.

What wrong did she do but love? Was it her fault that she was sandwiched between deities and used for sport? A priestess of the goddess Athena who demanded purity, lusted after by Poisedon who demanded and took whatever he wanted.

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Who takes responsibility for that? There are versions of the myth which say Medusa was raped, and others that she was seduced by Poisedon. Whatever variant you choose, it doesn't make the outcome any less twisted.

I guess all that's for the reader to dissect. I liked that we were involved with each character's thoughts. Man and gods alike.

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The gods were fully involved in this story. That's what we want to read about! About those I found intriguing enough for mention.

poseidon and medusa relationship quiz

No matter where I meet him "War is war, Hera. I liked him best of all.

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The olive was fundamental to Athenian economy and life. A Panathenaic procession wound its way through the city ending with the presentation of an embroidered robe peplos to Athena on the Acropolis. Athenians young and old, male and female carrying sacred implements, leading sacrificial animals, with chariots or on horseback, figured in the procession.

It is a most beautiful Doric temple even in its ruined state todayand its sculpture created under the aegis of the great Athenian sculptor Pheidias bears tribute to Athena herself and her city and all that they mean forever. Other divine figures are present at the miracle.

At the corners, the horses of Helius the Sun and those of Selene the Moon set the momentous event in cosmic time.

The Story of Medusa ~ Greek Mythology ~ (without music)

On either side, figures of Athenian divinities and heroic kings are witnesses. Athenian men and women are shown as marshals, attendants, horsemen, hoplites and assistants in the worship, along with the animals of ritual sacrifice.

At the climax the ceremonial robe is presented to a priestess of Athena while, on either side, enthroned Olympian deities witness the joyous celebration of civic piety. The surfaces of the standing goddess were made of gold and ivory and she held a figure of Nike Victory in her right hand; she wore a helmet and the aegis with the head of Medusa, and a spear and shield are at her side; elaborate decorative reliefs enhanced the statue, which has not survived.

poseidon and medusa relationship quiz

As the result of a quarrel, Athena impulsively wounded Pallas. Pallas died and Athena was distraught when she fully realized what she had done. Through the agency of Zeus this Palladium fell into the territory of the Trojans, where, as a talisman, it carried with it the destiny of their city. She quickly grew to dislike her invention because her beautiful cheeks became distorted when she blew into the instrument, and so she threw it away.

poseidon and medusa relationship quiz